BGMC Handbook 2013

more than what it hears. It also judges by what it sees. Your appearance and behavior on stage have a strong influence on audience perception and enjoyment. So smile! If we want to heal hearts and make feet tap, our audience should see that we enjoy singing together. Please make every effort to look comfortable, relaxed, and at ease, even if you have to fake it. When we look relaxed, the audience relaxes and becomes receptive to our song. When we smile, the audience feels our enthusiasm and is primed to enjoy the concert. Please remember that a key word for any choral endeavor is blend. We must all blend not only in voice to please the ear, but also in dress to please the eye. Remove jewelry above the neck or on the wrist  Remove watches  Skip the cologne and other scented products  Skip embellishments on your tux; this is not the time to wear your beloved grandmother's brooch  Bring post-concert treats, if it is your section’s turn “Call time” is when you are expected to be on the riser with music in order, ready to sing  Arrive well before call time in order to find the entrance into the venue, drop off post-concert treats, find dressing rooms and restrooms, take your place in line and on stage, etc.  Save the parking spaces closest to the entrance for our audience Arriving at the venue:  Before leaving home on concert day:  Clean and press your tux  Wash and press your shirt  Shine your shoes 


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