BGMC Handbook 2013

After the concert: 

Please stay and socialize with the audience at post- concert receptions  Join in the post-concert meet & greet line-up if asked  Please remain in your tux or other designated concert attire at all post-concert receptions  If you change into street dress, we do not expect to see you at the reception  Please help our volunteers clean up and close the hall. Now you can change into street clothes!  After the last concert of the series, please turn in your binder to the music librarian; it’s expensive!

F. Use of Chorus Name

Chorus members shall not perform under the name of the chorus or claim to represent or speak for the chorus in any manner or media outlet without explicit approval of the president of the chorus.

G. Publicity

Publicity can be terrible. But only if you don't have any. --Jane Russell

By joining the chorus, you are granting permission for the BGMC to use, publish, and display your name, image, photograph, voice, or other likeness, without notification, review, approval, or compensation, in organs of media including but not limited to concert programs, recordings, advertisements, radio and television appearances, and the internet, for purposes of promotion and marketing of the chorus.


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