BGMC Handbook 2013

B. Time

Support us with your time by:

● Distributing concert posters to local businesses ● Helping prepare Crescendo for mailing, the aptly named lick-n-stick get-together ● Organizing fundraising projects ● Serving on a BGMC committee ● Running for a seat on the Board of Directors ● Staffing the BGMC table at the Pride Celebration (first weekend in June) or the Elmwood Avenue Festival of the Arts (last weekend in August)

C. Word of Mouth

Support us with your powers of persuasion by:

Recruiting new singers

● Recruiting Backstage members and volunteers ● Selling ads for our concert programs ● Selling tickets to our concerts

D. Audience-Building

Every show that sells out is like a hero's welcome to me . --Gil Scott-Heron

Singing to a full hall is a joy. If your friends and family receive Crescendo and/or our Constant Contact messages, they will know about our concerts and be 'pre-sold’ when you contact them to buy tickets.

Please sign them up to receive these wonderful publicity pieces. Watch for the announcement about how to submit


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