BGMC Handbook 2013

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E. Friends of the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus (FOBGMC)

From the beginning, we understood that charitable donations would be crucial to the survival of the BGMC. Thus, the Friends of the Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus (FOBGMC) was born in the fall of 2001. Simply put, the FOBGMC was formed to ask folks to support the mission of the chorus with their dollars. The Friends are wonderful people who write checks to the BGMC because they love our music and believe in our mission, and for no other reason. Well, okay, they bask in the glory of seeing their names printed in our concert programs. How does the FOBGMC raise money? In three ways: an annual fundraising letter is mailed out in October; a donation form appears in Crescendo , and donation envelopes are inserted in concert programs. But why wait for any of those? You may donate at any time to FOBGMC. You’ve added your voice to our mission; we encourage you to add your dollars to the FOBGMC as well. Your contribution means your name is printed in the concert program twice: once on the singers’ page and again on the FOBGMC donor pages. Your donation may be in honor of someone or in memory of someone. Be creative!

F. Adopt-a-Highway Cleanup

We were officially certified by the Adopt-A-Highway folks in


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