BGMC Handbook 2013

1. Welcome

To new members, I would like to welcome you to an experience that will lead to lasting friendships and wonderful memories. To our returning members, thank you for your constant dedication to the mission of the BGMC. This past year was an exciting one for the BGMC, marked by exceptional concerts, taking our performances and productions to new heights. As we expand musically and artistically, we embrace members like you who will continue to grow this organization and move us towards musical excellence. The BGMC has always been more than a premier men’s choral group. This chorus allows you to be yourself, to grow as an individual, to make friends, and to share YOUR story. Through visibility and song, as gay and gay-affirming men, we enlighten hearts and minds. Our music changes people’s lives. You are going to love this group as much as I do. Together we will have some of the most inspiring and moving experiences of our lives. Let me warmly welcome you to The Buffalo Gay Men’s Chorus. Whether you are a returning or a new member, you will find this year a rewarding experience. We are committed to excellence in choral singing while being a positive force in the lives of individuals and our community. This year we have highly mission-based message to bring to our audiences. Each piece of music selected is presents a powerful emotion or relates an experience I know will resonate with you. Testimony by Stephen Schwartz is the highlight of our year and reading through the text, I cannot help but quote from it now. “So many friends with jokes and laughter, not to mention the joy of living in authenticity… I would have missed the chance to sing out like this with people I love beside me.” Thank you for being here tonight and taking that step to making things better for us and the community. I encourage you to lose yourself in the fellowship, friendship, and, of course, spectacular music. Experience the power of men united through voices as we change the lives of our audiences and members. Let’s make great music together as brothers in song. --Gregory Ciupak, President

--Ciaran Krueger, Artistic Director


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