Never Too Late - July 2022

Senior Companion Program

Volunteers needed to reduce isolation for older adults … Eligible* Volunteers receive: • $3.00/hr. tax-exempt stipend • Mileage reimbursement • Paid holidays • Accrued paid time off • Supplemental auto insurance • Samsung tablet while serving • Tablet training * Volunteers 55 and older who can serve a minimum of 15 hours a week, must income qualify and pass a background check For more information, call PCOA (520) 305-3453

Check Your Vision! Do you share our vision to give back to the community and reduce loneliness among older adults? The Senior Companion Program may be the opportunity you seek! Volunteers 55+ create meaningful connections with isolated older adults through creative activities such as making a vision board. Crafting together breaks the ice, creates new memories, and offers a safe space for uplifting conversation. Vision boards are one way our volunteers and clients can share their values, their dreams, and their journeys with each other. A vision board is a tool that can help you focus on your dreams and goals, set priorities, get and stay motivated, and encourage self-reflection. There is no wrong way to make a vision board. You can use your artistic skills, cut and paste pictures from magazines, or have it look like a flow chart or checklist. It can be as simple as one word of impact, or a rich collage reflecting the many facets of

your journey. With a vision board, one can highlight physical, mental, spiritual, financial, and home goals. They may be intended for daily, weekly, or monthly review, or with no expiration date. Give it a try and don’t forget to display it where you can see it often. Suggestions:

Words of affirmation Inspirational quotes Things to try Books to read Movies to see Places to visit Artistic expression

20 VOLUNTEER POSITIONS CURRENTLY OPEN Please consider giving your time and friendship.

If you would like to serve your community and be a lifeline to homebound older adults, please call (520) 305-3453 to learn more about becoming a Senior Companion Volunteer!

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