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Staying Safe in Extreme Heat A large part of the United States

has been, or will soon be, experiencing extreme heat conditions (high heat and humidity with temperatures

above 90 degrees for several days). The body must work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature in extreme heat, and heat-related distress can occur quickly and without warning. Extreme heat can be dangerous for all, but especially for older adults and people with chronic conditions. Take steps to prepare and stay safe using these tips from • Find air conditioning. • Avoid strenuous activities. • Wear light clothing. • Check on family members and neighbors. • Drink plenty of fluids. • Watch for heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heatstroke. • Never leave people or pets in a closed car. Did You Know? How social isolation and loneliness differ I’ve always thought that the social isolation and loneliness of old age are interchangeable terms. It turns out they are distinct states, and they matter in the risk of dementia, a new study in Neurology concludes. Researchers plumbed the U.K. Biobank for data on more than 460,000 people over age 57, whom they asked about social isolation and loneliness, tested for memory and cognition, and whose brain volume they measured on MRI. Social isolation was an objective measure: living alone, visiting friends or family once a month, taking part in club or volunteer activities once a month. Loneliness was subjective: often feeling lonely or seldom confiding in someone. After 11 years, socially isolated people were 26% more likely to develop dementia than those who weren’t; loneliness was not strongly correlated. Social isolation may be a risk factor to target early, the authors say. Source: STAT News 06/09/22

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