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While vision changes can occur naturally with aging, dementia may also cause changes in vision. The eyes may be otherwise healthy, however, a person living with dementia may still experience vision changes, and these changes can affect

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vision differently depending on the type of dementia. A person with dementia may find it difficult to:

• Distinguish colors • Determine depth • Shift where they are looking • Detect movement • Describe what they see • Differentiate images on TV from real life • Remain calm, becoming agitated or restless because of visual overstimulation, especially lights that are too bright or too many patterns on wallpaper What can you do? • Get regular eye exams, keep prescriptions current, and make sure the correct glasses are worn • Use adaptive equipment, such as audio books, magnifiers, audio or large print labels, motion activated lighting, phones with large numbers and voice activated dialing • Seek support and guidance from vision professionals and occupational therapists What changes can you make? • Improving lighting, reducing glare, and providing good contrast in your environment • Evidence suggests that using a bright red plate, utensil and cup might help your loved one recognize the food and encourage them to eat • Avoid reflective surfaces, shiny or reflective floors or tabletops can cause confusion because they create a glare and shadows • Avoid many patterns, as they can make things harder to see and can increase confusion • Stand straight in front of your loved one before speaking. Loss of peripheral vision causes them to see only things right in front of them.

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