February 2020 Turn-Key Newsletter

ESOP Field Ambassadors The ESOP Field Ambassador Program is a new program which assigns one employee from each department to be the go-to resource for other employees with company-related questions and feedback. Our Field Ambassadors will answer any questions you have or bring your matter to the ESOP Committee.

Positive Feedback

Building On Saturday, February 1st, Nicholas Mariott and Ryan Aulph went out to Denso for an emergency job to aid in restoring office space significantly damaged by overflowing drains on Friday evening. They worked on Saturday and returned Sunday with Gerald Wimbrow and Eric Ruiz to return the space to its original condition before the customer’s employees returned to work on Monday morning. “I just wanted to take the time to personally reach out and thank everyone at Lee for the amazing work and quick action you provided this weekend. Thanks to your team, we were able to get the cafeteria back up and running for normal operation without any issues. I can’t express my gratitude enough for all the hard work you provided. Your crews are top notch and without your help, the problem we faced wouldn’t have been resolved as well as it was. So on behalf of my management team and on behalf of Denso as a whole, THANK YOU!” Foundations I just wanted to quickly reach out and say we are very pleased with the machine foundation project thus far. I want to commend Joe Belleville and Seth Burgess for being very professional when they were here. It was a pleasure to have them at our facility. In fact, the head of our Stamping Press Repair department was so impressed with what he saw, he asked for your contact information for his future projects. I look forward to working with you in the near future! Jake Langsdon Columbia Machine Works Daniel Alba, Denso

Meet Your 2020 ESOP Field Ambassadors

Rob Tykoski Controls

Dan Fitzpatrick Mobile Crew

Matt Suisse Building

Karl Kubler HVAC

Casey Warner Electrical

Josh Walk Fabrication

Joe Audia Foundations

Jeremy Smith Fleet Maintenance

Joe Swenson Machine Repair

Brian Hoffhiens Pipefitting

Top 100 Travelers of 2019

Our ability to service our customers not just in Michgan, but all over the country is a major reason why our company has been able to remain successful over the past 30 years. Thank you to all our employees who spend their days out of town, contributing to our success. We understand this means being away from your families, and we truly appreciate your dedication and commitment to our company. We couldn’t do it without you. Below is the list of our Top 100 Travelers of 2019 and the number of days spent out of town. Nicholas Marko Eric Smith Nathan Kreiner

Mark Conrad Adrian Mayoral David Osminski Gary Weakland Zachary Hall Taran Adams Corbin Eversole John Urech Jesse Solberg Dale Heidel Brent Wilcox Nicholas Porter Kevin Evanson Steven Bradford Emilio Saucedo Londell Wiggins Nicholas Mariott Jeremy Tiernan Colby Pritt Gregg Nothdurft Jeffrey DuBois William Saylor Troy Owen Benjamin Hosford Joshua Allen

Daniel Fitzpatrick Jefferson Kreger Cody Schooley Joey Abbruzzino Jozef Melaj Zachary Coxen Scott Wittenberg Harry Buckel Tyler Banks Charles Ross Alex Johnson Benjamin Wickman Raymond Buckel Anthony Ayotte Joseph Belleville Mike Coote Andrew Belliotti Shawn Cooper John Ergen Michael Schmidtfranz Kevin Arnold Todd Pershon Arron Suttle

Michael Hinz Mitchell Fairchild Tyler Kersjes Dennis Schueneman Gerald Wimbrow Jared Freeland Joseph Wallace Logan Tiburcio Alexander Cook Evan Toll Derrick Douglas Rodney Helm Benjamin Kaufman Seth Burgess George Servis

246 236 236 229 224 223 221 221 216 212 205 204 201 200 199 198 196 195 191 191 186 183 182 177 176

175 175 173 173 171 171 170 169 169 167 165 163 162 161 161 158 156 152 149 148 148 145 145 140 140

139 138 137 133 131 128 126 124 121 120 118 116 116 115 115 114 112 112 110 109 109 108 107 106 106

106 103 103 100

James Mason Steffen Zoner Eric Whisnant David Ingersoll Carter Midkiff Cody Wolgast David Gardner Timothy Hinkle Paul Dudas Stephen Suder Brandon Vandiver Drew Kwart Jonathan Witcher Cameron O’Connell Nicholas Barnhill Emanuel Cobb Daniel Martinez Nicolas Papin Alec Ervinck Aaron King Alan Kelly Howard Daenzer

99 96 95 94 92 91 90 89 87 87 85 85 82 81 80 80 80 78 78 78 76

Kevin Kurasik Charles Aiello Ryan Kelly Darrel Fegan Jeffery Kunz Ryan Aulph Jacob Midkiff

Jeremy Deloney Zachary Fifield Andrew Hoffman

Anthony Jasso Kevin Wirgau





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