February 2020 Turn-Key Newsletter

Did you know... ESOP Corner

Acts of Ownership

Jimmy Alvis, Foundation Shop Assistant Jimmy has been going above and beyond in helping the Facilities department dispose of unneeded materials around the shop in an effort to keep it safe and organized for others.

Lee Contracting distributes company shares to employees? To be eligible, you must: 1. Complete 90 consecutive days of employment 2. Work 1,000 hours in the plan year 3. Be employed on the last day of the plan year

Michael LaBruyere, Financial Analyst Gregory Cauley, Financial Analyst

Thank you for going above & beyond! Mike Dunlop, Estimator An employee was on his way to complete a task, realized that he did not have his safety glasses, and went to turn back to get them. Mike told them not to worry and that he would complete the task for him. Michael and Greg were asked to help with a task outside their job descriptions and without hesitation, they immediately jumped in to help.

January New Hires Manny Santiago , CDL-A Driver Tony Casper , Painter Craftsman Carolina Valdes Robles , Painter Apprentice Anthony Colon , Electrical Apprentice Dylan Neiman , Shop Assistant Spencer Dawley , Carpenter Apprentice Robert Zasadny , Mechanical Insulator Kory Kammer , Electrical Apprentice Mitchell Blomberg , Painter Apprentice

Robert Lowes , Service Technician Kody Hoffman , Pipe Welder Ezzard Jenkins , Shop Assistant Brian Sieders , Electrical Apprentice Matthew Bebout , HVAC Installer Apprentice

Joel Heathcoat , Pipe Welder Garrett Larson , CDL-A Driver Tavish Smith , Shop Assistant

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