Campbell Wealth Management - June 2020

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To a ‘New Normal’ Finding New and CreativeWays to Adapt

A s the coronavirus pandemic rocked the country, many people have had to get creative to adapt to the situation at hand. For my family and for the company, nothing has been business as usual. We’ve had to improvise and figure out how to navigate the “new normal.” In this edition of the newsletter, I want to share a few of the ways we’ve gotten creative as we’ve navigated our daily lives at home and at work. At home, we recently celebrated Kim’s birthday. Last

Kim had a great time and enjoyed her birthday immensely. Connor, Carter, and Codie did a wonderful job making their mom’s birthday special. It goes to show how far a little creativity can go. Who needs the Kentucky Derby? At Campbell Wealth Management, we want to be equally creative and inspiring. We’ve been doing a number of different things, like sending each employee breakfast donuts, coffee, and care packages. We know things like this can go a long way, and when you’ve been working at home for an extended

year, we went big for my wife’s birthday. It was a milestone event, so we decided to go to the Kentucky Derby and cross off one of Kim’s bucket list items. This year, however, we did something completely different. The Kentucky Derby wasn’t even an option, but that didn’t matter. The kids got creative and put something together Kim will never forget — they turned our basement into a restaurant! Well, a restaurant for two, anyway. Our

period of time, it’s important to have reminders that we’re still a team and everyone matters. As a team, we also have a weekly GoToMeeting virtual meeting. All 24 of us gather at our virtual meeting place and use webcams to see and talk to one another. During our Monday meetings, we talk about our past week or weekend and chat about things we’ve been doing, including anything fun we might have going on.

oldest son, Connor, decorated the basement with several candles and other decor. Our daughter, Codie, prepared a menu, and they all set up a table for two, complete with a tablecloth and more candles. They even made up a reservation card, ensuring no one else was seated at our table.

We’ve also continued to put on webinars for our clients. One webinar we held focused on mindfulness and featured Janelle Evans. While she talked about mindfulness, I talked about the wealth side of things, weaving together topics we’ve discussed in the past in this newsletter — health and wealth. We also hosted a Downsizing Tips & Tricks webinar, which I know is a hot topic for many of our clients. I always appreciate learning about ways to declutter and get organized. The challenge is always about

Codie did all the cooking. We started with a shrimp cocktail appetizer and a Caesar salad before moving on to a salmon dish paired with asparagus. For dessert, our chef had prepared a strawberry cheesecake. We learned about the menu from our waiter, Carter, our middle son. He poured wine and gave humorous commentary on each course.

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