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We enjoy The King’s Business so much. Upon our first acquaintance with it, many other Christian magazines and papers were coming to our home, but we soon began feeling The King’s Business to be a “must” and have been sub­ scribers ever since. No other magazine is looked forward to more eagerly nor read more thoroughly. D r . and M rs . C. H. W right Fredericktown, Ohio I enjoy every feature of your very fine magazine, especially Dr. Talbot’s Ques­ tion Box and the Bible Quiz by Vernon Howard. However, I disagree with Mr. Howard on Statement No. 2 in the Bible Quiz of the April issue. He says Moses never entered the Promised Land. In Luke 9:30-32 we have the beautiful and inspiring answer. It is true he waited hundreds of years to get there, but praise our wonderful God, he got in. M rs . J. C. C opeland Port Byron, 111. I am astonished at the venom shown in a “ Reader Reaction” in the May issue of The King’s Business. I am heartily sorry that anyone can think they see anything in your magazine to suggest similarity to the God-defying Stalin. Yes, “ you put on a Christian front”—; that extends to the closing page. “What church are you working for?” I can an­ swer them that you stand for the true church which includes all born-again souls. M innie L eigh Fall Creek, Ore. I must say I am astounded at the lack of knowledge of Catholic doctrine in­ herent in many of the articles in The King’s Business. I cannot quite under­ stand how the authors of the article “ Adventuring for Christ in the Andes” could accept and misinterpret the hospi­ tality of the kind priests of the Catholic missions and their efforts in bringing the knowledge of Christ to Latin Amer­ ica. Everyone who has studied the doc­ trine of Catholicism knows that the images or “ idols” seen in Catholic churches and missions are not to be wor­ shiped as these authors try to convey, but serve merely to put the worshiper in mind of the Deity or those close to it. Every Catholic knows and many Protes­ tants who have looked into the matter also know that the Virgin was created a perfect human being, the vessel to bear the Son of God. Many find no diffi­ culty in believing that because of her perfection she suffered no mortal death and was assumed into Heaven. And again, so far as praying to the Virgin as a mediator between God and man is concerned, how can one prove that it may not be through her that God be­ stows His power to the rest of mankind? M ary L. G allivan Long Beach, Calif. (Continued on Page 18)

Official Publication of The Bible Institute of Los Angeles, Incorporated

Louis T. Talbot, D.D.

Betty Bruechert Managing Editor

William W. Orr, D.D. Associate Editor

Editor in Chief

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which would enable him to govern per­ fectly any nation, much less,this mighty colossus among nations, the United States of America. We do not expect our elected officials to be supermen. But of this we are quite sure: that God recognizes human governments and has ordained that men should rule. God* will give special or extraordinary wis­ dom to those who look to Him for guid­ ance. The key to the matter, however, lies in the humility of the official. If our elected representatives were wise enough to exhibit humility before God, He would vouchsafe to each one sufficient super­ natural ability to rightfully exercise the duties of his office. The trouble lies in the lack of humility. An Old Testament character is a re­ freshingly appropriate example. He un­ der God was chosen to return from exile and rebuild the walls of the city of Jeru­ salem. Never did greater problems face an administrator or more testings beset a leader, but Nehemiah was wonderfully sufficient for them all because he told God very humbly that he knew little or nothing and that anything that was to be done the Lord Himself would have to do it. As a result, the administration of Nehemiah is one of remarkable sagacity and extraordinary governing ability. It would be a splendid thing for our own elected leaders to read prayerfully and carefully the thirteen short chapters of this remarkable Old Testament Book. Sorrow’s Lessons The letter came as a result of a mes­ sage over the air on, “Why Tears and Sorrows Come to God’s People.” Evi­ dently the writer was a young mother who added the important weight of her own personal testimony to the teaching from the Scripture that sickness in some cases is sent in order to teach needed spiritual lessons. She wrote that her father was a minister; that she was reared in a Chris.tian home; that after her marriage, and the birth of two chil­ dren, she became ill and was confined to a sanitarium for a number of years. During the months she was set aside, she reported that she was blessed be­ yond measure and that she would not trade those years for anything. She wrote: “ You see, I re-learned the true values of life; the joy of solitude in private meditation; the countless gifts God daily gives us that we are too busy to see; the privilege of attending church, and, above all, the knowledge that God’s loving hand is always enveloping us.” It is both untrue and cruel to main­ tain that all sickness is either the re­ sult of sin or is occasioned by a lack of faith. These are busy days and in many Christians’ lives there are far too many things to do; that is, things which do not count, things which are of lesser moment, and things which are to pass with time. What God’s children need to know concerns eternal things and very often the best classroom is the “ land of counterpane,” a hospital or a sani­ tarium. T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

Talbot and others have spoken concern­ ing these countries. And now, during the last few weeks, Dr. Talbot has returned from another missionary trip, this time visiting Biola missionaries who are serving in South American countries. Nearly 20,000 feet of beautifully-colored motion picture film has been secured on this journey which will be made into 6 or 7 challenging pic­ tures. These new films will show very graphically the vast amount of super­ stition, religious bigotry and prejudice that faces and almost overwhelms Prot­ estant missionaries in South American countries. Coupled with this, there are vast areas which are almost wholly jungle and in which live primitive In­ dian tribes, most of whom are as yet untouched by the influence of the gospel. But, as always, there is an encourag­ ing side, as the films will show how the preaching of the story of God’s love has power to change South American hearts. Under the persistent, kindly influence of godly missionaries, real strides are being made to reach South America’s 100,000,000 with the gospel. Accompanying Dr. Talbot was Mr. J. Russell Davis as photographer. Mr. Davis was formerly Business Manager of the Hunan Bible Institute in China and will also be available for projecting and lec­ turing on these pictures. Churches and pastors interested in obtaining a show­ ing of these films should address a let­ ter of inquiry to the Extension Depart­ ment, Bible Institute of Los Angeles, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, Calif. We Nominate Nehemiah O NE of the sad yet alarming condi­ tions in our country today is the confusion which exists in governmental circles. There seems to be little or no coherence or unanimity of thought or action in high places. Officials seem to lack even the first principle of wisdom and the result could be a state of be­ wilderment, turmoil and disorder that is frightful to contemplate. Do not misunderstand. We know that men elected to high office have only human wisdom. We are quite well aware that, no one has ever possessed gifts

Life’s Unforgettable Days T HE testimony of a great host of people is that while for them life has held some sorrow and much joy, the greatest times of blessing and profit in their lives have come from time spent apart with God at a Summer Bible Con­ ference. The combination of spiritual teaching, Christian fellowship and phys­ ical relaxation is one of the most de­ lightful experiences in the Christian life. What better place is there to find this combination than by attending some good Bible Conference this summer? Many of the readers of The King’s Business will attend Bible Conferences near their homes. This is a very special invitation to readers along the Pacific Coast to avail themselves of the priv­ ileges of one of the Biola camps this summer. The first Biola Camp is to be held almost midway between Seattle and Ta­ coma at the Glendawn Camp Grounds in the state of Washington. The dates are July 1 to 8. Between August 6 and 12, another Biola Camp will convene at Jennings Lodge Conference Grounds just outside the southern city limits of Portland, Oregon, off Highway 99-E. The third Biola Camp will be at Mount Hermon Grounds about 75 miles south of San Francisco and 8 miles east of Santa Cruz, August 19 to 26. Further information concerning any of these camps is available by writing directly to the Extension Department, Bible In­ stitute of Los Angeles, 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles 17, Calif. New Films Soon T T is estimated that upwards of a jK quarter million people have viewed the “ Round-the-World Pictures” obtained by Dr. Talbot on the foreign fields and shown all along the Pacific Coast during the past year. There is no question but that these films produced a quickening of missionary interest in the hearts of all who saw them. Also, a most welcome result is the dedication of young lives that were challenged by the missionary appeal and world need. Auditoriums all along this great coast have been filled to capacity night after night as Dr. Page Four

T h e W o r k and th e W o r k e r s


By Dr. Herbert Lockyer, D.D.

By Dr. William W. Orr, D.D.

B IOLA’S fame is spread throughout the earth. In all corners of the globe, its graduates can be found wit­ nessing a good confession for Christ. Among the most outstanding preachers in America today, are those like Dr. Charles Fuller, Dr. Donald G. Bamhouse, and Dr. Percy Crawford, who graduated from this Lord-honored and God-honor­ ing institution. Much of the success of this great Christian training center can be attrib­ uted to the tireless labors of its well- known president, Dr. Louis T. Talbot. Since retiring from the pastorate of the Church of the Open Door, two years ago, Dr. Talbot has devoted his time and energies to the furtherance of the claims of this work which he dearly loves. At the cost of considerable phys­ ical discomfort and hardship, he has traveled through India, Palestine, Bor­ neo, Japan, Siam, Malaya, and quite recently through the jungles of the Amazon in order to see Biola graduates at work. The films which he secured he shows in churches all over the coun­ try. They are the best missionary pic­ tures we have ever seen. A few months ago, the far-flung jour­ neys of Dr. Talbot were brought to the

Dallas Chaplains A new branch of theological training has been inaugurated at the Dallas The­ ological Seminary. This has grown out of the fact that Rudolf Renfer, a chap­ lain of World War II, felt very deeply the need of proper fundamental training for future chaplains. He believed there was too much emphasis oh the material phases of training for chaplains and that dying men on battlefields should he brought face-to-face with a living Sav­ iour. An enrollment of 20 for a course of 32 lectures from Professor Renfer and visiting chaplains is expected. Graham to Washington In a recent meeting in Washington, D.C., eleven members of Congress shared the platform with Evangelist Billy Gra­ ham to lay the groundwork for a forth­ coming evangelistic crusade in the na­ tion’s capital. The meeting will open January 13 of next year and run through February 10. Dr. J. Walter Carpenter, pastor of the Metropolitan Baptist Church, was named chairman of the executive committee for the cam­ paign. Bible Mastery Month October of this year will be observed as the 22nd Bible Mastery Month Cam­ paign. The plan is to read a Bible book at a sitting and to repeat the reading each day during the month. In the past such outstanding teachers as James M. Gray, William Evans, G. Campbell Mor­ gan apd Norman B. Harrison have urged this method. This year the book will be Philippians with the key text, “ Fellowship in the Furtherance of the Gospel.” Several denominations have en­ dorsed this movement officially. Montana Evangelism The greatest evangelistic effort in Montana’s history is now under way with more than 150 churches co-operat­ ing in a “ CHRIST FOR MONTANA” campaign. Spearheading the movement is Dr. Horace F. Dean, President of Christ for America, who claims that this movement will give Montana a real taste of the spiritual awakening that is being felt in many parts of America. Principal speakers will include Dr. John Zoller and Dr. Paul W. Rood. Appleman in England Currently a number of simultaneous revival campaigns are being held in England. The Plymouth meeting reports that they are seeing the largest crowds in 130 years of history. Other meetings held in the historic East London Taber­ nacle are making a strong appeal to the Jewish and Roman Catholic residents of that area.

Dr. Louis T. Talbot F.R.G.S.

attention of the Royal Geographical So­ ciety of Great Britain, a long established Society numbering among its Fellows, David Livingstone, the intrepid mission­ ary-explorer. At its last Council meet­ ing, Dr. Talbot was elected a Fellow of this renowned Society, and it was the writer’s privilege to announce this fact at the Baccalaureate Service of the Class of ’51 on June 3rd. Among other privileges, such a Fellowship per­ mits the use of the degree of F.R.G.S. All are agreed that this coveted dis­ tinction is well-deserved. Another member of the Biola faculty to be honored by Great Britain, is its gifted dean, Dr. S. H. Sutherland. The Philosophical Society of Great Britain is world-famous for its gathering of Christian scientists and philosophers, its president being Sir Frederick Kenyon. Among past presidents was the Earl of Shaftesbury. At a recent Board meet­ ing, Dr. Sutherland was duly elected a Fellow of this Society, which carries with it the right to the conferred title of F.Ph.S. We feel sure that the unique philosophical material supplied by the Victoria Institute, London, will ultimately find its way through the profitable lec­ tures of Biola’s popular dean.

Dr. S. H. Sutherland F.Ph.S.

T H E W A Y S By J ohn O xenham

The rest drift to and fro. But to every man there openeth

To every man there openeth A Way, and Ways, and a Way. And the High Soul climbs the High way, -iS And the Low Soul gropes the Low, And in between, on the misty flats,

A High Way, and a Low. And every man decideth The Way his soul shall go.

J UL Y , 1 9 5 1

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est of all works a human being can do; greater than healing the sick; greater than feeding the five thousand with loaves and fishes; greater even than raising the dead. James closes his epistle with these significant words: He which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins. Yet we ever need to remember that it is “not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, saith the Lord of hosts” (Zech. 4:6). Will you tell me something of the meaning of “Predestination” ? I think I have it pretty well settled in my own mind, but others in our Bible class have been disturbed by those who say “some are born to be saved and others are born to be lost.” There is no such teaching between the covers of the Bible! God’s predestination is according to His foreknowledge. First Timothy, 2:3, 4 tells us that “ God . . . will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” Mr. William Kelly translates this pas­ sage in this way: “ God . . . wishes all men to be saved.” Since our Saviour does wish all men to be saved, then how could He, from before the foundation of the world, condemn some to eternal per­ dition, so that they have no power to accept Christ and be saved? My friend, God has predestined; but Romans 8:29 says that we are predis- tined according to His foreknowledge. The same truth is plainly stated in First Peter 1:2: “ Elect according to the fore­ knowledge of God the Father,”—so the Apostle addresses the Christian Jews of the dispersion. God knows whether a man will love Christ; He knows whether a man will spurn Christ; and God has chosen from the foundation of the world—but whom has He chosen? All who will believe unto eternal life. The Lord Jesus Christ died for the whole world; and if every man in the world would come to Christ and trust Him, all would be saved. If you come to Him, He will in no wise cast you out. (See John 6:37.) Please explain the difference in the time of the crucifixion, as given by Mark and John. Is there not a discrepancy here? There is no discrepancy. The common and correct explanation is that Mark 15:25 speaks according to the Jewish computation of time, saying, And it was the third hour; whereas John 19:14 speaks according to the Roman compu­ tation of time of the sixth hour. Of course, we know that Rome ruled the civilized world in the day of Christ, in­ cluding the land of Palestine. Many Roman customs prevailed, along with many Jewish customs strictly adhered to by the Hebrew people. In a word, Mark is speaking of Jew­ ish time; John of Roman time.


than upon our imperfect, faltering work, even after we are born again.

I have noticed you have a great deal to say about the eternal security of the believer. Does not John 15:2, 6 prove the fallacy of this doctrine? No, it does not. Let us make a careful examination of this text which makes it very clear that we have in this passage: (1) What God does with a fruitless branch; and (2) what men do with a fruitless branch. But the branch is united to the vine all the while! What does God do with a fruitless branch? “He taketh [it] away” (v. 2). Where does He take it? To Heaven. To the Corinthians, because of the misuse of the Lord’s Supper, Paul says, “ litany are weak and sickly . . . and many sleep” (1 Cor. 11:30). Then he adds, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit: “ For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord.” But, my friend, chastening of the Lord is one thing; eternal condemnation is another. “Whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth” (Heb. 12:6). The branch which the Lord taketh away represents the Christian who is saved, yet so as by fire (1 Cor. 3:15). He loses his reward, but not his salvation. Fruit-bearing fol­ lows conversion, and is not a means of conversion. There are two ways of going to Heaven. One was Paul’s way; far he was able to declare with joy: “ I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith: henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of righteous­ ness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give me at that day” (2 Tim. 4 :7,8). The other way of going to Heaven is that of the child of God who dies without having finished the course, without having won souls for Christ, without having consecrated all to His service after conversion. But let us look again at our text. What do men do with the fruitless branch? “ Men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned” (verse 6). Men have no way of judging the sincerity of our profession, except by the testimony we give before the world. The Lord looketh on the heart. It is very important that we witness to Him by our works before a sinful world. But it is reassuring to know also that the branch is united to the True Vine, which is Christ. It is reassuring to know that our eternal security depends upon His perfect work upon Calvary, rather

I am unable to understand Romans 11:22, which says, “ On them which fell, severity.” Please explain. Let us note the context here. Romans 11:13-24 is addressed to Gentiles, not to individual believers. The matter of per­ sonal salvation is not in question here. The whole passage deals with Jewish responsibility not assumed. Israel is called the olive tree; Gentiles are the wild olive tree. Some of the natural branches in Israel were broken off through unbelief; and the wild branches, Gentiles, were graffed in among them. And the fact that the natural branches were broken off is given as a warning to the Gentiles, lest they too be not spared. The Jews, as a nation, rejected their Messiah; and in this church age God is visiting the Gentiles, to take out of them a people for his name (Acts 15:14). Then He will once again deal with His ancient people, Israel; the natural branches shall be graffed into their own olive tree. . . And all Israel shall be saved. (See Rom. 11:24-27.) This, in brief, is the meaning of Romans 11:13-27. How could the disciples do greater works than Christ, as He said in John U:12? The disciples were to do greater works than Christ because the Holy Spirit, whom Christ said He would send, was not to be confined by a body to one place. He could so energize believers everywhere that the Gospel could spread far more rapidly and more widely than when proclaimed individually by the Lord Himself, and supported by His mighty works. This power was not in the disciples, but in the promised Com­ forter. The first fulfillment of this prom­ ise is seen in Acts 2, in the mighty power that accompanied Peter’s preach­ ing. Again, someone has suggested the added thought that soul-winning is the greatest work in all the world, greater even than feeding the multitudes and healing the sick. While our Lord’s mir­ acles led many to trust in Him, yet they were also the credentials of His deity in a very special sense. To us is given the greatest of all privileges—that of point­ ing never-dying souls to Him, the only Saviour from sin. And this is the great­

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T H E K I N G ' S B U S I N E S S

u B U T I F N O T " -

By Vance Havner

“I f it be so, our God whom we serve is able to deliver us . . . But if not . . (Dan. 3:17,18).

the fashion of this world. In the provi­ dence of God one man hits the headlines, thrills us with stories of miraculous vic­ tories, sways the multitudes with recitals of amazing deliverances. But another, just as truly called of God, just as surely in His will and filled with the Spirit, stays in a country church or is buried in darkest heathendom without even an obituary notice. Others appear to be failures, live in wheel-chairs or between bed-sheets. Still others have their lives cut- short in youth, are martyred, perse­ cuted, afflicted, tormented. They do not stop the lion’s mouth or escape the edge of the sword. You see, there are two processions and some of us travel in one, some in the other. But one thing we may all have in common: “ These all, having ob­ tained a good report through faith . . .” . We can do that in either procession! Our Lord does not invite us to a sanc­ tified picnic with honors, rewards and success guaranteed. God may grant these things to some but it is well to be ready for the “I f Nots.” Do not promise to follow the Saviour unless you mean, “He shall be my God, Regardless. Furnace or no furnace, whether He delivers me from, it or in it, I will bow to no other god. He is able to deliver BXJT IF NOT He is still my God, Whose I am and Whom I serve. Whether I march with the kingdom-subduers or with the sheep­ skin and goatskin crowd, I will never bow to Nebuchadnezzar’s image.” On the voyage to Rome, Paul assured his fellow-travelers that they would all reach their destination. “ Howbeit,” he added, “we must be cast upon a certain island” (Acts 27:26). We are all going through but between us and home there may be some howbeits. God leads His dear children along but not always through green pastures. Some must go through the waters, the flood and the fire. But by either route we shall arrive. (Continued on Page 18) Page Seven

that friend fails you, be true anyway. If things do not turn out the way you hoped and prayed, do not bow to Ne­ buchadnezzar’s image of doubt and fear and discouragement. That is exactly what the devil desires as he did when he put Job in his furnace. God permit­ ted it, but Job did not renounce God. “ Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.” “ God can do it but if He does not, He is still my God, I will bow to no idol” . . . blessed are the saints of the “If Nots!” In the eleventh chapter of Hebrews, that “Westminster Abbey of the Bible” there marches a glorious galaxy of faith heroes: Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham and many more, until a crescendo is reached in a summary of those who “ subdued kingdoms, wrought righteous­ ness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions, quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. Women re­ ceived their dead raised to life again . . . ” But they do not all fare that way. Suddenly the verse shifts gears, “And others were tortured . . . , had trial of cruel mockings and scourgings, yea, moreover of bonds and imprisonment: They were stoned, they were sawn asun­ der, were tempted, were slain with the sword: they wandered about in sheep­ skins and goatskins; being destitute, af­ flicted, tormented.” Faith is not a sure road to earthly success and the headlines, personal de­ liverance from harm and danger. Some move grandly through in the first pro­ cession . . . and who wouldn’t like to be in that crowd? But there are others for whom things go the other way. There has been entirely too much preach­ ing that invites young people to a Hora­ tio Alger sure-fire life of success by be­ ing a Christian. We are not guaranteed “health, wealth and happiness” after

^nr^HERE are some for whom the lines seem always to fall in pleas- ant places. Their lives move along in story-book fashion and they seem to miss their share of trouble and tragedy. We rejoice with them and hope their good estate shall remain unchanged. But there is another great host of human beings for whom things do not work out that way. They have so much drudgery that their birth-stone might well have been a grindstone. Others get the plums while they get the bag. Other people’s children turn out well but theirs are a headache when they are young and a heartache when they are old. They have more ups and downs than an eleva­ tor. They hear others tell of marvelous experiences and mighty deliverances but their own lives are set in a minor key and they have no amazing stories to tell. They still love God and endeavor to serve Him but they are often tempted to say, “ It profiteth a man nothing that he should delight himself with God.” Some of these conditions are our own fault and we can change them. But not always is that true and if you are in a furnace of affliction or facing circum­ stances beyond your control I would offer to you a word in season. The Hebrew children faced what look­ ed like the choice of bowing to Nebuchad­ nezzar’s image or burning in the fiery furnace. They faced it gloriously: “ Our God is able to deliver us . . . BUT IF NOT . . .” They did not doubt that God was able to deliver from the furnace but if He did not they would be faithful anyway. It is well to be prepared for the “If Nots.” God is always able to deliver from the furnace but sometimes it is not His will. But He will save us in the furnace. He does not always spare us trouble but He will succor us in trouble. If you are facing a furnace, make provision for the “If Not." If you are not healed, if the dear one is taken, if J U L Y , 1 9 5 1

* 5 ^urniôlied


, June 5 , 1951

Commencement Address Given at the Bible Institute of Los Angeles

By Thomas Moseley, D.D.*

F ROM Second Timothy 3:14-4:5 in Arthur Way’s translation, I find three personal passages which I would leave with you: I. “But YOU—hold to your convic­ tions.” II. “ I charge YOU — proclaim His message.” III. “ But YOU—fully discharge your function as God’s steward.” Today Christ is looking for disciples who have apostolic vision, apostolic pow­ er, and apostolic passion. The brand of Christianity abroad today is not enough to cope with the forces arrayed against the Christian faith such as Communism and Materialism. We must get back to the foundations of the faith as revealed in the Book. But it is not enough to search out and repeat the creeds of the Apostolic fathers; it is necessary for us to be so possessed with the positive truths they contain that they will be­ come part of the fiber of our being and that our lives may be transformed. I. “ But YOU — hold to your convic­ tions.” 1. The first basic conviction which we must hold is that Jesus Christ is God. Just as the written word is both hu­ man and divine, so the Living Word is both divine and human. When Jesus came into the world as Emmanuel, this planet was visited by God. When the wise men came to the manger to bring their gifts, they kissed the feet of God. When they heard the voice at Bethany, “ Lazarus, come forth,” they heard the voice of God. When the disciples were faced with One girded with a towel, their feet were washed by God. When wicked men nailed Jesus to the cross, they shed the blood of God. “ In Him dwelleth all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” This Christ of God fills the universe with His presence. He has been revealed to us as the Christ of creation, the Christ of the cradle, the Christ of the cross, the Christ of the crown, and the Christ of the coming. From eternity to eternity He fills the horizon of the universe. Take Christ out of the cosmos and we have chaos. Every­ thing would disintegrate, for “by Him all things consist.” What a Saviour! What a Lord! *President of the Missionary Training Institute, Nyack - on - the - Hudson, New York,

2. The second conviction we must hold is that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Satan aims his darts at our faith in the Book. If he can undermine our faith here, our citadel is as good as fallen. Thank God for the testimony of such scholars as Prof. Dick Wilson of Prince­ ton. Said he, after studying1'twenty-six languages in the field of Old Testament criticism, “ I have come now to the con­ viction that no man knows enough to assail the truthfulness of the Old Testa­ ment.” When doubts and seeming dis­ crepancies are brought to our attention, it is for us to say, “ I believe God! I be­ lieve that all scripture is divinely in­ spired by God.” The Word of God must be apprehended by a living faith. With this attitude we can afford to wait for further light. At a recent conference of theologians, I attended a discussion group on the Interpretation of the New Testament. One outstanding theologian mentioned, “ I believe that every word of the original documents was inspired by God. I believe this! But I do not under­ stand, for instance, why in St. Mark’s gospel it is recorded that they broke up the roof, as with pick and shovel, to let the man down, and yet in St. Luke’s gos­ pel it suggests they just removed the tiles.” Immediately I remembered my twenty- five years in the Orient where I had seen hundreds! of Chinese houses built where first a thick layer of mud mixed with cut straw was laid on slats across the rafters of the roof, after which the tiles were put in place. After removing the tile, they would have to dig up the dried mud to let anyone down through the roof, so we see both accounts are true. For every problem the Bible presents, God has an answer. Hold fast the con­ viction that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. 3. We hold the conviction that the Holy Spirit is the power of God. Divine power is not the result of earthly enthusiasm. Divine power is the gift of God. As believers, we are not only born of the Spirit, but the blessed Holy Spirit awaits to fully possess our hearts and lives as we surrender all to Him. He comes to us as the Spirit of life, the Spirit of love, the Spirit of holiness, the Spirit of truth, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of comfort, the Spirit of quickening, the Spirit of prayer, the

Spirit of faith, the Spirit of revival, the Spirit of fire, the Spirit of missions, and the Spirit of the Advent. Said Charles G. Finney, “ When Chris­ tians humble themselves and consecrate their all to Christ, and ask for power for service, they often receive such a baptism of power that they are instru­ mental in converting more souls in one day than in all their lifetime pre­ viously.” Finney tells us the enduement of power which came the night of his conversion, would at times when he preached cut men off their seats like a sword. Terrible conviction of their sin­ ful condition would take possession of them. In nine short years God gave Fin­ ney in his ministry five hundred thou­ sand souls. Let us make much room for God the Holy Spirit in our life and min­ istry. 4. We must hold the conviction that prevailing prayer is the method of God. To find a man of power you must seek for a man of prayer. When we grow prayerless our deeds grow powerless. The secret of all our failure is our fail­ ure in secret prayer. The pattern for our prayer life is the Saviour Himself. As we glance through St. Luke’s gospel we find: Chapter 3. After his baptism Jesus prayed and as He prayed the Holy Spirit descended upon him. Chapter 5 tells of great multitudes crowding to hear Him, but “Jesus Him­ self withdrew into the desert to pray.” Chapter 6. “Jesus remained all night in prayer to God.” Chapter 9. He took the five loaves and two fishes but before giving them out to the multitude He looked to heaven and prayed. Chapter 9. At the transfiguration “ As he prayed He was transformed before them, and they saw His glory.” Chapter 11. After watching Jesus’ prayer life His disciples said to Him, “ Lord teach us to pray,” and He taught them the Lord’s prayer. Chapter 22. In Gethsemane Jesus knelt and prayed, “Not my will but thine be done.” Chapter 23. On the cross in all his agony he prayed, “ Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” Chapter 24. At His ascension “ He lifted up His hands and blessed them.”

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Triumph. “And ye are witnesses of these things”—the Trust. Acts 2—“Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God, ye have taken and by wicked hands have crucified and slain” -M.he Tragedy. “ This Jesus hath God raised up”—the Triumph. “Whereof we are witnesses”—the Trust. Acts 3—“ Ye killed the Prince of Life” —the Tragedy. “Whom God hath raised up”—the Triumph. “Whereof we are witnesses”—the Trust. Also Acts 4, 13, 17 and 26. This was the Apostolic message. When Peter first gave this message 3,000 turned to the Lord, on the second occa­ sion 5,000 were saved. This was Paul’s message (Acts 13, 17, 26). He tells us “My preaching was in demonstration of the Spirit and of power.” “ I charge you —proclaim his message.” I think of a young man who was determined to pro­ claim His message and get this gospel out to the ends of the earth. When he started his ministry, he covenanted with God, “ I am Thine, Thine only, Thine forever.” Eventually he became the suc­ cessful pastor of a fashionable church in New York City. The pews were rented. For this reason the Church board did not wish to make their church a center for evangelism on Sunday night. This grieved the pastor for he felt he must preach His message. So he quietly resigned. Six like-minded persons went with him and after prayer it was de­ cided to rent a theater and try to reach the masses of New York City. God richly blessed their step of faith. Souls were saved. A Bible School was started amidst the dusty props on the stage of the theater and eventually a church es­ tablished which became known as the New York Gospel Tabernacle. As the work developed and young people grad­ uated from the Bible school they were sent forth at home and abroad to preach the gospel. Today the Society established by this man of God has 1,000 churches in the homeland, with twenty mission fields in the regions beyond where 2,400 churches and outstations have been es­ tablished, and where 2,600 missionaries and national pastors are preaching the gospel in 153 languages and dialects. Now two million dollars are poured into the missionary treasury each year. This young man was Dr. A. B. Simpson, founder of The Christian and Mission­ ary Alliance. III. “ But YOU—fully discharge your function as God’s steward.” No matter where God places us we are His stewards. He entrusts gifts, talents, wealth to us so that w« may fully dis­ charge our function as God’s stewards. “Ye are not your own, ye have been bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.” Soon after taking up my position at Nyack eleven years ago, I heard one of the students give a striking testimony. (Continued on Page 21) Page Nine

Getting a glimpse of a well-known friend, he shouted in ecstasy, “How good is the news! Four days now until I see Jesus!” Four days later the godly youth struggled along to the gallows. Tearful crowds groaning watched him as he passed. Arriving, he took out his tes­ timony. He read it to the vast crowds. It was a beautiful confession of fidelity and devotion. Up the ladder to the rope he climbed, crying, “ I care no more to go up this ladder, and over it, than if I were going home to my father’s house. Every step is a degree nearer heaven.” As he stood up, the napkin was placed over his face,

If the God-Man was a man of prayer, how much more must we be men and women of prayer. It is prayer which charges the soul of the Spirit-filled be­ liever with the life of God. It is prayer which charges the atmosphere surround­ ing the Spirit-filled believer with the power of God. It is prayer which charges communities where a heaven sent revival is in progress with spiritual power caus­ ing all who enter that sphere to realize their lost condition. They become con­ vinced they must make a decision. No prayer—no blessing! Little prayer—lit­ tle blessing! Much prayer—much bless­ ing ! This is the inexorable law of a Spirit-filled ministry. 5. We must hold to the conviction that Spirit-filled believers are warriors for God. Said the Apostle Paul to Timothy, “ share the hardship of my campaign like a gallant soldier of Messiah Jesus” (Way, 2 Tim. 2 :3). God has called us to battle to fight the good fight of faith. We must overcome our enemies by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. We must not quail before our foes but overcome them by the presence and power of the Son of God. As we hear the dreadful news from China we know not what may await us. It may be that some of us will seal our testimony with our blood. May we be as ready to die as the Scottish Covenanters. In one day nine hundred of these Covenanters were ruthlessly slain or taken captive to be executed at a later date. One of the prisoners taken, who through physical weakness had not been able to be with his friends at the time o f battle, was Hugh MacKail. He suf­ fered with tuberculosis. He had been licensed to preach at twenty, and preached his last public sermon at twen­ ty-one. He had to go into hiding from that day. In due course he appeared before the council. He refused to tell anything of other believers, and the Earl o f Rothes, convulsed with passion, ad­ judged him worthy of the torture of the bone and marrow mixing boot. The exe­ cutioner enclosed his leg and knee within the tight iron case, and then placing a wedge of iron between the knee and the edge of the iron case, stood with mallet in hand. At a nod from the chairman of the council, the executioner struck the wedge a heavy blow, forcing it between the knee and the iron boot, and causing most excruciating pain. The brutal wedge was driven home savagely eleven times until the leg was smashed, but no word of betrayal or accusation of his brethren stained the lips of Hugh Mac- Kail. He was carried to his dungeon to lie in painful intercession for his fel­ lows, who outside on the gallows were dying for the sake of the Name. Again he appeared before the council, and he was condemned to die at the Mereat Cross of Edinburgh. He was borne with shining face from the court­ room and through the large crowds who openly wept as he passed. “ Trust in God,” he called to them, “ Trust in God!” J U L Y , 1 9 5 I H

Dr. Thomas Moseley

but, lifting it, in a remarkable voice by faith inspired he burst forth: “ Now I leave off to speak any more to creatures, and turn my speech to Thee, O Lord. Farewell, father and mother, friends and relations! Farewell, the world, sun, moon, and stars! Welcome, God and Father! Welcome, Sweet Lord Jesus, Mediator of the New Covenant! Wel­ come, Blessed Spirit of Grace, God of all Consolation! Welcome Glory! Welcome Eternal Life! Welcome Death!” The bloody rope tightened around his thin young neck. And so with Christ was Hugh MacKail. But YOU—hold to your conviction that Spirit-filled believers are warriors for God. In this day of apos­ tasy let this inspired word come with power to each one of us—“ But YOU— hold to your convictions.” II. “ I charge YOU—proclaim His message.” How are we to proclaim His message? By our lips and by our lives. What is His message? The Tragedy of His cross, the Triumph of His resurrection, the Trust committed to His Church. Seven times we find this message re­ corded for us by St. Luke. Luke 24— “ Thus it is written and thus it behooved Christ to suffer”—the Tragedy. “ And to rise from the dead the third day”—the

A Pre-Graduation Address to the Biola Class o f ’51

By James H. Jauncey, M.A., B.Sc., B.D., Th.D.*

which our Christian forefathers have bequeathed to us is the faith once de­ livered to the saints. This faith is being attacked on every hand. The disease of heresy is deep in the heart of the Chris­ tian church. Its ancient name was gnosti­ cism; now we call it modernism or liber­ alism. The effect is the same: robbing experience of its solid foundation and preaching of its message. You are to de­ fend that faith. It is not your task to argue about the truth; it is yours to proclaim. Your training at Biola has been directed towards giving you a deep understanding of the faith so that by standing on the solid rock yourselves you may be able to lead others to that rock. In the realm of faith, go and oc­ cupy till He comes. Then I must tell you that you face a stricken church. You will find many of her children defeated by sin, enslaved by habit, frivolous through worldliness, careless by lack of devotion, discour­ aged by the ups and downs of life. The wolf has taken his toll of the sheep. You are to go in and under Him be the shepherd of the sheep. You must repair the breaches and apply the balm of Gil­ ead to the wounds. By gaining victory yourself, you must teach others how to find victory. By the example of your own surrender, devotion, and godliness you must win the unsurrendered and the worldly. By your deep compassion you must minister to the needs of His chil­ dren and thus occupy until He comes. Finally, you must face the world of the lost, knowing that if you fail in that responsibility there will be untold trag­ edy on the Judgment Day. The task is appalling. There are more heathen than ever before. There are even more heath­ en in the United States than ever be­ fore. To them you are called to go with the glorious message of salvation, to transmit that .message faithfully and deliver your soul. Occupy till He comes. Go to your tasks in the strength and power of God. Soon the inspiration of this Biola fellowship will be behind you. Out there in the awful loneliness of the mission field or the spiritual isolation of the difficult pastorate, you will have to rely on God. If your surrender to Him is adequate, your devotion keen and your experience sound, you will stand the strain. You are going “over the top” into the battlegrounds of God. Acquit your­ selves well and occupy till He comes.

If you fail to occupy till He comes, His work must remain undone and souls must be lost for all eternity. All that He bought for the world on the Cross and handed down to us through the sacrifice of those who have gone before will be of no avail. Once I was tempted to take the easier path suggested by the offer of a high technical position at which I could name my own salary. One of the influences that helped me then was my reading of the church history of the early centuries. I read how that for the transmission of this faith those early Christians were willing to be devoured by wild beasts, slain by gladiators, burned at the stake, incarcerated in the foul dungeons. No sacrifice was accounted too great for them. Church history is a trail of blood, of those who were obedient to the Mas­ ter’s “Occupy till / come.” In the face of their great example, I could only bow my head in surrender to the same Lord who inspired them. In the light of their devotion, there could only be one task for me. Ladies and gentlemen of the graduating class,.you are now to take over the torch which these magnificent runners have handed on to you. See that you acquit yourselves well. I must remind you that you are to serve the Christian church in its time of greatest need. Part of the heritage

r | AHE narrator has announced that the motto for this year’s graduat- ing class is “ Occupy Till I Come." This is one of the Master’s requests that always stirs me very deeply because when I listen carefully I can almost hear the beating of the heart of God behind the words. It always reminds me of that ancient legend. After our Lord had ascended to heaven the Archangel Gabriel is sup­ posed to have entered into conversation with Him. Gabriel asked: “ Lord, now You have given this tremendous, sacrifice for the world, How have You arranged so that the world may know of it?” The Lord answered: “ I have chosen apostles; they will tell it.” “ But,” per­ sisted Gabriel, “ They cannot do the task alone. How else do you plan?” “ I will rely on the faithfulness of these they win to spread the message,” an­ swered the Lord. “Ah, Lord, but what if they fail?” said Gabriel. Jesus bowed His head rather sadly as He answered, “ I have made no other plans.” Members of the Senior Class, that is true. The Lord has made no other plans. *Head of the Department of New Tes­ tament at the Bible Institute of Los An­ geles.

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