Physical Therapy Doctor - March 2018


Everyone faces the prospect of growing older. When it comes to aging, people’s primary concerns include aches, pains, and changes to their physical appearance. But perhaps even more important is mental health. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your mind sharp as you age so you can enjoy your retirement. EXERCISE Working out is inextricably tied to wellness in all its forms. A simple, light workout now and then not only maintains physical health, but it also boosts your mental well-being. A 5-mile walk once per week can increase brain volume and prevent mental diseases, including Alzheimer’s. It’s no wonder exercise is the go-to solution for maintaining wellness. LEARN NEW HOBBIES Do you want to reduce memory loss by 40–50 percent? Dan Buettner, a researcher and best-selling author on studies about happiness and longevity, suggests learning a new hobby. Whether you learn to knit, paint, or discover a

new board game, you’ll enjoy improved mental health. Get your hands moving, and your mind will surely follow. (Note: Watching TV as a hobby doesn’t count! People who regularly watch TV may suffer up to 50 percent memory loss.) SOCIALIZE If you want to maintain mental health, make socializing a priority. Having an active social life increases your resistance to mental diseases and improves your mood. Furthermore, a healthy social network of friends and family (and we’re not talking Facebook here) helps give you a support system to fall back

on when times get tough. TAKE A BREAK

Take a step back from your everyday life and enjoy the small things. Set aside time to sit down with a good book or another activity you enjoy. While on that 5-mile walk, why not take a few moments to slow down your pace and look at the world around you? As the famous saying goes, “Stop and smell the roses.”


Hear What Our Clients Are Saying!

“I could not bear the pain in both knees and calves, but now I am 100 percent better. My therapist Mel helped me a lot. I really appreciate his efforts.” –Violette D.

“I now feel 95 percent better! Before physical therapy, I could not do much of anything. Now I am ready to get back to golf, tennis, biking, and skiing — all of the activities that I love! My experience with everyone was great. I had a lot of questions about what to expect in terms of timeframes, and Jenove was very helpful in answering all of my questions.” “Before I came to The Physical Therapy Doctor in Bayside, I suffered from back pain, had weak legs, and had trouble walking even half a block. Now, I am able to walk, run, and jump! I feel 95 percent better, and I even danced all night at my grandson’s wedding. The best thing I ever did was come here! Thanks to Dr. Robert, this was all done in three months!” –Florence H. –Jim M.

“Robert Morea is my HERO! Before Robert’s kind and capable treatments, I couldn’t walk half a block without complaining and stopping to straighten out my back (wiping the tears away). Now I’m active, walking many blocks; in fact, I walked a terminal at JFK. Okay, it was a small terminal, LOL. I’m now doing dance fitness exercise and tai chi. Seriously, no kidding! Robert and his wonderful staff have been at the foundation of it all. They were always positive and motivating — and, voila, I’m enlivened, living a great life!” –Marcia Levitt “I can walk now without the fear of falling. As I walk, I think how lucky I am to have met Robert Morea. I thank him for being so capable at his job. I will recommend him highly!” –Laurette Newman



My Hero!

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