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&/#3&'r#3*&'4 VICE-PRINCIPAL APPOINTMENTS The Upper Canada District School Board UCDSB confirmed vice-principal appoint- ments for its schools for the 2019-2020 term. Nichola Bond is vice-principal for Rockland Public and Stacey McCready for Rockland High in Rockland, Devinder Pooni-Gunderson for Russell High in Russell Township, and Trent Carter-Ed- wards, David Fisher, Roxane McDonell, and Debra Thomlinson are co-vice principals for the T.R. Leger Learning Centre for the UCDSB region.– Gregg Chamberlain CANNABIS LOTTERY RESULT There are still no cannabis retail stores in the immediate future for municipa- lities in Prescott-Russell. But people looking to buy their weed will not have to drive all the way into Ottawa now. Results of the provincial government’s second cannabis retail licence lottery in August has Aquanta Group Inc. a winner for their licence application for a cannabis retail outlet on Charlemagne Boulevard in Orléans.



Wendover’s Michelle Viau has resided in the village for about five years and has therefore witnessed a growing trend. “My neighbors and I have had several close calls,” the young mother explained, speaking of the curve on Denis Street, near Panama Street. “Some people drive in the curve at a very high speed. It’s hard to see pedestrians or even people walking their dogs.” To make matters worse, the street is devoid of any sidewalks, which results in pedestrians having to walk on the road. “Someone coming fast can’t event see QBSLFEDBST uTIFTBJEi8FOFBSMZFWFO had a head on accident once, because some drivers are on the wrong side when they take the curve.” Viau took to social media to outline the problem of drivers passing the street at a fast speed, which resulted in several other residents of the area voicing their concerns. “Please do slow down,” said Melanie Be- langer. “I live on that corner and my kids cannot go play in the front yard due to this. Too many irresponsible drivers. One almost hit my car in the driveway. And another almost took down the stop sign. » 'PS/BUIBMJF5PVHBT BSFTJEFOUXIPMJWFT PO%FOJT4USFFU FWFSZESJWFSFOUFSJOH8FO - EPWFSTIPVMETMPXEPXOi8FSFJOBTNBMM village and most of us have kids,” she said. i5IFNJOVUFZPVBSSJWFJO8FOEPWFS FWFSZPOF

Certains résidents de Wendover ont récemment déploré la vitesse avec laquelle certains automobilistes filent le long de certaines rues du village. « Souvent, nous sommes passés à deux poils d’avoir un accident, un face à face, a fait valoir Michelle Viau, qui habite tout près des rues Panama et Denis, où l’on retrouve une grande courbe. C’est également très dangereux de marcher là. Il n’y a même pas de trottoir. » —archive



should slow down. I’m afraid for my boys too. Can’t let them ride their bikes in our street because of a few people.” 8IFOBTLFEIPXTIFUIJOLTESJWFSTDPVME be encouraged to slow down, Viau outlined that the municipality should consider install- ing a three way stop. “It would be the best course of action,” she said. The community is growing. It’s larger than it’s ever been, so we see a lot more cars on the roads.”

613.488.2524 1923 Labonté St., Clarence Creek, ON La clinique dentaire de Clarence Creek vous invite à son BBQ, le 13 septembre, à la clinique, à compter de midi. Un tirage aura lieu au courant de l'après-midi

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