Frontwave Briefing | First Quarter 2019


First Quarter 2019

and implement numerous impactful projects – as one team. They performed beautifully – especially when things were going wrong. No panic, no blame, no temper tantrums, no whining… Nope, none of that! Instead, it was, “Let’s figure this out and get it fixed.” And they got it done. Every time! Did you know that we have 52 great folks working in our Member Solution Center that answered over 20,000 phone calls from Members in November? I gotta tell you, that is not an easy job. I mean, let’s face it – if someone’s taking the time to call, they’re doing so because there’s a problem that needs to be fixed, they have a question on one of hundreds of different topics or they are ticked off about something. These folks handle those calls all-day, every-day. Yesterday I was in the Member Solution Center chatting with the folks there and just observing how they are caring for our Members. I was amazed! Of the more than 30 folks I observed, every one of them was dealing with a different topic. One was helping a travelling Member find a nearby shared branch. Another was explaining the services we have available to Members impacted by the government shutdown. And yet another was walking a Member through her first check deposit via our mobile banking application. But what really caught my eye was that, through it all, whether they were taking a loan application, solving a persnickety problem or addressing a Member’s frustration – they were smiling! They genuinely care about our Members and their financial well-being and they absolutely LOVE helping them get stuff done! I was so damn proud I started getting all teary-eyed and had to skedaddle out of there before anyone noticed! We are blessed with over 280 incredible employees who are totally committed to make Frontwave Credit Union the best place you ever banked and help you make your financial dreams come true. Will every effort go as smooth as a baby’s bottom? Probably not. Will we make mistakes? I’m afraid so. Will we make it right? You bet we will! Because we’re Frontwave Credit Union and we got you!

Annual Meeting

Join us Wednesday, March 27, 2019 at 5 pm at Frontwave Headquarters to hear about the state of the credit union from our Board of Directors and to review the annual report. All Frontwave members are invited to attend.

Bill Birnie, President/CEO It’s always interesting… You know, as we meet with friends and colleague’s, maybe over dinner or a cold beer, and reflect on the year past. Whenever I’m asked what kind of year did the credit union have in 2018, I typically respond with something like, “It was OK. You know -same-o, same-o… We did pretty well, I guess”… NOT! Holy smokes! Just look at all that was accomplished in 2018! • Launched a new mortgage servicing platform in January • Opened the Pacific Plaza Branch in May • Launched new Mobile and Online banking platforms in May • Opened the Wildomar Branch in August • Opened the Escondido Branch in November, and… • Launched our new name and brand! Yup! We got a lotta stuff done and almost all of it was without incident or drama. Yea, I said “almost”… As many of you know, we ran into some challenges with our mobile banking platform in November and, despite our best efforts, it took a little longer than we wanted to get all the issues resolved. Again, I offer my deepest apologies for the inconvenience you suffered and I thank you for your patience and understanding. I had the opportunity this past year to watch our team strategize, plan, negotiate, communicate, coordinate, Notes from the CEO

Frontwave Headquarters 1278 Rocky Point Drive Oceanside, CA 92056

Board of Directors Election Eligible Members with a valid email address on file will receive an email with an electronic ballot link on February 22, 2019 . Members may request a paper ballot by calling 952.974.2339 or emailing no later than February 25, 2019 . Electronic and paper voting will close on March 22, 2019 . We encourage you to make a difference by casting your vote! Updated Fees & Charges Not to worry, none have been added in 2019, only removed! How do we keep our fees so low? It’s all part of a grand plan. Frontwave Credit Union isn’t a regular business. We’re a member- based cooperative that operates on a not-for-profit basis. Once we cover our overhead, all earnings are funneled back to members in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan costs, and -- yep, that’s right -- reduced fees. The handful of dollars you save here and there adds up to a lot more money in your pocket. To view the most up to date list of fees visit


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