Camberley & District Funeral Directors - Memorial Ceremonies


Columbarium/cremated remains niches A columbarium is a building, room, or wall which is designed to hold cremation urns. It’s an above-ground interment option and they can be found in some cemeteries and crematoria across the UK. Burial of cremated remains at sea The burial or scattering of a loved one’s cremated remains at sea can be a memorable way to honour those who enjoyed life on the water. Private land Similar to scattering cremated remains on private land, the interment of cremated remains on private land is legal as long as you have the landowner’s permission to do so. Burying cremated remains in your garden You might not think there is much to consider if burying the cremated remains in your own garden, but by law, cremated remains are treated the same as a human body. Restrictions apply if you are burying the cremated remains in an urn or box, not for scattering the cremated remains.

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