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Alternatives to the interment of cremated remains

Divide the ashes If your family cannot decide or agree on what to do with your loved one’s cremated remains, it’s perfectly acceptable to divide them up and do several different things. This can be a great way to fulfil the wishes of the deceased and those who are mourning the death. Cremated remains jewellery and keepsakes Cremation jewellery or keepsakes can help you feel close to a loved one again. Popular pieces include necklaces, rings, art, paperweights and you only need a small amount of your loved one’s cremated remains to create a beautiful keepsake. Cremated remains urns Cremation urns are containers designed to store ashes. The remains can be interred in numerous ways; however, choosing the right vessel can make a difference in the long run. They can also be used to keep the cremated remains at home. Cremated remains sent into space To celebrate your loved one’s life, Aura Flights’ unique space burial service launches their ashes to the edge of space and releases them to travel the world on a breath-taking final journey. The ascent and release are captured on video to create a treasured memorial film to remember the event. With a commitment to quality and care, we’ll be there to guide you throughout the journey. Scatter the cremated remains Scattering the cremated remains of a loved one can be a great way to pay tribute to their life; this can take place at a memorable location, or somewhere that meant something to the deceased.

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