King's Business - 1930-08

I Christmas Gifts at Big Savings m ►Missionaries in foreign service should select their X I Christmas gifts now from our catalogue, and take A l advantage of the unequalled values and big sav- B L ings made possible by 10% cash discounts on orders £ \ of $50.00 or more selected from our general cata- $ L logue, except flour and sugar. Write for free copy. £ i Church orders for Christmas donations to mission- C L aries abroad receive our special attention, inelud- 5 • ing guaranteed safe delivery. Special wholesale 3) i discounts on orders from Churches, Mission Boards, £ J and other institutions. > P Foreign field secretaries can save money and worry S • by anticipating the holiday needs of their stations, i t and ordering now direct from our Wholesale De- k I partment. e C The above discounts are granted only on orders to ? missionary stations and institutions abroad and to ^ t missionaries in foreign service. All communica- \ tions and orders must be sent to our I > Missionary Bureau § i Montgomery Ward & Co. s \ Chicago, U.S.A. |


Combining a modern, flat top, oak desk, with a novel a n d conven­ ient reference filing system. Of inestim­ able value to clergymen, re­ search work­ ers and pub­ lic speakers. Write f o r d es c r ip ti v e circular.

I N RESPONSE to our Lord’s command, hundreds o f consecrated missionaries have given their lives for service in the regions beyond. They have glady left “ fa­ ther, mother, houses, and lands” for Christ’s sake and the Gospel’s. Today they are fopnd faithfully ministering the Word in the midst of heathen darkness, counting not the cost. At home, missionary societies this year are reporting declining receipts. Unemploy­ ment, business depression, but most of all, spiritual apathy and apostasy, are contrib­ uting to this result. They, over there, can only proceed as we stand fast. A MISSIONARY POLL 1. Are you in favor of retrenching in giv­ ing the Gospel to unreached peoples of earth? Give less to missions. 2. Are you in favor of simply holding the ground gained in heathen lands? Give the same to missions. 3. Are you in favor of advance, until the whole world is evangelized, and Christ returns? Give more to missions. Keep faith with God in missionary giving. WORLD EVANGELISM SPIRITUAL REVIVAL NEW TESTAMENT METHODS Christian and MissionaryAlliance 260 W est 4 4th St., N e w Y o rk , N . Y . FOR YOUR N E X T C OM M U N IO N Individual Cups Docs YOUR Church use this cleanly method? Send for SPECIAL OFFER at low prices. Tray and 36 best glasses and Cover $9.00. Glasses $1.00 dozen. Collection and Bread Plates. THOMAS COMMUNION SERVICE CO.. Box542Llma. O.

The Desk-File Company

502 So. Fourth St..


IBLECHARTS!. Bible Charts. Teach all fundamental doctrines. In colors. Send for free photo of mÿ chart. R. E. WARNER, 124 E. 2nd St., Muscatine, Iowa

•AFRICA INLAND MISSION Headquarters 373 Carlton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.

Long centuries have elapsed s i n c e i Calvary but Africa still lies under a pall i of midnight blackness, and cruel crimes * attend its devil worship. Thank God for the changes which the | Gospel of grace, preached by mission- t aries, has made in places where groups , of devoted Christians are witnessing to , the power of the blood. But the other , ninety per cent of its one hundred and ^ fifty million souls— “ How shall they hear | without a preacher?” Inland Africa and other literature sent free on request. •PRAY FOR DARK AFRICA*

earned $ 13,906 V _____- _ Chicago, earn- lastyearw ith | j G l O r 6 ^ v f f l d S ed $863 on one Process. w w w order. FOR YOUR CHURCH OR YOURSELF Make a year’s income in the next four months—without sales experience or soliciting strangersI Amazing “ Snow- Ball Plan” earns you money at once—taking orders for Individualized Process Christmas Greeting Cards. America’s fastest selling line paying biggest volume of commissions—liberal bonuses, prizes. WE FURNISH EVERYTHING FREE! We teach you what to sayand do. If you want to turn your minutes into dollars—to prepare for permanent full or part time position—write us at once. Millions of old customers waitingI T H E PROCESS CORPORATION Dept. 955-A Tr°y at 2 1st St., Chicago

YOU WILL WANT IT A beautiful book of pictures produced by rotogravure, portraying the life and work of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, is being prepared. The size is 9 by 12 inches. Among the most interesting photographs is an air view of the city of Los Angeles, showing the splendid central loca­ tion of the Institute. The book is not for sale. It may be obtained simply by furnishing the names and addresses of two or more friends who are at the present time strangers to the Institute but who are likely to be interested in its program of Christian education and evangelism. Use the coupon and mail it at once. The King’s Business, 536-558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, California. Please send the Biola Pictorial to the following: Name Street Address City and State

Immanuel Hymnal T HE name of the hymnal expresses its purpose, namely, to glorify the person and work of the Redeemer of mankind. Evangelical churches will find it exactly suited to their need. I T contains nearly 600 hymns—as many o f the old favorites as are found in other hymnals. In addition, many really great hymns which have fallen out of use have been recovered. Also, a larger body of new music of first-class quality than has appeared in Amer­ ican hymnology since the day of Lowell Mason, a cen­ tury ago. Dr. John Herman Loud, Dean o f the Guild of New England Organist says:


New York City

San Francisco

Price $1 .75 Order from your local bookseller or,

and, send the copy to which I am entitled to



558 So. Hope St.,

Los Angeles, Calif.

Address.......—- ..................I.......

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