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MAR 2020

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When I first entered college, I planned to pursue a career in the medical field but wasn’t exactly certain which area of patient care I wanted to pursue. I don’t have any family members in the medical field, so I felt like I was going in blind — until I discovered the world of dentistry. Throughout my life, my exposure to the dental field was limited to just routine cleanings. It wasn’t until I did some more research on what a dental career offers that I realized my true passion for dentistry. My initial exposure to dentistry was actually here at Beaumont Family Dentistry. When I came in to shadow for the first time, I literally knew nothing about dentistry. I thought a crown was something a king wore and a bridge was a structure you walked or drove on. Little did I know that dentistry aligned very well with the desires I had for a career. After spending a lot of time in the practice, I realized I was interested in everything dentistry had to offer. Dentistry combines art, science, medicine, business, and many other aspects that are appealing to me, and that sparked my passion. During dental school, I discovered the many different facets of dentistry, and I was keen to learn as much as I could about every area I could. Following dental school, I decided to do a one-year, hospital-based residency, where I gained additional experience and education, especially in dental surgeries and IV sedation. The residency, along with other

and put my education and experience to work for my patients. I am fortunate to be at an office where the doctors are very committed to furthering their knowledge and clinical skills through continuing education. We are dedicated to learning the newest techniques and investing in technologies that allow us to offer the best treatments possible to our patients. I’m proud to not only offer general services to my patients but to also offer my knowledge of IV sedation and surgical procedures, among other things. Helping people obtain the smiles they want means a lot to me. These treatments are truly life-changing for many of our patients, and I’m proud to be here to help them through it.

Dr. Mayrand’s son, Luke

continuing education, allowed me to gain further experience and training in various areas of surgery, including implants, which I have a strong passion for. IV sedation is very important to me because there are many people out there who are so afraid of coming into a dental office that they have a genuine phobia. I learned that when someone needs general dental work done and they have severe anxiety about the dentist, there are not many options for them to receive treatment. These people know how important visiting the dentist is, but it can be very hard to overcome their fear. However, IV sedation allows us to see those patients and complete the work they need done while enabling them to be more relaxed and comfortable while in the office.

Dr. Mayrand and his wife, Hannah

–Dr. Dustin Mayrand

Once I was finished with my residency, I returned here to Beaumont Family Dentistry


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