Franchi Law - March 2020

March 2020



William Franchi

Striking the Perfect Balance for Clients

When we opened a second office, we knew balancing the two would be a challenge. As you may remember from past editions of the newsletter, I’ve made mention of our new, second office in Riverview a few times. It’s a satellite location to our primary location in the heart of Tampa. It took some time to get everything ironed out. I wanted to keep up the energy we have at the Tampa location, along with the high morale and overall cohesiveness of our team. I’d say we’ve done a good job of that — which means our clients can visit that office and know they’re going to have a seamless experience. The easier we can make things for our clients, the better! Two days a week, our attorneys are together at the Tampa office. It’s a way to sync up our schedules and go over everything as one cohesive unit. But we always have staff at both offices so clients (or potential clients) can walk in and speak with someone. And if there isn’t an attorney immediately available to talk in person, there’s always video chat. So far, video chat has proven to be a great tool for the two offices to communicate with one another and for our attorneys and staff to talk with clients. For a long time, we thought about new and simple ways we would keep in touch with clients, but solutions that fit our needs were hard to find, as we learned. Believe it or not, finding a video chat system was an amazingly challenging thing to do. Many video chat platforms are business-grade. They’re largely designed for businesses to talk to one another with a more “conference” feel, rather than the one-on-one approach we wanted. We knew we’d have to jump through a lot of hoops to make it happen. We actually ended up going with Facebook Portal. We hooked it up to TVs at both locations, and that was it. It made a lot of sense to install Facebook Portal at both offices because just about all of our clients use Facebook in one form or another. And, at the very least, they have an account they use to chat with friends and family, even if they don’t post anything online. Because of this, we can video chat with anyone else who has a Facebook account. They don’t have to worry about making the trip to one of our offices. It’s been a huge timesaver for a lot of people. I will say, it’s still great to chat with clients face to face when they come in. Nothing beats having that kind of conversation, but video chat gives us the next best thing.

The reality is that many of our clients have been involved in a car crash. They might be driving a rental, running back and forth between medical appointments (seeing their primary care physician or visiting a physical therapist, etc.), or fulfilling family obligations. Some simply don’t have access to regular transportation or, due to the extent of their injuries, it might not be practical for them to get in a car and drive. The weeks and months after a car crash can be incredibly busy, so if we can take something off their plate, we’re going to do it. Video chat has helped break down that barrier and added a ton of convenience. I’m very happy to have it up and running. It may even be one of the best things to come out of having two offices! We’ve learned a lot of lessons over the past several months while opening a second location. But we’ve been able to balance everything on the attorney side of things, and we’ve been able to strike a new balance with clients. Like I said before, the more we can do for clients — and the easier we can make things for them— the better.

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