EverAlert® Communication System

Innovation for a Safer World.

Digital Signage and Messaging Improve your building’s communication with clear, instant messages. Customize messages and use audio/visual cues to keep everyone informed— even by department or by room. Synchronized Clocks Ensure everyone is on the same, precise time with synchronized clocks. Features such as countdown timers and buzzers keep meetings, classes, and shift changes running smoothly. Emergency Notifications Keep critical communications clear and timely during threats. Automatic or custom messages instantly inform everyone how to stay safe. Integrate with other building systems like fire alarms, P.A., lockdown and even weather alerts.

One system to manage your critical communication. EverAlert® from American Time is an advanced, powerful communication system that delivers better communication and productivity through daily messaging, emergency alerts and synchronized clocks.

EDUCATION The EverAlert system saves schools time, money, and complexity when managing critical communications and safety systems.


Whether you have a staff of five or 5,000, EverAlert deploys efficient communications throughout an office building or entire corporate campus.


In clinics and hospitals, EverAlert keeps staff and patients informed. It delivers daily news and reminders, as well as instant alerts and instructions by department or floor.

The EverAlert communications system keeps people safe and secure, while saving time, money and complexity when managing organizational communications. It is the single solution that improves safety, connection and efficiency throughout a building or campus. Many industries have discovered the benefits of daily messaging, emergency notifications and synchronized time. Who Uses EverAlert?


Deliver instant, clear news and emergency notifications with audio alerts. Perfect for large settings such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers that can have higher levels of environmental noise.

Audio Alarms for Immediate Response

Display messages about news, meetings and events. Customize by department, grade or floor. Get the right message to the right audience. Clearly Inform with News and Messages Integrate Other Systems for Maximum Efficiency Integrate EverAlert messages with your existing building systems, like fire and lockdown. When an alarm is triggered, instantly display messages within your building and notify authorities.

Visual Cues for Noisy Environments

Consolidate clock, bells, alarms, and messaging systems into one easy technology. Streamline the management of many building communication systems! Keep Classes, Meetings and Shifts on Time

“The ability to combine bells, clocks, signage, emergency notifications, and safety was the golden ticket for me.” - austin s ., it director

Quickly Alert for Better Security

During a threat or drill, deliver clear and timely instructions by room, grade or department. Visual and audio alerts are perfect for noisy environments or those with special hearing needs.

“We’ve been waiting for a solution like this. American Time definitely delivered.” - director of it , minnesota public school district

EverAlert is Powered by the inCloud Management Portal Daily updates and announcements should be intuitive. Emergency alerts need to be immediate. The inCloud management portal allows your team to create, control, and schedule the messages, news and emergency alerts that are critical to your organization.

Set-Up, Manage and Monitor EverAlert—Easi ly The easy-to-use inCloud management portal lets you efficiently manage all EverAlert displays to keep your building running smoothly.

• Schedule and deliver daily news and emergency information to your whole organization • Send custom messages by room, floor, department, grade, or any other segment inCloud: In-Depth Proactively monitor EverAlert to maximize uptime, use and efficiency. • Manage all users, notification and action audits, and license status • Create and schedule messages • Use pre-loaded template messages to save time • Deploy alarms on demand • Schedule bells, messages, and audio alerts

• View detailed reports to track system activity • Receive automated device status reports • Assign messaging capabilities to room or department leads for even easier communication • Consolidate management of other American Time products, including Wi-Fi and PoE clock systems


Dynamic View allows you to display EverAlert content on your existing digital displays through an HDMI input. Perfect for communicating news, alerts, and precise time in conference rooms, lunchrooms and large common areas.

EverAlert Options to Fit Your Technology and Needs An alert system should be easy to use. It should work with the technology you have or allow you to easily create and integrate a new system. American Time offers options for building, connecting and extending EverAlert technology in your building or campus.


Bridge communications between third-party system alarms/alerts and EverAlert. When an alarm is activated from a lockdown, weather, medical emergency or other event, your pre-loaded or custom message appears on EverAlert for instant communication throughout a building.

THE DYNAMIC DISPLAY SYSTEM Easy-to-read displays communicate EverAlert information. A variety of screen options include traditional clock face (analog) or digital clock display; banner or full-screen messaging formats; and the ability to mount displays with landscape or portrait orientation. EverAlert information is communicated via Ethernet or Wi-Fi network.

EverAlert Dynamic Display


EverAlert Dynamic Display, part number EADV2

Output voltage from power supply

12VDC Level VI

Dimensions: master shipping carton, 2 displays Weight: master shipping carton, two displays

38” L, 83/8” W, 181/2” H

Power Consumption Energy efficiency


25W (average), 40W (maximum), 20W (sleep) RoHS, CE/FCC, PSU w/UL

Weight: single (device only) Dimensions: single (device only) Dimensions: display screen diagonal


2013/16” L, 13/8” W, 129/16” H



LCD with LED backlight

Lighting: screen

FEATURES • Smart 22” class HD screen with built-in speakers • EverAlert supports a virtually unlimited number of displays • Display functions in either landscape or portrait orientation • Communicates to the inCloud Management Portal through wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi network • Resumes normal operation without intervention after a temporary power interruption • Operator adjustable or scheduled screen brightness • VESA mounting for easy installation • (Optional) Custom mounting bracket with power supply holder • Scheduled sleep mode for energy conservation • 1 year warranty

Resolution: display screen

1920 x 1080

Mounting formats

Landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical)

Internal speakers

2 each at 2W

USB 2.0 ports


External speaker output jack Wireless LAN connectivity Wired LAN connectivity


10/100M, RJ45 connector

802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz) USB drive with AES encryption

USB provisioning

Wired provisioning

LAN/DHCP Web portal on network connection 2 static IP or DNS pool SNTP servers

Time synchronization support

Clock battery backup for power outages

CR1220 lithium

Maximum relative humidity


Operating temperature

32˚F – 104˚F

Input voltage to power supply

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

EverAlert Dynamic View

EverAlert Integrator

Specifications Dimensions, (device only)

Specifications Wired LAN connectivity Monitored switch style

EverAlert Dynamic View, part number EABOX

EverAlert Integrator, part number EAIV3 10/100M, RJ45 connector

An EverAlert Integrator bridges communication between the EverAlert system and other building alarm systems. The Integrator contains two general-purpose inputs that connect to contact closure switches. Typically, the Integrator is connected to an alarm panel that, when triggered, will show an alarm message on all active EverAlert Displays and send a text or email to key personnel. Multiple Integrators can be used with an EverAlert system to increase the number of alarms utilized.

Wired provisioning

7.5”L x 3.75”H x .75”W

LAN/DHCP Web portal on network connection 2 static IP or DNS pool SNTP servers

Normally-open dry contact

1.1 lbs

Weight (device only)

Time synchronization support

Dimensions, master shipping carton, one Dynamic View. Weight, master shipping carton, one Dynamic View

11.25”L x 3”H x 9.25”W

Monitored switch wiring length Number of monitored switches

25ft maximum 2 per Integrator

Clock battery backup for power outages

CR1220 lithium

2.64 lbs

Relative humidity

85% maximum, non-condensing

Number of Integrators per EverAlert system Number of output switches

5 Integrators per system 1 per Integrator 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Resolution, display screen

1920 x 1080

Operating temperature

32˚F – 104˚F

Displayed format

Landscape (horizontal)

Output voltage from power supply Input voltage to power supply

100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Output voltage from power supply Input voltage to power supply

USB ports


12VDC Level VI


Wired LAN connectivity Wireless LAN connectivity External speaker output jack


Power consumption Energy efficiency

10/100M, RJ45 connector 802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz)connector USB drive with AES encryption

9.5W (average), 14.5W (maximum)



USB provisioning

FEATURES • Integrate with third party systems for automatic alerting, such as fire and lockdown • Normally-open (dry contact) inputs for fast, reliable integrations

• Integrators can be configured to monitor fire alarm panels, switches, or any other normally open switches used for emergency alarm purposes • 1 year warranty

FEATURES • HDMI connection to TV/monitors • EverAlert daily messaging, emergency notifications, and synchronized clocks • Supports HD, large-format resolutions • Landscape display orientation

• Communicates to the inCloud Management Portal through wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi network • Wired LAN and wireless LAN connectivity • Slim profile for easy mounting • 1 year warranty

140 3rd Street South Dassel, MN 55325 Ph. 800-328-8996

Learn More about EverAlert To learn more about EverAlert and request a consultation, visit american-time.com/everalert Visit american-time.com to explore more communication and synchronized time solutions.

“The teachers appreciate EverAlert’s ability to display analog or digital clock times, the daily school news and even classroom-specific messages like upcoming test reminders.” chris s . , superintendent

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