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Emtelle CEO Mads A. Høgfeldt discusses the challenges of tailoring products to an evolving, fibre hungry marketplace

How does Emtelle’s international relationships help it develop new products? Do you share ideas between companies in each country, for example? Yes, we have sales offices and partners all over the globe, getting the expertise from our head office and feedback from regions is invaluable to our business. We also hold regular sales events with most of the global sales teams so we can find out about and also develop new trends in the FTTX Passive fibre market. Where do you expect the demand in FTTH products to be in 2017 (or beyond)? De-skilling the deployment process more focus on “plug and play” products such as QWK connect -a double connectorised product from Emtelle. Especially as the FTTH sector grows around the world, there will be a shortage of skilled engineers in some countries, so, the de-skilling is seen by Emtelle as an area we will focus on in the coming years. We already have products which are very easy to install, within our portfolio. Are there any major product lines from Emtelle you expect to make an impact in 2017? Emtelle has a range of products coming out in the next year which are not our traditional range of products and therefore, there is no requirement to blow in any fibre. The products are pre-cabled and fibres are retracted from the microducts and then deployed to each home/ business by pushing, pulling or other low cost installation technique. Blown Fibre continues to be our largest selling product range for FTTX globally and will continue to be like this for many years to come due to its cost effectiveness and network flexibility. There are many similarities between our blown and non-blown solutions, meaning that we can still provide a dedicated duct pathway to a home or business without the need to always blow a fibre in. Our developments are gathering great pace and the interest gauged from our customers and partners has been phenomenal so far.

Do you need to adapt your product portfolio for each client? Emtelle‘s product portfolios are full Infrastructure solution in most cases, though we can ‘tailor make’ solutions for our clients should they wish to use some components from other suppliers or should they require Emtelle’s products to be compatible with existing infrastructure. How has the challenge of introducing new products changed in the past ten years? Emtelle sees a growing need for solutions and not just individual products – so we put for emphasis on solutions and also supporting our clients in deploying the solutions to a high standard to get maximum quality in a network build.

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Emtelle QWKconnect is a connectorised drop cable for FTTH that offers product and installation cost savings for over €160 per home, and a reduction in installation equipment of €12,000 per 2 man team.

The benefits of QWKconnect  A duct that can be installed underground (direct buried and ducted) along walls or even overhead  Fibre pre-installed can be connectorised at one end or both ends  SC & LC APC connector options available  No blowing or fibre splicing required  Extremely small storage area for excess fibre  Reduced skill set & training required for the install  Massively reduced capex for installation equipment  Cost (& space) effective compared to similar products in the market

QWKconnect also gives a futureproof, dedicated pathway to each home for many years to come. No product on the market offers a solution like this with such savings for a directly buried or ducted FTTH drop solution in a time when quality needs to be simple and reliable.

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