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What do Open SD - Access networks


Software defined networks and network function virtualisation are working their way into the deployment conversation. But what are the implications for service providers, asks Ronan Kelly of Adtran.


W hile the terms lack of industry education around these developments poses a potential barrier when trying to link the potential of this new technology to how we do business today. The open architecture of SD access creates a less complex environment in which information can create novel applications more quickly. Its malleable, open source nature makes it interoperable, giving operators the Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualisation are bandied around, the

flexibility to “bolt on” features on, large or small, which in turn creates an inclusive digital landscape that enables nimble start-ups to compete with the digital giants. This network flexibility and capability renders new possibilities for providers, working with Cloud-based products to provide value-added oerings – which they can then monetise. They can classify trac types on the network in real-time, and make decisions about how the dierent trac types are handled across the network. SDN and NFV can oer providers of cloud-based services – for whom latency and packet-loss are critical – an SLA

that guarantees customers an enhanced online experience and boosts the power of Cloud-based oerings. Today, the role of the network provider is shifting from dumb pipe to services provider, with value-added services that can optimise the oering for customers. Instead of the incumbent pipeline model, which tries to monetise everything from the consumer, networks such as these support a two-sided interaction between network and service providers – which better lends itself to a platform-based economy. As business becomes increasingly digitised, and dependence on the Cloud accelerates, the transparent, horizontal


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