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Harting develops expanded beam cable assembly

Skylane demos SkyBox

Harting has developed an expanded beam fibre optic connector for providing high-bandwidth transmission in the harsh environments found in tunnel drilling and mining applications, where industrial Ethernet over fibre optic cable is becoming the transmission medium of choice. The Expanded Beam Cable Assembly’s high bandwidth provides safe and secure transmission of the high-definition video signals used in the vision systems that control the boring machines and equipment, with

fibre safely packed in a connector housing so that it cannot be aected by dust, water or other environmental factors. Hermaphroditic mating design of the connectors ensures that regular disconnection and re-connection of the cabling is easier than using standard fibre optic cabling. Even extending the length of the optical connection is as simple as connecting an additional cable, with no need to pay attention to the laying direction or any additional adaptors. All products are custom made, regardless of order size and follow the international REACH, RoHS and PFOS regulations. The company’s own quality management is DIN- ISO 9001:2008 certified. Currently the colorPol IR 1310N BC4 HT, the colorPol IR 1490N BC4 HT and the colorPol IR 1550N BC4 are available to market.

Skylane Optics recently announced the launch of the SkyBox, a device that enables users to programme Skylane Optics transceivers independently and in the field, with engineers now able to easily make SFP/ SFP+/ SFP28 / CSFP, XFP, QSFP+/ QSFP28 and XFP transceivers compatible with equipment from a large range of vendors. SkyBox comes with a battery, plus mobile and desktop applications, compatible with android and Mac OS, as standard. Users can also review a history of all previous coding activities. Additional options, such an OTDR or power metre, can also be purchased. Skylane have said that they are the only manufacturer currently providing a battery powered coding box to market.

CODIXX reveals new colorPol product line CODIXX have announced an update to its popular 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm colorPol laser wavelength product line, with an ‘N series’ of narrowband polarisers.

The new polarisers provide transmittance over 92%, contrast ratio over 10,000:1 (40db) and thickness around 0.2mm, with each product optomised for a specific wavelength. Resistant to UV radiation, temperatures between -50°C and +400°C and most chemicals, all colorPol polarisers are as thin as foil, but oer the durability of glass, with large acceptance angles and a high accuracy of polarisation axis to defined edge.

Tektronix delivers new

CAILabs announces new spatial mode multiplexer, Proteus Proteus, the new spatial mode multiplexer from CAILabs, connects single-mode fibres with multi-mode components, whilst oering high mode selectivity, low insertion loss and a large bandwidth of operation. Proteus has the capacity to generate orbital angular momentum (OAM) beams and performs faster turbulence compensation than standard techniques.

mode / multi-mode optical modules for NRZ and PAM4 up to 32GBd, real-time oscilloscope PAM4 analysis with live triggering and error detection for 400G standards, the industry’s only multi-OMA system for applications such as Spatial Division Multiplexing and technology advances in both real-time and sampling O-E technologies.

advances in optical

measurements for 100G, 400G standard With 100G moving into production and 400G design eorts in full swing, the test challenges around characterization, verification and debug of both silicon and system designs have never been greater. Tektronix oers a number of new innovative solutions supporting the latest 100G/400G standards, including: high-sensitivity single-


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