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Diamond unveils EtO sterilisation - proof IP 65 connection range

Acacia Communications CFP2-DCO module is a pluggable coherent transceiver with a digital host interface that can streamline integration into existing network equipment. Supporting the industry standard CFP2 form factor, that has been widely adopted for 100G client optical interfaces, the module supports both 100Gbps and 200Gbps operation. Based on Acacia’s low-power Meru DSP ASIC using 16nm CMOS technology, the module enables high-density linecard designs using cost- US Conec will use this year’s ECOC event to demonstrate its next generation multi-fibre MTP connector, the MTP PRO. A product the company promises will “usher in a new era by bringing simple and robust field configurability, ease of use, and enhanced performance” The connector leverages all of the proven features and technology of US Conec’s existing MTP connectors while providing optimal flexibility and performance in the field. Polarity and pin reconfiguration eliminates the need for a skilled technician to remove the connector Diamond’s new EtO sterilisation - proof IP 65 connection has been designed to meet today’s requirements for safety, reliability and quality within several markets, such biomedical, as well as for applications subject to special environmental conditions. The E-2000 EtO/IP 65 is an upgrade to the Standard E-2000 connector, incorporating additional sealed connection functionality. The solution is available for all standard MM, SM, PC/APC, PM (Polarisation Maintaining), power solution, fusion and crimp and cleave systems. The products oer unique 0.1 dB insertion loss, with custom drill sizes from 80µm to 800µm. Modular designed mating adapters and a spring loaded protective cap oer increased safety during high power applications.

E-2000™ EtO / IP 65 connection

Sealed parts

Assemblies are available with dierent plastic and metal flexible jacketing, including elastomer (Hytrel), PEEK (Victrex 450), PA (nylon), PTFE (Teflon) and stainless steel. Colour

coding and mechanical keying ensure correct matings. The E-2000 Simplex is available with non- magnetic components.

US Conec oers multi-fibre connector evolution

extracting a hidden key on the opposite side of the connector. The MTP PRO push-pull functionality is designed for simplified use, oering a slightly longer and robust integrated insertion and extraction sleeve for easy access without compromising the connector footprint. There is no longer a need to push on the strain relief portion of the connector for insertion. The integrated housing of the MTP PRO connector is used to insert and extract the connector as is the natural tendency of the installer. Enhanced ferrule coarse alignment further minimizes debris generation resulting in better performance.

housing, exposing delicate fibres and putting the cable assembly at risk, while the pins can be easily installed or removed countless times without removing the housing or handling loose pins in the field or factory. The novel pin keeper design ensures robust retention of the pins, eliminating any concerns of pin transfer. Additionally, one simple insertion into a polarity change port reverses the key configuration by seamlessly retracting the exposed key while simultaneously

Acacia Communications introduces CFP2-DCO

eective 200Gbps modulation. The DWDM module is tunable across the full C-band and can support flexible grid architectures and high launch power requirements. Suitable for datacenter interconnect, metro access, metro core, long-haul and 80km Un-amplified “ZR” applications, the pluggable CFP2 form factor oers many advantages compared to alternative coherent architectures, including: integration into existing CFP2 client interface sockets; pay as you grow deployment model; and system interoperability based on Acacia ecosystem.

“Excellent product with unique and potentially disruptive technology. This product also transforms the metro fibre-optic transport layer competitive space, enabling WDM coherent interconnect by companies that have not been traditional WDM players” Judge, 2017 Lightwave Innovation Reviews.


ISSUE 10 | Q3 2017

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