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Infinera XTS-3300 Meshponder supports 19 Tbit/s on trans- Atlantic route

supply international bandwidth across a range of Caribbean markets, large and small, in a scalable manner over time. “TE SubCom is pleased to be entrusted by Deep Blue Cable with the construction of their fibre-optic subsea cable system, which will expand and enhance connectivity across the Caribbean region and to the Americas,” said Mike Rieger, vice president of sales at TE SubCom. “In a region that has experienced no significant fibre-optic deployment in recent years, this submarine cable will satisfy not only the current spike in demand for connectivity in developing Caribbean countries, but also future requirements driven by projected growth.”

commented Stephen Scott, CEO of Deep Blue Cable. “The Deep Blue cable system will play a critical role in serving developing Caribbean countries that are now experiencing a surge in demand for advanced telecom services and currently rely on fibre-optic connectivity that is technologically and economically disadvantaged.” The Deep Blue cable system will be a network providing direct fibre connectivity between major traffic hubs, as well as optical add/drop connectivity to many smaller markets throughout the region. Using TE SubCom’s proven OADM (optical add/ drop multiplexer) branching unit technology, Deep Blue Cable can cost-effectively

Infinera has successfully delivered the highest spectral efficiency on a major trans-Atlantic route, during a field trial using its XTS-3300 meshponder. The XTS-3300 is powered by Infinera’s Infinite Capacity Engine 4 (ICE4) and is part of the firm’s Intelligent Transport Network portfolio, which is optimised for long-haul subsea applications. It delivers the performance of Infinera’s ICE4 technology, including enhanced pre- and post- dispersion compensation, digitally synthesised Nyquist subcarriers and soft-decision forward error correction gain sharing. The company said that the trial validates ICE4’s transmission of 8QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation) 600 gigabits per second (600G) super- channel in 140 gigahertz

Infinera’s XTS-3300 Meshponder.

of spectrum, delivering the highest spectral efficiency of 4.3 bits per second per hertz with commercial-ready performance margin. Scott Jackson, Infinera Vice President, Subsea Business Group, said, “We are continually enhancing solutions to deliver the best capacity-reach performance for subsea cable systems. This industry-first trial underscores the significant value Infinera Intelligent Transport Networks bring to subsea network operators.”

The Deep Blue network is expected to play a critical role for Caribbean countries.

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