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President 's Corner


Aviation hasalwaysfascinatedme. Somuch so, that in high school I washed airplanestoearn money for flyinglessons. It wasalot of work, but I wasable to fly soloon my 16th birthday, and I receivedmy pilot?slicensethreedaysafter my 17th birthday. In fact, I took agirl flyingfor adateduringhigh school. Shemust havebeen impressed, becausesheeventually marriedme! Sincethen, I have accumulated quiteabit of flight time. I even had thepleasureof teachingmy daughter howto fly, and shenowhasher own pilot?slicense. Thankstomy loveof flying, I have oneitemon my bucket list that I hopetoaccomplish: I would lovetobuild an airplane. Now, I havereadmuch about abuildingaplane, alongwith many warningsof howtime consumingand difficult it can be.WhileI havenever attempted somethingof this magnitude,when my daughter wasquiteyoung, I did build aplayset! OK,maybethat?s not anywherenear thesamedifficulty, but it wasalargeredwood playset that camein 1,000 boxes?only aslight exaggeration! It wasquitedaunting, so I finally enlisted the helpof afriendwhohad built asimilar set. Thiswasastrokeof genius! I learned that

thefirst thingtodo isread theinstruction booklet, cover tocover, beforestartingthe process. Then you lay out thepartsas described in theassembly process. Only then isit timetostart. It?samazinghowthingscometogether much

moreeasily with just alittlebit of planning. Probably themost important lesson I learned isoneweall know: in order tocompletea

project, youmust first start theproject. In life,asin work,weareoften presentedwith largetasksthat need tobecompleted. And let?sfaceit,most of thethingsthat areworth doingarequitedaunting. If they weren?t, everyonewould do them.Whether it isgettingadegree, advancingin your job, movingintoanewhouse, or completingaproject at work, thesamestepsapply: plan, prepare, do.Of course, thisisan oversimplification of project management, but these broad stepsprovidean important framework for many lifeprojects. Our bank hasawonderful history and an even brighter futureahead.Whilesometasks

associatedwith our growth will bechallenging, if weapproach each onewith deliberatedetermination,wewill accomplish all weare settingout todo. Each of usseparately can do amazingthings, but together wecan

accomplishmiracles. I am thrilledwith our progressso far, and I can?t wait toseeall that wecan do together! And, oneday, I will build my own airplane. Areyou braveenough to ridealong?

Kevin McPhaill, Pr esident & CEO Bank of the Sier r a


Big Day!


Br anch 2 Por ter vi l le West Ol ive

Br anch 3 Lindsay

Br anch 7 Visal ia


Br anch 5 Visal ia Mooney

Br anch 9 Baker sf ield Cal i f . Ave.

Big Day!


Br anch 14 Clovis

Br anch 15 Reedley

Br anch 18 Baker sf ield East Hi l ls

Br anch 20 Tular e

Pr osper i ty

Big Day!


Br anch 21 Tehachapi Main

28 Fi l lmor e Br anch

Br anch 29 Santa Clar i ta

Br anch 34 Lompoc

Big Day!


Br anch 38 Ventur a

Br anch 39 Santa

Bar bar a

Br anch 37 Ojai

Br anch 40 Woodlake

Br anch 36 Atascader o

Big Day!


Br anch 16 Baker sf ield River lakes

Br anch 25 Selma

Br anch 27 Santa Paula

Br anch 13 Fr esno Palm


WANTED Looking for a reliable first car for teenager. Under $5,000. Email Matt Hessler

FOR SALE Eddie Bauer travel stroller . $50. Call Angie Davis at (559) 350-0521 if interested.


Can you beat these 5K times?

Edgar Suarez, Br. 2 20:07

The women's belt is open! 26:10

Send Marketing evidence of your winning time in your local 5K race and CLAIM THE BELT!


Contest ends on September 27! Check out the Amazing Disneyland Giveaway hub on the intranet for more details.


August's Pets of the Week

Doogle & Ricky




If you subm it a pict ure of a pet at one of our branches t hat makes our Pet post on social media, you w ill receive a f ree gif t card. If you subm it a phot o w it h a st or y or a video, you w ill receive t wo gif t cards! If you subm it a video w it h a st or y, you w ill receive t hree gif t cards! Older phot os and subm issions w it h st or ies or video are given pr ior it y when select ing Pet s of t he Week .


Win gift cards with your Pet of the Week entr ies!

We?re looking for interesting and unique stories?alongwith cute photosand videos?of the pets that visit our branches to share on social media. - Pet photo(s) ?Win $5 in gift cards - Pet video ?Win $10 in gift cards - Pet photo(s) with story ?Win $10 in gift cards - Pet video with story ?Win $15 in gift cards! Submit your Pet of the Week entries to

Did you move t o a di f f erent branch or depar t ment ? Let us know and we' l l get t he word out in t he CLIMBER! Old Faces in New Places


Bags4Kids Providescomfort bagswith

blanket, school supplies, books, toys, &more to displaced children.

Commun i t y Act ion Comm ission of Sant a Bar bara Count y Healthy Senior Lunch Program serves2,000 seniorsdaily.

Kings Gospel Mission Expanding sheltering optionsfor the recovering and homeless.


Kings Gu i ld of Val ley Ch i ldren's Hospi t al Buildsfinancial support and raisescommunity awareness for ValleyChildren'sHospital

PLANT Foundat ion Farm Academy helpskids explore science through agricultural principles.

Salvat ion Army - Tu lare

Provides food assistance, utility assistance, clothing vouchers, and youth programs.


Int erest ed in volunt eering? Consider t hese Sierra Grant recipient s:

Kern County Kern County Kern County Tul are County Tul are County Tul are County Tul are County Tul are County Tul are County Tul are County Tul are County Tul are County

Sequoia River lands Tr ust Read f or Li f e Por t er vi l le Hist or ical Museum contact-us The Salvat ion Army - Visal ia (559) 733-2784 Visal ia Emer gency Aid Counci l volunteer-sign-up The Salvat ion Army - Tu lare (559) 687-2520

Por t er vi l le St r ings

Fresno County Kern County

Clay School Parent s Club, Inc. Clay Joint Elementary School District: (559) 897-4185

Fresno County

Sequoia Par ks Conser vancy TamaraMarks,Dir.of Philanthropy,


MissionCommun i t ySer vicesCor porat ion / Ker nWomen'sBusinessCent er

The Salvat ion Army - Tehachapi (661) 823-9508


Int erest ed in volunt eering? Consider t hese Sierra Grant recipient s:

Kings County Kings County SLO County SLO County SLO County SB County Ventura County Ventura County Ventura County LA County al l Count ies

Kings Gu i ld of Val ley Ch i ldren's Hospi t al; (559) 415-6700; (559) 353-7145 Kings Gospel Mission

Fr iends of t he San Lu is Obispo Bot an ical Garden join-our-team Habi t at f or Human i t y f or San Lu is Obispo Count y volunteer

SB County

Honor Fl ight Cent ral Coast Cal i f or n ia

St udent s f or Eco-Educat ion and Agr icu l t ure (SEEAG) volunteer Commun i t y Act ion Comm ission of Sant a Bar bara Count y, Inc. contact

Boys & Gi r ls Club of Great er Vent ura volunteer.html Fi l lmore Dist r ict Saf e Graduat ion Jennie Andrade; (805) 340-3601

The Sant a Clar i t a Val ley Yout h Project , Inc. Kim Goldman, Executive Director,, (661) 257-9688

PLANT Foundat ion; (559) 633-3215


Avila Beach Kayak Trip!

Shawn VanWyhe, Anna King, and Tarah Freder ick decided to try out kayaking at Avila Beach dur ing Labor Day weekend. They're ready to start the Bank of the Sierra kayaking racing team!

Br anch 31 San Luis Obispo

Br anch 35 Paso


Br anch 36 Atascader o



A Thief by Many Names Atlanta Man Sentenced for Aggravated Identity Theft

The headquarters of a large national bank had detected fraud on an account and sent word to an Atlanta branch to be on alert: If an individual comes in to pick up the new debit card linked to that account, call the Atlanta Police Department. An alert bank employee did just that when Khoi Nguyen, 43, came in to the branch to claim the debit card. Officers arrived quickly to ask Nguyen about his identity and the name on the bank account. Upon questioning, Nguyen produced a Department of Defense identification badge and claimed to be in law enforcement. The police weren?t buying it, so they called the FBI to investigate Nguyen for impersonating a federal law enforcement officer. It was soon discovered that he was not only impersonating a government official but more than a dozen different people in a sophisticated identity theft scheme. ?In his bag at arrest were 20 cellular phones, 13 different identifications, a number of credit cards, and about $11,000 in cash,?said Special Agent Marcus Brackman, who worked the case out of the FBI?s Atlanta Field Office.


Brackman said that Nguyen had some technical skills and likely purchased the stolen personal information he used to create fake documents and open fraudulent financial accounts off encrypted websites. ?Criminals can buy identities for 50 cents on the dark web,?Brackman explained. Nguyen pleaded guilty to aggravated identity theft and was sentenced in October 2018 to two years in federal prison for his crime. He was also ordered to pay restitution to the financial institution and is facing additional state charges related to similar alleged activity in other areas of the country.

?Identity theft is very prevalent,?said Brackman. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, an estimated 26 million people age 16 or older in the United States experienced some form of identity theft in 2016? with many of those cases involving the misuse of a credit card or bank account. Brackman said that it was gratifying to hold someone responsible for a crime that affects so many people and creates such a headache for victims. Beyond the financial losses, the impact of identity theft extends to the time, stress, and worry involved in cleaning up the harm done to credit scores and financial standing. ?It is just painful to do your job and raise your family while trying to deal with the aftereffects of someone stealing your identity,?Brackman sympathized.

"In his bag at arrest were 20 cellular phones, 13 dif ferent identif ications, a number of credit cards, and about $11,000 in cash." Marcus Brackman, special agent, FBI Atlanta

While it is difficult to protect against all the ways a criminal can find your personal data, Backman said consumers should monitor accounts and credit reports regularly and safeguard all personal information by being diligent about online safety and security and ensuring mail and documents don?t fall into the wrong hands. The FBI website has more information about identity theft and the tools it uses to investigate and prosecute the crime. The Federal Trade Commission website offers additional prevention tips and resources.

COMPLIANCE How to Handle ID Theft Claims Fortunately the Bank has had very few Identity Theft claims, however because we have had so few claims, most of us have had little experience with handling claims. Here is an overview of the steps to follow if a person claims we opened an account or funded a loan for a person that impersonated them. 1. Have the person complete an Af fidavit of Identity Theft - BOS-COM-100 . The form must be notarized. 2. Make a copy of their identification. 3. The victim must provide a copy of the report to law enforcement containing the claim of identity theft. This can be done at their local law enforcement agency or on the Federal Trade Commission?s (FTC) website. The FTC is a federal law enforcement agency, therefore the Identity Theft Report from the FTC is considered a police report under the law. 4. Verify the victim?s home address. Documents that can be used to verify the victim?s home address include a recent utility bill, vehicle registration, insurance bill, rental agreement, or similar document with their name and address. 5. Provide the victim with the California Identity Theft Victims? Rights Notice - BOS-COM-143 . In addition to the notice, the following website may be helpful to the customer: https:/ / or call the Identity Theft Helpline at 1-877-ID-THEFT (1-877-438-4338). Processing the Claim: 1. Complete the first page of the Identity Theft Processing Checklist - BOS-COM-142 . 2. Call or email the Risk Management Department to report the identity theft. In addition, email the Risk Management Department a. The Identity Theft Processing Checklist (the original form,


not a scanned copy) b. The Affidavit of Identity Theft c. The police report

d. A copy of the victim?s identification e. Proof of their home address, and f. Additional attachments (if applicable) g. Any details of the situation you believe will assist in the investigation.

The email for the Risk Management Department is

The Risk Management Department will coordinate the investigation with the affected departments. The Bank is required to provide certain information to the alleged victim no later than 30 days after the receipt of the claim. Notification to Customer : Inform the consumer that the Bank will contact the consumer after verifying the Police Case Number. The Bank will inform the customer of the decision to close, hold or block his or her account. Prior to opening a new account, verify the customer?s true identity using special measures, including the use of the Black Light and/ or ID Checking Guide to determine validity of identification. Do NOT give any information regarding the account to the consumer. It is critical that the Bank first verify that we are dealing with the victim of identity theft rather than the perpetrator of the crime. Additional Information For more information on the Banks policies and procedures on can be found in the Identity Theft Procedures and the Identity Theft Prevention Program found on the intranet. For questions, call Barbara Doane Keehn at extension 5302 or Cyndi Carmichael at extension 4467.

COMPLIANCE Regul at ionE-El ect ronicFundsTransfer Act (EFTA) Disputes&Error Resol ut ion T he p r im ar y pu r pose of the EFTA i s to estab l i sh the r i gh t s, l i ab i l i t i es, and r espon si b i l i t i es of par t i ci pan t s i n the el ect r on i c f und t r an sf er system . Regu l at i on E def i nes an el ect r on i c f unds t r an sf er as any t r an sf er of f unds that i s i n i t i ated th r ough an el ect r on i c term i nal , tel ephone, com pu ter , or m agnet i c tape f or the pu r pose of or der i ng, i n st r uct i ng, or au thor i zi ng a f i nan ci al i n st i tu t i on to deb i t or cr ed i t a con sum er ?s accoun t . - Au tom ated tel l er m ach i ne ser v i ces - Tel ephone b i l l paym en t ser v i ces - Po i n t of Sal e term i nal t r an sf er s i n stor es - Pr e- au thor i zed t r an sf er s to or f r om a custom er ?s accoun t - H om e com pu ter access-O n l i ne ban k i ng Ban k of the Si er r a p r ov i des wr i t ten d i scl osu r e to the con sum er at the t im e the custom er con t r act s f or EFT ser v i ces or bef or e the f i r st t r an sact i on i s m ade. T h i s d i scl osu r e con tai n s the term s and cond i t i on s of those ser v i ces. Exam p l es of som e EFT t r an sact i on s i n cl ude, bu t ar e not l im i ted to:

T her e ar e t im e l im i t s that m ust be com p l i ed w i th , by both the con sum er and the ban k , r egar d i ng


not i f i cat i on s & i nvest i gat i on s to r eso l ve er r or s on custom er ?s accoun t s r esu l t i ng f r om el ect r on i c t r an sact i on s (no later than 60 daysafter the bank sent the customer the first statement on which the problem or error appeared) .

Un au th or i zed T r an sact i on s D u e to L oss or T h ef t

Un au th or i zed T r an sact i on s

Estab l i sh ed Accou n t s

Reso l ved or Pr ov i si onal Cr ed i t

10 Busi ness Days

5 Busi ness Days

I nvest i gat i on

90 Cal endar Days

90 Cal endar Days

Can a custom er f i l e an EFT d i spu te w i th the ban k over the tel ephone? Yes. You need to take al l of the avai l ab l e i n f orm at i on to com p l ete the AT M / POS D i spu te Form . Custom er s w i l l be r equ i r ed to send thei r com p l ai n t or quest i on i n wr i t i ng w i th i n 10 busi ness days, by com p l et i ng and si gn i ng an AT M / POS d i spu te f orm (l ocated on the I n t r anet i n the D i gi tal Form s L i br ar y ) to obtai n p r ov i si onal cr ed i t . Upon r ecei p t of a d i spu te, w h eth er or al or w r i t ten , i t i s v i tal that the Paym en t So l u t i on s D epar tm en t be not i f i ed im m ed i atel y, by at tach i ng the d i spu te th r ough Sy napsys, to the AT M / POS D i spu te Q ueue, as the Ban k m ust com p l y w i th speci f i c t im e f r am es f or the er r or r eso l u t i on p r ocess.

T he p r ocedu r es f or AT M / POS D i spu tes ar e avai l ab l e on the I n t r anet .



Know your net ? int er net t hat is. The internet can be a great tool for Bank of the Sierra bankers when used proper ly. We can use it to ver ify businesses, look up informat ion for customers, and much, much more. However, without proper precaut ions, we very easily we can encounter malware. Malware includes viruses, spyware, and other unwanted software that gets installed on your computer or mobile device without your consent . These programs, once installed, can be used to monitor, track, and even control your online act ivity. Malware also makes it easier for cr iminals to steal informat ion, send spam, and even commit fraud. You can avoid malware by allowing the I.T. Department to regular ly update your workstat ion as well as install necessary secur ity updates. In addit ion to all of the hard work the I.T. department completes on a regular basis to make sure our customers? informat ion is secure, you can also part icipate by recognizing links you search that may contain malware or viruses. Below is an example of an improper site. When Googled you will not ice the informat ion lists the website as ?Official Site?but also the small box with the word ?Ad?in it . This is actually an advert isement .


The following link is the correct link for this business. There is no ment ion of ?Official Site?and the small box containing ?Ad?. If ever in doubt with a link emailed to you or one you have searched for on the web you can always go direct ly to the web address established by the provider by saving safe links to your favor ites or typing them direct ly into your browser.

If you suspect there is malware on your computer:

- Reach out t o t he I.T. Depar t ment immediat ely - St op shopping, bank ing, and doing ot her on l ine act ivi t ies


The Deposit Growth Contest continues. A prize will be given for most deposits in both the consumer and the business categories as a way of allowing each branch to be more aware of their capacity for growth, while encouraging a little good-natured competition at the same time. The results are in for the current month. Congratulations to the winners! Each of the winning branches will each be rewarded with a branch-wide lunch. When you have the lunch, SEND MARKETING YOUR PICTURES. One representative from each winning branch must contact Marketing to coordinate claiming the prize! Thanks for your efforts, everyone, and Keep Climbing!

Note: The amounts above do not include CDs.


HOWIS YOURBRANCH PERFORMING? These new charts help branches compare monthly checking account openings. If your "factor" is larger than 1.00, your branch opened more accounts than the same month in 2018. Likewise, if your "factor" is smaller than 1.00, your branch opened fewer accounts.

You Ar e A Star !

Have you seen your cowor ker go above and beyond? Email your submission to the Marketing and Training Departments.


This month?s quiz is based on information found throughout the newsletter. Please submit answers for the following questions to the Marketing Department. There will be only one winner per branch or depar tment. The first correct respondent per branch/ department gets the prize! 1. The Community Act ion Commission of Santa Barbara County?s Healthy Senior Lunch Program serves meals to how many seniors each day? 2. According to the FBI, cr iminals can buy ident it ies on the dark web for how much money? 3. If your Google search results show a link next to a small box with the word ?Ad?in it , this list ing is actually what? 4. How old was Bank of the Sierra President & CEO Kevin McPhaill when he received his pilot?s license? 5. Which branch?s Big Day display included an employee giving a thumbs up from inside a tent?

Have Newslet ter Ideas?Tell Us!

If there are any ideas or topics you?d like us to cover in our future newslet ters, let us know! We?re also open to cont r ibut ions that may benefit your fellow employees. Share informat ion about banking, finance, new technology, policy and law changes, bank events, and helpful t ips& t r icks. Please send your newslet ter submissions to the Market ing Department for review. We thank you in advance for your cont r ibut ion!


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