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JULY 2018 Meet the Men Behind Your Meals

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O ctober Kitchen is my dream and I am humbled by how much we’ve grown and how many people we’re able to help every day. But I couldn’t do it all on my own. I have a great team of people who help keep all the plates spinning in the air, including my sous-chef, Kevin Nielsen. Chef Kevin started at the bottom of the October Kitchen ladder six years ago, right before he graduated from culinary school. He spent his first day carving turkeys before becoming our first delivery driver and then baking part-time. After he finished school, Kevin became our production cook. Not long after, when my chef at the time decided to move into a different position, we promoted Kevin to take over chef duties. It’s one of the best things we’ve ever done. Kevin has always been great at seeing the bigger picture, improvising and thinking on the fly. Having him use those skills in the kitchen has been very valuable. Our entire production got easier and I’m really happy to have Kevin on the team. He makes my job so much easier, so this month I wanted to give everyone a chance to get to know Chef Kevin a little better.

While I was in culinary school, my mom happened to own the hair salon right next door to October

Kitchen. Paul and my mom got to talking and soon I started working on-call two days a week — thanks, Mom! I really did start out at the bottom and just kept working my way up from there. I grew from part-time delivery driver to Paul’s sous-chef. And when Paul’s not in the kitchen, I take on the role of head chef, managing the guys and keeping the ship sailing. Outside of the kitchen, I’m usually on the ice with a hockey stick in hand. I’ve been on the ice since my parents put me in a pair of skates and set me on a frozen pond. I learned to skate right there and have been playing hockey ever since. I played hockey throughout my entire school career, with a brief break during culinary school. These days I’m part of a beer league, playing year-round. I like to be active, so hockey is a great way to spend my free time when I’m not running around the kitchen. It can get pretty wild, but I love being part of October Kitchen. Every week, I’m cooking something new. I never have to make the same thing over and over again and there are always exciting new ingredients to work with. As a chef, I can think of no better place to be. The people are great, the customers are great and I love working at a place where I still have the freedom to play hockey every Sunday night.

“When I began

looking at my career path, I figured I had two options: cars or cooking.”

When I began looking at my career path, I figured I had two options: cars or cooking. People always have to drive and people always have to eat, so I’d have job security. Since I love to eat and I love making good meals, I went the food route.

–Kevin Nielsen


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