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Mothering Sunday; The Road Dance; Nude Tuesday; Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition; Hatching; Lightyear; Lunana: A Yak in the Classroom; Diana’s Wedding; George Michael Freedom Uncut, plus more

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The stars are aligning for Matariki! And with plenty of events planned across Aotearoa, the first year celebrating a brand-new public holiday is sure to be one to remember. Kiwi stars are well and truly in the spotlight this month – and we have nine of the brightest on our June cover: In cinemas Rena Owen stars in NZ film Whina , Cliff Curtis headlines Murina , Sam Neill is back in Jurassic World: Dominion , and Jackie van Beek and Jemaine Clement are doing Nude Tuesday ; Karl Urban and Anthony Starr are back with The Boys season 3 streaming now; Michael Hurst makes his much anticipated return to the stage in The Woman in Black ; Rob Ruha is in concert with the APO, and on TV in Whakaata Ma¯ori’s Ta¯ Moko , and Justine Smith is finally on the road again with the nationwide 7 Days Live Tour ... Yes... Your June entertainment will definitely have a local flavour! Happy Matariki!





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WIN BOOK GIVEAWAYS Inspired by Rialto Channel film premieres this month  Nick Broomfield: Documenting Icons – read more on page 30  Finding Marco – read more on page 26




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A Mermaid in Paris Cinema, page 8

Jurassic World: Dominion Cinema, page 8

Man Vs Bee Streaming, page 44

Nga¯ Rorirori Events, page 48

Exclusive late-night series 9.30pm, Sundays in June

DIRECTED BY BAZ LUHRMANN – PREMIERES 23RD  CLICK TO SEE MORE "This ain't no nostalgia show. We're gonna do something different." The life and music of Elvis Presley, seen through the prism of his complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Set against the backdrop of the evolving cultural landscape and loss of innocence in America during the 1950s, 60s and 70s, the story follows Presley’s unprecedented rise to fame, from pop-culture rebel, to superstar. The soundtrack includes songs and recordings by the King himself, along with star Austin Butler – and, in true Lurhmann style, features artists like Stevie Nicks, Eminem, Jack White and Cee Lo Green. Austin Butler, Tom Hanks, Olivia DeJonge.

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MOTHERING SUNDAY A tricky story of memory, spanning through the decades, centred around Mother’s Day in 1924. With her employers out, a house maid and foundling finds herself alone with the rare chance to spend quality time with her secret long-term lover, the boy from the manor house nearby, who is engaged to be married to another woman. But unforseeable events that day will change the course of the rest of her life. Colin Firth, Olivia Colman, Odessa Young, Josh O’Connor PREMIERES 2ND  CLICK TO SEE MORE THE ROAD DANCE A young woman dreams of a better life away from the isolation of her village in the Outer Scottish Hebrides. Suppressing these aspirations, she sees her lover conscripted for service in WWI, alongside the other young men from the village. A road dance is held in their honour the evening before they depart for the front, and it’s on this fateful night that her life takes a dramatic and tragic turn. Inspired by true events. Hermione Corfield. PREMIERES 30TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE NUDE TUESDAY In an attempt to save their marriage a suburban couple goes to a new-age retreat, where their path to finding themselves, and each other, is riddled with hilarity and humiliation. With full frontal nudity (especially on Tuesdays), and spoken entirely in an improvised, gibberish-esque language with subtitles. Jackie van Beek, Damon Herriman, Jemaine Clement. Feature on page 56 – PREMIERES 16TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE WHINA A biopic of the trailblazing Ma¯ori leader, Dame Whina Cooper, whose extraordinary life saw her break gender boundaries, champion the rights of Ma¯ori, and fight for land rights – all the while staying true to her heart and her beliefs. Feature on page 14 – PREMIERES 23RD  CLICK TO SEE MORE

TUTANKHAMUN: THE LAST EXHIBITION Documentary offering an opportunity to ‘meet the Pharaoh’ – exploring 150 carefully curated items from among the Pharaoh’s treasures that were relocated to become part of the biggest international exhibition ever dedicated to the Golden Boy. ”Please watch them, before they return back to Egypt forever,” said Mostafa Waziry, secretary general of the Egyptian Ministry of State for Antiquities, about the once-in- a-lifetime display. The exquisite details, precious materials, craftsmanship and meanings behind the famous objects are revealed through stunning high-resolution photography. PREMIERES 23RD  CLICK TO SEE MORE

The Road Dance Premieres 30th

Nude Tuesday Premieres 16th

Mothering Sunday Premieres 2nd

Tutankhamun: The Last Exhibition Premieres 23rd

2022 JUNE View 7


JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION Four years after the destruction of Isla Nublar, dinosaurs now live – and hunt – freely, alongside people and animals all over the world. This fragile co-existance hangs in the balance and will determine the place of humankind in the future. Sam Neill, Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum. Feature on page 22 – PREMIERES 9TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE MURINA Tensions rise between a restless teenager and her oppressive father when an old family friend arrives at their Croatian island home. As the father attempts to broker a life-changing deal, their tranquil yet isolated existence leaves his daughter wanting more from this influential visitor, who offers a taste of liberation over a weekend laid bare to desire and violence. Cliff Curtis. An unexpected love triangle, a failed seduction trap, and an encounter that results from a misunderstanding... A trio of female-driven vignettes tell stories about about the complexities of relationships and the coincidences that happen in the lives of women in love – alternately scathing, erotic, terrifying, and affirming. Directed by Ryûsuke Hamaguchi. PREMIERES 9TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE MEN PREMIERES 9TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE WHEEL OF FORTUNE AND FANTASY After a personal tragedy, a woman retreats alone to the countryside, hoping to find a place to heal. However, someone or something from the surrounding woods appears to be stalking her. Simmering dread soon becomes a fully formed nightmare, inhabited by her darkest memories and fears. A feverish, shape-shifting horror film. Jessie Buckley, Rory Kinnear. PREMIERES 16TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE A MERMAID IN PARIS A hopeless romantic rescues an injured mermaid after the Seinne floods; he had sworn never to fall in love again, and she has never known love... He sings in a cabaret, she sings to defend herself, and despite the dangers of literal broken hearts, they slowly fall for each other. French fantasy romance. IN SELECTED CINEMAS FROM 23RD  CLICK TO SEE MORE

HATCHING A young Finnish gymnast, with insensitive, repressed parents, tries desperately to please her demanding, image- obsessed mother. When she finds a strange egg in the woods, she brings it home and hides it, nestling it in her bed and nurturing it until it hatches. The creature that emerges shocks them all, but it soon becomes her closest friend – and a living nightmare that plunges the girl into a twisted reality that her mother refuses to see. A high-concept adult fairy tale in a hard horror shell, which perches somewhere between beauty and revulsion. PREMIERES 2ND  CLICK TO SEE MORE FOR FILMS SHOWING NEAR YOU SEE OUR NATIONWIDE CINEMA DIRECTORY PAGE 58

Wheel of Fortune and Fantasy Premieres 9th

Men Premieres 16th

Jurassic World: Dominion Premieres 9th

Murina Premieres 9th

8 View JUNE 2022

DIRECTED BY DAVID CRONENBERG – COMING SOON  CLICK TO SEE MORE A deep dive into the not-so-distant future in which the human species is learning to adapt to its synthetic surroundings – moving beyond their natural state and into a metamorphosis, which alters their biological makeup. While some embrace the limitless potential of transhumanism, others attempt to police it. A celebrity performance artist showcases the mutation of his organs, while a mysterious group tries to use his notoriety to shed light on the next phase of human evolution. Themes of transgression, the clinical manipulation of sexuality, body fetish, and weird gloopy stuff abound in this disturbing, post-pain, post-sex, sci-fi body horror sensation. Viggo Mortensen, Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart, Scott Speedman.

2022 JUNE View 9


LUNANA: A YAK IN THE CLASSROOM A young teacher in modern Bhutan shirks his duties, dreaming of becoming a singer in Australia. As a reprimand, he is sent to the most remote school in the world in Lunana village to complete his service. There, he finds no electricity, no textbooks, not even a blackboard. He wants to quit, but in learning about the hardship in the lives of the children he teaches, and the amazing spiritual strength of the villagers, he finds inspiration. PREMIERES 2ND  CLICK TO SEE MORE DETECTIVE CONAN: BRIDE OF HALLOWEEN Shibuya, Tokyo, is bustling with the Halloween season when a wedding party is attacked, causing frightening memories of past love and loss to resurface and overlap the present. Anime. PREMIERES 2ND  CLICK TO SEE MORE PIL’S ADVENTURE An orphan must find a cure for a prince after he is turned into a “chickat” by the cruel regent. She sets off with a group of unlikely companions who become the family she never had. PREMIERES 2ND  CLICK TO SEE MORE MINIONS: THE RISE OF GRU Long before he becomes the master of evil, Gru is just a12-year- old boy in 1970s suburbia, plotting to take over the world from his basement. This story tells how the world’s greatest supervillain met the Minions and forged their despicable crew. Steve Carell. PREMIERES 30TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE

LIGHTYEAR A Toy Story spinoff from Pixar Studios tells the origin story of Buzz Lightyear – the legendary Space Ranger who inspired the toy – as he blasts off on an intergalactic adventure. Voiced by Chris Evans. PREMIERES 16TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE LION KING REO MA¯ORI The 1990s Disney classic is revoiced in Te Reo Ma¯ori, as translated by Te Reo Ma¯ori experts in each rohe (region), with key characters sporting a different mita (dialect). Piripi Taylor, Matu Ngaropo, Mataara Stokes, Arihia Cassidy, Tuterangi Ruha, Te Haakura Ihimaera-Manly. PREMIERES 23RD  CLICK TO SEE MORE

Pil’s Adventures Premieres 2nd

Detective Conan: Bride of Halloween Premieres 2nd

Minions: The Rise of Gru Premieres 30th

Lightyear Premieres 16th

2022 JUNE View 11


DIANA’S WEDDING It’s July 29th, 1981. In the majestic St Paul’s Cathedral in London, Lady Diana Spencer marries Prince Charles. The same day, another wedding takes place in the canteen of a Norwegian small-town factory. At the nuptials is the couple’s new-born daughter, Diana, who, like her famous namesake, will face trials and tribulations in the years to come. The rollercoaster of her parent’s marriage is seen through Diana’s eyes. To her, they are the worst parents in the world: miles away from doing a decent job, constantly fighting, and yet still in love by the time Diana is preparing for her own marriage thirty years later. PREMIERES 2ND  CLICK TO SEE MORE NT LIVE 2022: LEOPOLDSTADT ‘Britain’s greatest living playwright’ Tom Stoppard’s critically acclaimed new play, filmed live on stage, is a passionate drama of love and endurance. It follows a family across half a century, passing through the convulsions of war, revolution, impoverishment, annexation by the Nazis, and the Holocaust. PREMIERES 16TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE THE METROPOLITAN OPERA: EURYDICE American composer Matthew Aucoin’s captivating new take on the Greek myth of Orpheus. Soprano Erin Morley, baritone Joshua Hopkins and countertenor Jakub Józef Orli ń ski PREMIERES 9TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE THE METROPOLITAN OPERA: CINDERELLA Laurent Pelly’s storybook staging of Massenet’s Cendrillon . Mezzo-sopranos Isabel Leonard Emily D’Angelo, Stephanie Blythe, soprano Jessica Pratt, bass-baritone Laurent Naouri. PREMIERES 30TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE

GEORGE MICHAEL FREEDOM UNCUT Documentary tracing the making of George Michael’s acclaimed, best-selling album Listen Without Prejudice Vol.1 and his subsequent, infamous High Court battle with his record label, and the death of his first love, Anselmo Feleppa. Narrated by the singer, who was heavily involved in the making of the film, and featuring interviews with famous friends and music legends, including Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Ricky Gervais, Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Tracey Emin, Mary J. Blige, Jean Paul Gaultier, James Corden and Tony Bennett. Special event – PREMIERES 22ND  CLICK TO SEE MORE

The Metropolitan Opera: Cinderella Premieres 30th

NT Live 2022: Leopoldstadt Premieres 16th

George Michael Freedom Uncut Premieres 10th

The Metropolitan Opera: Eurydice Premieres 9th

2022 JUNE View 13


WHINA DIRECTED BY JAMES NAPIER ROBERTSON & PAULA WHETU JONES Hokianga, 1895. A baby is born, but isn’t breathing. The father, a Ma¯ori chief and a Catholic catechist, sprinkles the baby with Holy Water, baptising ‘Joseph’. But when the baby splutters to life and loudly proclaims herself, the family realise that it’s a girl. Josephine. Whina for short. Whina Cooper’s life was characterised by a profound love of, and connection to, the land. For nearly a century she never stopped asserting the rights of her people – land rights, women’s rights, education rights – and striving for unity between Ma¯ori and Pa¯keha¯. In 1975, Whina, eighty-years old and frail, but still as staunch as ever, roused Ma¯ori to fight not only for their land, but for their very existence. She was a key figure in Te Roopu O te Matakite, and famously led the h¯ikoi that travelled from Northland to Parliament House in Wellington, to present a ‘Memorial of Rights’ declaration, signed by 60,000 people, against any further alienation of Ma¯ori land. Spanning ninety years, the film charts the often tumultuous personal journey of the charismatic Dame Whina Cooper – portraying the unshakeable inner strength that led her to become one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s most formidable leaders: Te Whaea O te Motu, The Mother of the Nation. Rena Owen, Miriama McDowell, Vinnie Bennett, Errol Shand. PREMIERES IN CINEMAS 23RD  CLICK TO SEE MORE

14 View JUNE 2022

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30 June

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docedge Book tick kets


How does one start, when it comes to honouring the life of an undisputed icon on film? That was the question the makers of Whina , the New Zealand film arriving in cinemas this month, were tasked with answering as they embarked on the journey of bringing the story of one of our most enigmatic leaders to life. A biopic of the trailblazing Ma¯ori leader, Dame Whina Cooper, whose extraordinary life saw her break gender boundaries, champion the rights of Ma¯ori, and fight for the land – was one that has long needed to be told, but also one that needed to be told the right way, and for the right reasons. For nearly a century, Dame Whina’s voice never stopped proclaiming the rights of her people and striving for unity between Ma¯ori and Pa¯keha¯. At the heart of the film is a significant moment in New Zealand history, when in 1975, eighty-year- old Whina, frail but still sharp as a knife, is roused to action – to unite Ma¯ori to fight not only for their land, but for their very existence. She inspires a land rights movement Te Roopu O te Matakite, and leads a sacred hīkoi over six hundred kilome- tres, from the top of New Zealand to Parliament House in Wellington. It’s a moment immortalised in the now legendary image of her and her small WRITER HÉLÈNE RAVLICH TALKS TO ACCLAIMED NEW ZEALAND DIRECTOR, JAMES NAPIER ROBERTSON ABOUT WHINA – PERHAPS HIS MOST AMBITIOUS PROJECT YET. THE MOTHER OF THE NATION

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2022 MAY View 17

James Napier Robertson: on set with Whina crew, and opposite with Miriama McDowell.

granddaughter, by photographer Michael Tubberty, hand in hand as they set out to fight for the land. As the film goes on, the arduous march interweaves with some of the dramatic events that shaped Dame Whina’s extraordi- nary life. The story reveals the forceful spirit, but also the very much human imperfections that made her one of Aotearoa’s most formidable leaders. Tasked with directing the film were James Napier Robertson and Paula Whetu Jones (Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Whakato¯hea, Nga¯ti Porou), and the pair also co-wrote the script along with James Lucas. Whetu Jones and Napier Robertson didn’t know each other before working together on Whina , but both knew and respected the other’s work. Napier Robertson says that when he was originally tapped for the project he took time to think about how best to approach the story, “and the right way to make the film. Being a Pa¯keha¯ male filmmaker, if I was going to be a part of it I had to ensure it was alongside a wahine Ma¯ori filmmaker to truly do it justice”. He had seen a short film of Whetu Jones’s called A Matter of Time , “which I thought was so powerful. I don't think a directing partnership would work if you didn’t have that belief in the other person, in their creative instincts. There has to be a syn- chronicity to it, which I realised there would be with Paula, and that’s a great thing.” He says from the minute the pair met they clicked, “and it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship”. Co-producer Tainui Stephens has said that “one of the aspects of developing Ma¯ori film is trying to break down hierarchies.


18 View JUNE 2022

From the very beginning, James and Paula were like brother and sister. There was an openness, an appreciation of each other, the respect was evident, and they knew what constituent elements each could bring to tell the complete story. There was no artifice about their relationship, no need or require- ment on their part to stand back.” Rather than taking ‘ownership’ of individual portions of the film as the two directors of ac- claimed New Zealand production, Cousins did, Napier Robertson says that he and Whetu Jones worked in a truly collaborative fashion, each bringing their understanding of various aspects of the process to the table. “We each brought a different focus to what we did and sort of learnt to work it out as we went along, and we worked really well as a team.” Another essential member of the team was Irenee Cooper, executive producer of the film and Dame Whina’s aforementioned grand- daughter. Her poignant memories of the day depicted in the iconic photograph perfectly encapsulate her closeness to the woman behind the legend, and they speak to the family intimacy that the film sets out to portray. “I think having someone from Whina’s wha¯nau

playing a key role in the production was an- other one of those essentials that had to be in place when making this film,” says Napier Robertson, “and it had to be someone that wasn’t just supportive of the film, but very actively involved. To get someone willing to be involved to the degree that Irenee was? We were incredibly lucky.” The co-director says that even though having Cooper there did add a certain extra layer of pressure, it was also comforting, “and she is just such a wonderful person and so easy to be around. The pressure is already there when you’re telling the story of someone as impor- tant as Whina was, so having Irenee to turn to for advice and input made us feel that we were heading in the right direction in terms of our depiction of her.” Cooper was also incred- ibly direct in her delivery, “so if she saw some- thing that wasn’t correct, she wouldn’t hesitate to say something, and she didn’t sugar coat it! That is exactly what we needed.” The film’s portrayal of Whina herself was also never sugar coated, as we meet a woman, not just an icon. The filmmakers were intent from the get go to bring to audiences a knowledge of who Dame Whina Cooper was; the human being behind the historic figure. “Sometimes we look at our heroes and come close to deny- ing them their humanity,” explains Stephens. “People do great things, but when they go home, they're just ordinary people. What is that like? What are they like in that private space?” As a young woman, Whina marries Richard, but when she meets Land Consolidation Offi- cer William, there is an instant attraction. After Richard’s death, and bearing a child with William out of wedlock, Whina goes into exile. “She had flaws, and we weren't afraid to ad- dress them,” Whetu Jones has said, “but we wanted to address them in a way that would allow the audience to feel compassion for the choices that she had to make.” “It was important to the family that those mo- ments were included,” says Napier Robertson, “so we could understand that Whina was a woman, first and foremost. “Paula and I wanted to show a fully formed human being, and an incredible one at that.”

Below: Dame Whina Cooper with moko Irenee Cooper, photographed by Michael Tubberty, 1975.


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Rena Owen as Whina.



What was your reaction when you first heard about the possibility of coming back to the Jurassic franchise to play the beloved paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant again? Alan probably has trauma from running away from some of the most savage dinosaurs known to mankind, but personally, I couldn’t have been more delighted to have been asked to come back and work with my old friends in a franchise that I have always been pleased and proud to be a part of. So, they dug up my old character, who can still more or less run the hard yards if in pursuit… Speaking of digging things up, is paleontology a subject that interests you? If I was going to dig things up, I think archeol- ogy would have been more up my alley, as I am very taken with history of all different kinds. I am also not of a scientific bent because I don’t have the math for it. So, paleontology probably wouldn’t have been for me; but I see the attraction of it, and I am always amazed by the mail I get from people that love the subject because of Alan Grant. That’s another contribution this character has made, apart from his sheer entertainment value when he is screaming and running. He is a great character. How do you see him? I see Alan as being slightly grumpy, but gener- ally a nice guy. He is your average Joe in a hat, because he does get to wear a good hat.

He has a magical re-encounter here with Dr. Ellie Sattler. It’s wonderful to see how a relationship that goes back to the original Jurassic Park gets rekindled in this final episode of the saga. Look, quite often there is a little bit of a love story as a sub-current running through these films, and I think it becomes more apparent in this final one. These are two characters – Ellie and Alan – that have so much in common. How was it to reunite with Laura Dern, who returns to that role? Laura and I have always gotten along really well, and we love acting together. So, to be reunited with her in this film was an enormous pleasure. She is a very dear friend, and a fan- tastically adept, imaginative, alive, and pre- sent actor. To have had the privilege to have worked with her – not once, but three times – has been one of the great joys in my life. And it’s a privilege for the audience to see the three main characters of the original movie together again in Jurassic World: Dominion , with Jeff Goldblum returning to the role of Dr. Ian Malcolm too, which brings that fun triangular dynamic between the three of you back. Alan Grant and Ian Malcolm always have a bit of a love-hate relationship that’s fun to work with, for me. And I think Jeff and I have a similar relationship because although I am

22 View JUNE 2022


very fond of him, he can also drive me mad at times, as I am kind of a quiet person, and he never shuts up. I say very little, and he fills the air with “Goldblumisms.” I love his entertain- ment value, because when he is on, every- thing is turned up and life is very vivid. I just don’t get a word in! How does Alan feel about dealing with dinosaurs again, with the added challenge of them now roaming free around our world? Poor Alan Grant... Every time he gets pulled into these things it’s, “Oh my God, what now?” That’s the big question. All I can say is that it’s going to be even more terrifying than what he has already experienced. If he survives this film, he will probably go into some kind of deep therapy to recover from the trauma, but before that he has a rough and rugged ride to deal with. And how was the ride of this shoot for you? This was a shoot like no other, really, because when it started, the pandemic descended onto the world, and everything was closed down. At the time, none of us knew if we would get back to work; but we did, eventu- ally, under very constrained circumstances. We all lived together for about three or four months, mostly in this one hotel, and we had no contact with the outside world apart from our mobile phones. We worked very hard and relied on each other; so, it was a good thing that we all got along because we could have driven each other completely crazy. It meant forming life-long friendships and producing a film in which I think the commitment and hard work that went into it really pays off. Jurassic World: Dominion is an epic production. You’ve worked with some great filmmakers. What do you believe Colin Trevorrow has achieved with Jurassic World: Dominion ? I just think he has done an extraordinary thing here. I have never seen action like this. It is al- together another level from anything I have experienced before. Colin is an extraordinary filmmaker, and he has done a phenomenal job with this movie. And because I consider him my friend, I am also very proud of him. How was it to shoot all the interaction with these terrifying dinosaurs again? We had around 120 sets and all these 3-di- mensional creatures. So, the combination

24 View JUNE 2022


between the animatronics and the computer-generated ef- fects gives a reality to it all that I don’t think you can achieve otherwise. It’s not green screen followed by people on com- puters. The creatures are there and are as alarming to the actor as it is to everyone else. The Jurassic franchise has connected with audiences all over the world. Could you ever have imagined when you worked on the original movie 30 years ago that it would get to be what it has become? 30 years ago, I never would have imagined that I would be sit- ting here now talking about the 6th Jurassic film. Back then I was in Hawaii thinking, “Wow, I’m in a Steven Spielberg movie! How did that happen?” And here we are again now. What do you attribute that 3-decade success to? I think back then Steven very much set the template for what it would become. We have always had wonderful cast, and these films work as well for children as they do for adults, which is a very rare thing. We have had fabulous bad guys too, that have added so much. And I also want to pay my respects to all the people that have been eaten by dinosaurs. A lot of people have contributed to this, because it’s people that ulti- mately give you access to these stories. More than anything else, these movies are just great adventures, and this last one is probably the greatest adventure of them all. JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION PREMIERES IN CINEMAS 9TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE

2022 JUNE View 25


RIALTO BRITISH  CLICK TO SEE MORE SUNDAY PREMIERES AT 9:30 This month: Exclusive late night series Adult Material following the life of a woman, and mother of three, who is also one of the UK’s top pornography performers, as she navigates the industry’s ascent from budget backroom productions into a mainstream empire. The series asks important questions about sex in the internet age, the blurring of fantasy & reality, and the darker side of the porn industry. Disturbing, hilarious, and thought-provoking. Haley Squires, Rupert Everett. Four-parts, begins Sunday 5th. RIALTO WORLD  CLICK TO SEE MORE MONDAY PREMIERES AT 8:30 The best of independent international film and filmmakers. This month: Comedic relief The People Upstairs neighbours mix-it-up in an emotional night of catharsis & excess. Spain, 6th Return of the Hero pain when love letters ‘from’ an officer at war are not really his. France, 13th Miss feel good story about a beauty contestant who challenges gender definitions. France, 20th Mandibles hilarious, surreal mash-up of a crazy buddy comedy and road movie. France 27th RIALTO SERIES  CLICK TO SEE MORE TUESDAY PREMIERES AT 8:30 Possessions French murder mystery from 14th. RIALTO DOCUMENTARY  CLICK TO SEE MORE WEDNESDAY PREMIERES AT 8:30 This month: Rialto playlist RIALTO DOCUMENTARY  CLICK TO SEE MORE THURSDAY PREMIERES AT 8:30 This month: family ties – see double documentary special page 30 RIALTO FILM  CLICK TO SEE MORE FRIDAY PREMIERES AT 8:30 This month: Comedic relief continues How to Deter a Robber , 3rd; Dinner in America , 10th; Freshman , 17th; Shiva Baby , 24th



RIALTO CHANNEL PREMIERES RIALTO SELECTION  CLICK TO SEE MORE PREMIERE FILMS EVERY SATURDAY AT 8:30 Percy Vs Goliath a third-generation farmer gets sued by a corporate giant for allegedly using their patented seeds. With few resources to fight a legal battle, he joins forces with a young attorney, and an environmental activist, for a monumental case that leads all the way to the Supreme Court. Christopher Walken, Zach Braff, Christina Ricci. 4th From the Vine a high-flying executive has a late-life crisis of conscience, abruptly moving to rural Italy to resurrect his late grandfather’s derelict vineyard – spurred on by nostalgia for his upbringing, and a desire to atone for the callous and destructive nature of his old job. Joe Pantoliano. 11th The Traitor the true story of mobster Tommy Buscetta, the man who brought down the Cosa Nostra. In the early 1980s, Sicilian crime bosses are in a drug war, and when his sons and brother are killed, he flees to Brazil. After being extradited to Italy, he changes history – breaking his mob vows and betraying the Mafia family he once belonged to. 18th

Adult Material Rialto British

Miss Rialto World

Shiva Baby Rialto Film

Return of the Hero Rialto World

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RIALTO CHANNEL, PREMIERES 8:30, SATURDAY 25TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE A taciturn man has escaped his past and found solace deep in the Oregon forests. He lives a simple life, preserving his sanity, self-respect and dignity, with daily routines, taking comfort from the unique bond he shares with his only companion – his beloved truffle-hunting pig. When Pig is kidnapped, he is inconsolable – and is forced to come in from the wilderness to find out who stole his best friend and seek justice. What might have turned into a typical bloody revenge movie, surprisingly becomes an atmospheric and perceptive drama – dark, brooding, yet surprisingly sentimental – anchored by an acclaimed, affectingly raw performance by Nicolas Cage. Alex Wolff, Adam Arkin. PIG

2022 JUNE View 27

SKY ARTS – 8:30, SATURDAY 25TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE Starting as a photo-journalist for Life Magazine , covering some of the major political and social events in the United States in the 1960s, Schapiro became one of the foremost cinema stills photographers of his time, working on films such as Midnight Cowboy , The Godfather , Taxi Driver and Apocalypse Now through to Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand (pictured). The documentary explores his most important work in retrospective, juxtaposing it with archive footage of the events, location filming, and clips, as they happened. And, with the help of Dustin Hoffman and Jodie Foster, Schapiro shares anecdotes as he prepares international exhibitions and a fine art book for Taschen, embarking a new era as an artist in his own right.

28 View JUNE 2022



interactive journey through the emotions and experiences that define what it means to be human. Examining topics like anguish, wonder, empathy, anxiety, envy, jealousy, resentment, compassion, disappointment, awe, regret, and overwhelm, Brown brings together two decades of research, with guests, storytelling and pop-culture, to share the language, tools and framework for meaningful connection. Five-part docuseries, 7:30, Sundays from 26th. SOHO  CLICK TO SEE MORE Westworld S4 – the beautiful dark twisted fantasy about the dawn of artificial intelligence continues. Evan Rachel Wood, Thandiwe Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Tessa Thompson, Aaron Paul, Luke Hemsworth, Angela Sarafyan, Ed Harris. Sci-fi drama series, 8:30, Mondays from 27th. COUNTRY TV  CLICK TO SEE MORE Welcome to my Farm join “Queen of the Coop”, Lisa Steele, a 5th generation chicken keeper, gardener, and author, on her farm in the woods of Maine. Each week Lisa cooks and DIYs her way from the coop and garden to the kitchen, using fresh seasonal ingredients for delicious recipes. 8:30, Wednesdays from 8th SKY MOVIES PREMIERE  CLICK TO SEE MORE Last Night in Soho dreams and glamour splinter into darkness in this time travelling psychological horror. Anya Taylor-Joy and NZ’s Thomasin McKenzie. 8:30, Sunday 26th E!  CLICK TO SEE MORE The Weekly Recap 11:30pm Mondays from 6th

SKY ARTS  CLICK TO SEE MORE ANYONE CAN SING Six discordant participants are put through their paces as their voices are transformed from shower screeching to singing like a pro, proving that all of us can hold a tune. The English National Opera’s world-class vocal coaches mentor the would-be singers – giving masterclasses on everything from vocal technique and breathing to stage presence and movement – culminating in a nail-biting live performance at the London Coliseum. Four parts, 9pm, Thursdays from 16th. Martin Scorsese Presents Eric Clapton’s Nothing But the Blues withdrawn on its release in 1996 by Eric Clapton, the original film has been fully restored from film negative to 4K, with a full sound restoration, and the approval of Scorsese and Clapton. Featuring legendary performances, the film explores Clapton’s musical journey, and the history of blues musicians and blues music, and how this has permeated music and songwriting today. 8pm, Sunday 5th SKY MOVIES COLLECTION  CLICK TO SEE MORE Local Gems Collection NZ films Mahana, Boy, Bellbird, Hibiscus & Ruthless, Take Home Pay, Shopping , Dawn Raid . From 12:30pm, Friday 24th BBC UKTV  CLICK TO SEE MORE Platinum Party at the Palace a night of stars offering musical tributes to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee. 8:30, Sunday 5th

One Night in Soho Sky Movie Premiere

Westworld SoHo

Martin Scorsese Presents Eric Clapton’s Nothing But the Blues Sky Arts

Brené Brown: Atlas of the Heart Vibe

2022 JUNE View 29


RIALTO CHANNEL DOUBLE DOCUMENTARY SPECIAL RIALTO PLAYLIST NZ TV PREMIERES, 8:30PM, WEDNESDAYS  CLICK TO SEE MORE Last Man Standing: Suge Knight and the Murders of Biggie & Tupac a hard-hitting documentary about the former CEO of legendary rap music label Death Row Records , and how L.A.’s street gangs and dirty cops came to dominate its culture – later muddying the murders of two of the wold’s greatest rappers. 1st Max Richter’s: Sleep follows the composer as he prepares to stage an ambitious open-air, overnight performance of his celebrated eight-hour magnum opus Sleep – a meditation on the universal experience of sleep that unites us all. 8th No Ordinary Man American jazz musician Billy Tipton earned success in the mid-20th century. After his death in the late 80s, it was revealed that Tipton was female at birth, and his life was reframed as that of a woman passing as a man in order to suceed. This film instead celebrates Tipton’s story as a musician living life on his own terms, and as an icon of trans culture. 22nd FAMILY TIES NZ TV PREMIERES, 8:30PM, THURSDAYS  CLICK TO SEE MORE The Rossellinis famed film director Roberto Rossellini was the anti-conformist father of seven cosmopolitan offspring. At the age of 55 his eldest grandchild, Alessandro Rossellini, attempts to gather his complex family for some documentary therapy. 2nd The Earth is Blue as an Orange a bold film following a single mother and her four children who cope with the daily trauma of living in a war-zone, by making their own film about life in the most surreal surroundings during the 2014 war in Ukraine. 9th Jane by Charlotte the daughter of icons Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin, actor Charlotte Gainsbourg, turns the camera on her mother in a very personal and charming film. 16th My Childhood, My Country: 20 Years in Afghanistan filmed across twenty years, this is the epic story of a boy growing to manhood in one of the most embattled places on Earth. 23rd My Father and Me the life of British post-war photographer Maurice Broomfield is examined by his son, documentary veteran Nick Broomfield, whose own confrontational style lies at odds with his father's steadfast pacifism. 30th – Nick Broomfield’s Last Man Standing premieres Weds 1st

PIPE DREAMS Follows five young organists as they compete in Canada’s prestigious International Organ Competition (CIOC). New Zealand’s Thomas Gaynor is hoping to be the first organist to win three competitions in one summer, but the others are equally determined to win: the daughter of China’s most famous organist, for whom coming second is not an option; an African American from Texas planning to draw on his gospel and jazz roots; the American renowned for his perfect technique, and a child prodigy, the youngest person to ever compete in the CIOC. Who will be master of the ‘king of instruments? Find out in the Spellbound of the Pipe Organ world. 8:30PM, WEDNESDAY 15TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE

My Father and Me – director Nick Broomfield Thursday 30th

Last Man Standing – director Nick Broomfield Wednesday 1st

The Rossellinis Thursday 2nd

30 View JUNE 2022


RIALTO CHANNEL – PREMIERES 8:30, WEDNESDAY 29TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE Filmmaker Paul Saltzman shares his intimate, personal footage and photographs, retracing an extraordinary lifechanging journey that started with a broken heart, and ended with him learning transcendental meditation and spending hours with John, Paul, George and Ringo. It was 1968, and he was a 23-year-old photographer, on a retreat at the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s ashram in India. The band was there seeking spiritual direction during one of its most prolific creative periods. The film offers a vivid first-hand account of the changing times, and the birth of many of the songs that became the White Album . Narrated by Morgan Freeman.

2022 JUNE View 31

EDEN: AN UNTAMED PLANET TVNZ 2 – SERIES PREMIERES 6PM, SUNDAYS FROM 5TH  CLICK TO SEE MORE Embark on a stunning journey to Earth’s last Edens to discover the secrets of the planet’s few remaining untouched areas. Isolated from the rest of the world, these places have largely been protected from the most damaging effects of human interference, and life exists as nature intended – in delicately balanced, species-rich, and unique ecosystems. Each episode explores a new Eden – Borneo: Sacred Forest; Namib: Skeleton Coast and Beyond; Luangwa: The Emerald Valley; Galapagos: Enchanted Isles; Patagonia: the Ends of the Earth; Alaska: Last American Frontier. Six-part series narrated by Helena Bonham Carter.

32 View JUNE 2022




SPECIAL EVENT Celebrate Matariki – Ma¯nawatia a Matariki Stacey Morrison and Ma¯tai Smith host live coverage of Matariki celebrations in a four-hour event broadcast across TVNZ 1, Whakaata Ma¯ori, Prime, Three and Radio New Zealand. 6am, Friday 24th WHAKAATA MA¯ORI  CLICK TO SEE MORE Moko ta¯ moko artists, Ma¯ori academics and the tikanga that guides and defines ta¯ moko. Documentary series, 7:30 Mondays Queer and Here host Aniwa Whaiapu Koloamatangi takes an adventurous journey among the queer community. 9pm Thursdays. Rise of the Wa¯hine the trailblazing American women who, fifty years ago, battled for the rights of young women in sports. 8:30, Mon 6th – Also on demand and on the MA¯ORI+ app. EDEN  CLICK TO SEE MORE Dream Builds On Wheels everyday vehicles transformed into campervans. 8:30 Mondays TVNZ 1  CLICK TO SEE MORE Elon Musk’s Crash Course a hard-hitting documentary special about the limits, and dangers, of Tesla’s ‘self-driving’ technology, exposing a corporate culture of hype over science. Informed by the reporting of the New York Times. 8:30, Sunday 12th Give Us A Clue celebrity charades game show hosted by Paula Bennett. 7:30, Wednesdays – Matariki Special Friday 24th Seven Sharp 1000th episode with Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells, 7pm, Friday 17th

TVNZ 2  CLICK TO SEE MORE PATRICK GOWER: ON BOOZE We all know it’s harmful, but the fact is we enjoy it and really don’t want to hear about the downsides. Patrick Gower examines the hold alcohol can have, talking to Kiwis from all walks of life, all the while examining his own relationship with alcohol. 8:30, Tuesday 14th An Audience with Adele spellbinding songs sung for celebs. Special premieres 7:30, Tues 7th – Also available on TVNZ OnDemand. THREE  CLICK TO SEE MORE Match Fit S2 – Sir Graham Henry and Sir Wayne Shelford challenge a team of former All Blacks to get back in shape for an epic match. Sadly, player Inga Tuigamala passed away after this series filmed, and his story is shared alongside his Match Fit brothers to continue to highlight men’s health in NZ. Premieres 7:30, Weds 8th – Men’s Health Week 2022, 13th – 19th June All New New Zealand Today S3 – volunteer journalist Guy Williams brings you the most unusual stories in NZ... today. Premieres 8:30, Thursday 9th


Queer and Here Whakaata Ma¯ori

Ta¯ Moko – Rob Ruha Whakaata Ma¯ori

Give Us A Clue TVNZ 1

Match Fit Three

2022 JUNE View 33


34 View MAY 2022



New Zealand’s longest running and best loved comedy TV show is back on the road this June after the postponement of their 2021 tour, and audiences couldn’t be more excited. 7 Days Live Tour will be sending seven comedians to 13 centres around the country, with host Jeremy Corbett leading the star- studded line-up of Dai Henwood and Paul Ego, Justine Smith, Ben Hurley, Laura Daniel and Josh Thomson. Part quick-fire stand-up from the country’s best, and part a completely un- censored and unedited 7 Days show, it’s a welcome salve after a tumultuous couple of years. With a razor sharp wit and biting commentary, those who know stand-up Justine Smith will readily testify to the fact that she is one of the most honest comics you’re likely to meet, and one of the most generous and interesting people to talk to. The co- median says she almost gave up on 7 Days Live Tour ever hap- pening, after cancellations and uncertainty thanks to our good friend, Miss Rona. “Now tickets are on sale and flights are booked,” she says with a laugh, “and dear god I couldn’t be happier!” Luckily not much time and energy went to waste last year as each comic only has to prep their own seven minutes’ or so of pure stand-up, with Smith particularly unfazed as she’s a true veteran with the genre pretty much flowing through her veins. “It’s a bit harder for the likes of Jeremy Corbett and Josh Thomson,” explains Smith, “who is a very funny actor but not a traditional stand-up as such. I’m an old hand, and pretty happy about it.” Smith calls the tour “the highlight of my year”, and it was one of many gigs that went sideways when lockdown alerts and traffic light settings entered our daily lives. Now all systems are go for the mid-winter tour, she’s excited to get out there and

2022 JUNE View 35

give the people what they want. For those that haven’t been to a 7 Days Live event before, the comedian describes it as “seven mates, coming out and each doing stand-up, before we have a break and then create what you see on TV, but live. We joke that we get ourselves a hard act to follow as the stand-up in the first half is just so good, but it sets a high bar and really keeps us on our toes”. And although the venues are often pretty large in size, the shows do include some audience interaction and often, the appearance of a local MP or known figure to add some extra nuance particular to each town. It goes without saying that current events and whatnot also fac- tor, for a panel discussion that changes every night of the tour. At a time when we feel that the world around us is going to hell in a handcart, does she feel that comedy and the ability to laugh at ourselves has become even more important? “Oh absolutely, I really do,” says Smith, “and that was the thing that got us through lockdown after lockdown, knowing that when we came back it would be with a really great show.” Smith adds that the likes of music, comedy and theatre have histor- ically thrived post-war and the likes, “because people can’t wait to flock back for a sense of belonging and normality. And you have to admit, sitting in a theatre post-lockdown with a bunch of people you didn’t know is pretty damn exciting!”. She knows that some may still be reticent about re-joining a crowd, “but those that are keen to come back are ready with a cap- ital ‘R’... and we are too.” Talk turns to some of the less than positive conversation around comedians that has popped up in the public eye of late, like the infamous Will Smith slap at the Oscars and Dave Chappelle’s mid-show stage crasher. Has Smith ever felt unsafe on stage? “As a woman, absolutely… I think I’ve only once thought some- one was about to punch me, but that was another woman!” She does think that Will Smith’s actions were unforgivable, “and just not acceptable to me. You can definitely not like something, but you should never use that as an excuse to lay hands on

7 DAYS LIVE TOUR Hosted by Jeremy Corbett with Justine Smith, Paul Ego, Dai Henwood, Ben Hurley & Josh Thomson. Until 30th  CLICK TO SEE MORE

36 View JUNE 2022

somebody, it just sets a bad example”. Having said that, she adds that she would love to put Smith in the “shit seat” for a royal roasting, and enjoy every minute of it. As the world begins to open up, Smith says that she would eventually love to embark on a solo tour of New Zealand, but the thought of work off- shore no longer really ap- peals. “I’m 53 and at my age, I don’t mind if I don’t go to Edinburgh or things like that,” says the comic. “I have so much respect for women like Mel Bracewell and Urzila Carl- son who do appear at festi- vals, but for me, you’ll find me in Los Angeles for Disneyland, not the comedy clubs!” Smith does believe strongly in comedy as a career, espe- cially given the amount of change that has come about in the scene over the past few years for women in particular. “It is no longer acceptable to have just one woman on the bill,” she asserts. “We immedi- ately kick up a stink if there is because in 2022 there is no f*cking reason for it to be like that anymore”. She harks back to a time when she and good friend Michèle A’Court never worked together, “because it was either her or me. Now, the people in charge of making those decisions have been forced to change, and it’s no longer acceptable to be a young woman comic in a green room full of nine male colleagues. For many women that is an intimidating and off-putting scenario, and rightly so.” “We have an eye on that stuff now, as it’s been a pretty brutal boys’ club for way too long.”


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