Promise Law September 2019


Navigating Changes Slowing Down and Maintaining Faith

Perhaps it’s due to all my years

working in higher education, but the month of September always embodies a kind of transitional period in my life. In truth, I think I got so accustomed to readying myself for the start of the

academic year that every time autumn rolls around, I still feel like I should be preparing for new people, new experiences, and new opportunities for learning. Having talked to other people about this feeling, I know I’m not alone. There seems to be a widely experienced physical shift from the big energy of summer to the focused, hunkered-down state that starts in September. In the same way that the trees shed their leaves in preparation for winter, it’s as if we shed our carefree summer demeanor to face life’s upcoming transitions head-on. If you caught last month’s newsletter, then you know that this fall I am navigating some fairly huge professional changes. The addition of Rob as a firm partner and his three great staff members coupled with our move to a new location are exciting and welcome changes

for Promise Law. But like any move, they didn’t happen without a little bit of logistical stress. I spent some time worrying about getting all the office equipment moved; coordinating efforts with Rob and his team for essentials like computers, phones, and emails; and seeing to other practical preparations before realizing that when big changes happen, I can do only so much to control how they unfold. A former supervisor once told me I had a high tolerance for ambiguity, and, while I initially laughed off the comment, I realize now how much it’s helped me navigate life’s transitions. Change requires us to be in a period of unknowing, which can be difficult, invigorating, and, frankly, a little scary. While everyone approaches change in their own way, two primary reminders help me. First, you can’t rush to feel how you think you’re supposed to. Second, you must maintain faith that everything will turn out just as it’s meant to in its own time. During an impactful professional or personal transition, I have to remind myself of those two points every couple of months, weeks, or sometimes hours!

I’ve shared these reminders with many of my clients over the years as well, especially those who have just had a loved one pass away. There’s a period of trying to understand what life will look like without that person’s physical presence. The surviving family members often want to create a semblance of order by rushing to get their loved one’s wishes taken care of as quickly as possible. But, just as with any other big life change, you can’t rush this one. You can do all that’s possible to help, but after that, you have to rely on faith. In the end, no matter what you are up against this fall, I hope you find a way to look at it from a positive perspective. After all, life’s most rewarding experiences stem from a little change, some initial fear, and a whole lot of trust, and I can’t wait to see what this season holds for me and for Promise Law.


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