2021 Brochure for Web

Harvey’s Wallbanger By Leslie Gunn

November 20, 2020 Evening November 21, 2020 Evening November 22, 2020 Matinee

Things have not been going well at Marshtown Cocktail Club and a potential change in leadership is causing tensions to run even high- er, but things reach a peak when a body is found before the start of the group meeting. Can the investigating officer work out whether the Death in The After-noon is a result of Hanky Panky or a Flirtini? Does it have anything to do with the Three Wise Men of the group? Who has put away their last Whiskey Smash and is that Angel Face as angelic as it seems? Murder By Mattress By Leslie Gunn Inspector Harry Moody and his sidekick, PC Joe Sullen, return to investigate a second murder at Rothersfield Hall when a body is found during Victoria Rothersfield’s birthday party. As with all events at the Hall, life and death is never straightforward. The police learn about a stolen pocket watch, a long standing feud over a prize herd of cattle and quite a few glasses of champagne. Can Moody and Sullen solve another murder and another mystery amidst the strange characters at the Hall? February 19, 2021 Evening February 20, 2021 Evening February 21, 2021 Matinee

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