de Boulle Magazine 2017/2018

GLOBAL AND GLAMOROUS What inspires Karen Boulle, creator of the de Boulle Collection? The answer is as multifaceted as her designs.

Karen Boulle began designing jewelry 33 years ago, when she and her husband, Denis, established de Boulle. Her unique collection offers an exquisite selection of meticulously handcrafted and beautifully designed fine jewelry in 18K gold or platinum with diamonds and gemstones. Karen’s inspirations stem from a childhood spent traveling the Middle East and the Far East with her family. These beautiful areas had a great im- pact on her creative inspirations as she saw the towns, villages and markets, each with their distinct colors, treasures and architecture. These fond childhood memories form the basis of design for the de Boulle Collection. Karen’s love of nature and animals also plays a significant part in every piece of the de Boulle Collection. These visual cues can be seen in hand-ham- mered gold leaves or finely detailed gem-covered petals and animal prints.

Karen believes that a design’s details are what make a lasting impression. What’s more, each piece is made from only the finest organic materials from around the world. The metals and gemstones work together to influence which direction Karen’s creativity takes with her designs. Unique gemstones from around the world are focal points of the collection, and to Karen, each gemstone is alive and beautiful. She is especially drawn to jade, moonstone and turquoise. Whether it’s jeans or couture, or any- where in between, the de Boulle Collection is fitting — at once elegant and luxurious, timeless and sophisticated. In addition to pieces designed by Karen, the collection also includes special pieces that she hand-picks. Here, Karen’s favorite pieces from the 2017 collection:

← Rope Link Bracelet with Signature “B” Toggle “This is one of my favorite bracelets! We will be adding 18K rose gold in 2018.”


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