Stromberg began his real estate career in 1982, quickly becoming a top sales manager for amobile home dealership. Over his 38 years in the mobile home industry, he has developedmobile

home subdivisions, owned amobile home park, owned and operatedmobile home sales centers, and bought, sold, and leased single-family homes.

A fter college, he took a job in corporate America and realized his vision was to be an entrepreneur. It must have been fate when he answered a newspaper ad about selling mobile homes because in just two years selling at a dealership, he was promoted to sales manager. His entrepreneurial journey continued when he started a business with a friend, growing it to 13 locations in Texas then selling his portion. Stromberg has owned a mobile home park, developed a mobile home subdivision, and for 15 years had a Clayton franchise, which was one of Warren Buffet’s companies. Stromberg jokes he was partners with Warren Buffett even though he has never met him! After selling the Clayton franchise, Stromberg started buying manufactured homes, but this time they were on land. Stromberg started with the fix-and-flip method and still does some of that, but in 2008 the recession forced him to change his model, and it turned out to be a business blessing.

“In our current business model, we keep some mobile home properties and turnkey others to investors. We don’t use banks; we use all private money,” Stromberg said. “Our investors love us because their returns are better than (sometimes double) what they can get with single-family homes.” With more than a dozen employees in four states, Stromberg Investment Group continues to thrive. With over 350 homes under management spanning four states, SIG deploys over $1 million in investment capital each month and closes on average 12 properties each month. “While millions may play in the real estate arena, very few actually understand it to the level Glenn does and few investors create opportunities that are a win-win for both parties. Since Stromberg Investment Group’s inception, Glenn has had a strong and well-articulated vision for this company, and I am honored to be the one to execute that vision. There is no titan in the industry more humble than Glenn, and he will continue to prosper for years to come,” said Melissa Hamaker, COO of Stromberg Investment Group.

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