Eddie Wilson, Glenn Stromberg and Melissa Hamaker at the 2019 Think Realty Honors celebration.

both! It’s a great way to build wealth. With passive income, you get cashflow every month and tax-deferred appreciation over time. Plus, it is fun to employ people see them prosper and be a part of a winning team. I feel blessed to go to work each day. TR You have said one reason you began investing in mobile homes is because there is little competition and lots of inventory. Has this changed? GS That hasn’t changed. There is still lots of inventory. It is hard to finance with conventional lending, so there is a competitive advantage with private lending. The Coronavirus will take competition away and provide even more inventory. TR How do you feel you have influenced the industry? GS I have been lucky because I got in so long ago. But it all came together in

S tay tuned for more as this titan dialogue continues when Think Realty owner Eddie Wilson visits Glenn Stromberg’s company and asks some questions of his own. Like, was there ever a time Stromberg felt he would fail? Look for the Titan Talk video featuring Eddie and Glenn to appear later this month! it, and offers full-time property management. We keep 30 percent and we turnkey 70 percent to our investors. TR What makes you laugh no matter your mood? GS Three movies from back in the 80s that crack me up every time I watch them: The Blues Brothers, Caddy Shack, and Animal House. Animal House was an on-screen replica of my own fraternity house! That was back before my Christian days!

2008 when I was forced to form a new business model. I am always known as The Mobile Home Guy and helped make these property types mainstream. That will be my legacy. I believe I have the best-kept secret in real estate investing, and I want to get the word out and change peoples’ lives. TR What qualities do you admire in other industry influencers? GS I am attracted to people with character. I don’t like boasters. It’s the quiet one, the humble one that I admire. And honesty is huge. TR Can you explain to newer investors how strategy is different from niche? GS Yes, they are absolutely two totally different things. Mobile home investing is the niche, but there are many different strategies to invest in them. We are the only company that buys a mobile home, fixes it up like new, rents

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