In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” —Mark Zuckerberg


Change, Chance, and Sticking with Your Strengths

uckerberg’s quote couldn’t be more apropos right now as the world is changing faster than Z

Sticking to your strengths will guide you through the unknowns. Also in this issue, the titan of mobile home investing,

ever. Sudden changes like what we’ve experienced this year can be overwhelming, or they can be viewed as just another layer of reality we have always known — that in times of change you must adapt to survive. In

Glenn Stromberg, talks about how one of the lowest points in the American economy turned into a blessing for his business. Read his story — the first in Think Realty’s new Titan Talk series —on p. 16. The team at Think Realty has been navigating these seemingly risky times right along with you. We continue to bring you valuable information and tools to help you grow, manage, and sustain your investment businesses. We look forward to seeing many of you next month at our conference in Baltimore, where a wealth of education will be available to help you build wealth through real estate. Stay strong, take risks, and keep learning. What you don’t know now could end up being your greatest success later. •

times of change, you must take risks. And, after all, in the real estate industry, risk is one constant that the savviest investors know for sure. Learning how to manage risks is what will help you sustain long-term uncertainties. In the cover story, read about the risks Joe Fairless made on his journey to real estate investing and how those risks have taken him to own the nationally recognized “Best Ever” podcast, a billion-dollar investment capital firm, and more. While mitigating the risks he took, he always implemented the important lesson of focusing on his strengths.

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