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Hurricane Irma provides a CAT-5 stress test Case Study: Hurricane

Natural gas is a reliable, resilient part of Florida’s energy mix

years of clean, reliable natural gas service to Floridians 125 + 110 year’s worth of domestic natural gas available

In 2017, Hurricane Irma approached Florida as a Category 5 hurricane and one of the strongest Atlantic storms on record with winds of 185 mph over 35 hours, causing widespread power outages and flooding throughout Florida. Natural gas proved to be resilient. The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) found only one gas pipeline incident caused by a downed power line. Critical facilities, including hospitals, were powered by natural gas to stay operational throughout the duration and aftermath of the storm.

A critical asset during storm season Natural gas is Florida’s core energy in times of storms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Thanks to its underground infrastructure, the delivery of natural gas is relatively unaffected during severe weather events and is regularly used to power back-up generators and other equipment. Critical community facilities rely on natural gas Emergency electricity back-up generation fueled by natural gas is a key component to maintaining vital operations in critical care and public facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, police and fire stations, emergency shelters, and grocery stores when power outages occur.

Peoples Gas, the largest natural gas distributor in Florida, has provided reliable, affordable natural gas service throughout the state since 1895. Through constant innovation, we’ve evolved with the energy industry to provide cleaner, more affordable and reliable energy with unparalleled customer service.

their homes and businesses, Peoples Gas invests more than $200 million every year to improve and expand our extensive infrastructure.

• For over 125 years, Peoples Gas has delivered reliable, affordable natural gas throughout the state. • Peoples Gas spends more than $200 million annually to expand our natural gas infrastructure. • Natural gas is proven to be a cost-effective, reliable partner in the delivery of renewable energy. • In times of storms, peak energy demand, and even typical outages, natural gas is Florida’s core energy.

More than $200 Million invested annually to expand infrastructure and meet customer needs

Reliable and responsible Peoples Gas is aligned with Florida’s Energy and Climate Plan to secure lower carbon, affordable energy and create opportunities for economic growth. We are actively engaged with communities, businesses, legislators, and other stakeholders in creating solutions and taking measurable actions to meet Florida’s growing energy needs. Partner fuel for renewables Natural gas provides redundancy, which is especially important with Florida’s increase in solar power. Because renewable energy is an intermittent energy source dependent upon weather conditions, natural gas-generated electricity is used to maintain the reliability of electricity supply on the grid.

Power’s out? Gas is on. Peoples Gas pipelines are naturally protected underground, making them safe from severe weather, falling tree limbs, traffic accidents, and other hazards.

Rising up to meet demand As Florida continues to attract more residents and businesses, the demand for electricity will grow exponentially. Natural gas, with its versatility and vast 110-year domestic supply, is valuable, abundant energy that Floridians can rely on for generations. Expanding every day Because Floridians depend on Peoples Gas every day to deliver clean natural gas to fuel

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