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Case Study: Health, Wellness, and Safety

PGS Athlete keeps our team in great shape

Natural gas is safe to use, safely distributed

Delivered safe and secure

Interstate pipelines interconnect with other pipelines and other utility systems, offering system operators flexibility in moving the gas from point to point. Natural gas eventually reaches Peoples Gas through a gate station, where it is measured and injected with an odorant for safety, then distributed to customers through our local distribution system of pipelines, mains and service lines.

Leak detection vehicles State-of-the-art leak detection vehicles

Mitigating risks and incidents The purpose of natural gas pipelines is to carry one of the nation’s most efficient and environmentally friendly fuels to businesses and homes to meet the energy needs of the region. Although gas incidents are rare, they do occur. That’s why Peoples Gas trains extensively on leak response and helps teach first responders how to effectively address pipeline emergencies. Maintaining quality control Peoples Gas maintains an Integrity Management Program that details the safety measures required to keep our pipelines safe. Barcoding our system with GPS coordinates allows us to know exactly where underground assets are located to the latitude and longitude, along with knowing exactly where the item was manufactured and when it was installed.

Peoples Gas has a proven record of delivering natural gas safely to homes and businesses across Florida. According to the United States Department of Transportation, the pipelines used by Peoples Gas are the safest form of energy transport. Proven safety record Working collaboratively with federal and state regulators, public officials, emergency responders, excavators, consumers, and safety advocates, Peoples Gas continuously meets and exceeds safety standards to protect the communities we serve. Excellence in training Peoples Gas plans and trains for emergency situations including work with first responders, local emergency management services, and other utilities across the state and country. In recognition of our efforts, Peoples Gas was awarded the American Gas Association Safety Achievement Award for Excellence in Employee Safety. Setting the standard at GasWorx GasWorx is our advanced technical training facility. Opened in 2017, GasWorx provides gas technicians and industry professionals classroom and hands- on training to ensure we install and maintain a safe gas infrastructure. This facility sets the standard for safety and technical training across the gas industry in the southeast.

• Underground infrastructure is critical to maintaining safe, consistent natural gas service, even through natural disasters. • Peoples Gas was awarded the 2018 American Gas Association Safety Achievement Award for Excellence in Employee Safety. • Peoples Gas maintains an Integrity Management Program that details the safety measures required to keep our pipelines safe. • We invest more than $10 million annually in the design, improvement, and implementation of our safety management system.

have allowed us to advance the identification of system leaks. The trucks feature high-tech super sniffers that suck in large amounts of air per minute to detect any trace of methane in the air. These innovative vehicles play a crucial role in leak surveys after storms, during emergencies and before special events. Mitigating risks and incidents. $10 Million invested annually in our safety management system $400,000 invested each year in the education and awareness of pipeline safety

Healthy team members can lead to stronger, safer communities. That’s why Peoples Gas partnered with Vimocity to create a health and wellness initiative called PGS Athlete. This important, innovative program brings the tools and practices for injury prevention and working and living without pain to our team members. “A lot of the moves and stretches not only help with greater mobility but also my focus,” said Peoples Gas Supervisor Randy Smith, “when we go through the steps as a group it also builds team comradery.”

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The American Gas Association has recognized Peoples Gas as a leader in accident prevention. The company’s DART incident rate was below the industry average in 2019. DART, or Days Away/Restricted or Job Transfer Rate, reflects the number of recordable work-related injuries or illness per 100 full-time employees that resulted in lost or restricted days or job transfer.



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