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Families who have natural gas, love natural gas. They love how cooking with natural gas makes their food taste better. They love that natural gas is cleaner for our environment than other fossil fuels. And they love the savings they see on their energy bill every month. Natives and transplants alike—Floridians love natural gas! Our domestic, natural resource Domestic natural gas is discovered, produced, and refined right here in America. Currently, the United States has more than 110 years of natural gas supply. Access to this vast natural resource means we never have to be dependent on foreign fuel. And the money spent on natural gas stays right here, helping to feed the American economy and keep our communities prosperous. Doing good in our communities Peoples Gas is focused on building innovative, healthy, and vibrant communities. Our annual funding strategy is channeled into four specific priorities to ensure meaningful and impactful engagement with our partners and stakeholders: Growth & Innovation, Youth Programs & Education,

Wellness & Well-being, and Cultural Vitality. Peoples Gas executives also participate on various community organization boards to foster relationships while providing advocacy and synergy. Over 7,000 hours volunteered each year by Peoples Gas employees Advocating at local, state, and federal levels Maintaining a culture of integrity, Peoples Gas builds relationships with Florida stakeholders based on our stellar reputation, respect, and trust. These stakeholders exist within all governance of legislative, regulatory, and community bodies and encompass elected officials, influencers, community leaders, shareholders, and even customers. Policy decisions at every level of governance can impact our ability to deliver reliable, efficient natural gas services as well as our ability to invest in infrastructure, making stakeholder relationships crucial to accomplishing our mission of improving the quality and comfort of people’s lives.

• Discovered, produced, and distributed in America, access to natural gas reduces our dependence on foreign fuel. • Peoples Gas has been ranked #1 in residential customer satisfaction by J.D. Power for numerous consecutive years. • Our employees contribute more than 7,000 volunteer hours each year to support nonprofit community organizations across the state. • Peoples Gas builds strong, trusted relationships within Florida’s professional and government organizations.

customer satisfaction by J.D. Power for numerous consecutive years. We do everything we can to satisfy our customers and work hard every day to remain one of the most trusted utility companies in America. Most Trusted Brand Peoples Gas has once again been named a Most Trusted Brand, posting the highest score among 140 of our utility peers. We are proud to be the most trusted utility brand in the U.S. for a sixth consecutive year according to Escalent’s Cogent Residential Study.

“Bringing natural gas into our community has been a great decision. Providing homebuyers the option to choose their energy source is important, but giving them the most cost-effective option is key. We are confident this amenity has contributed to Nocatee being the third best-selling community in America, and we appreciate working with Peoples Gas.”

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Florida homebuyers want to buy houses equipped with natural gas

Richard Ray President and Chief Executive Officer The Parc Group & Master Developer of Nocatee

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Once a home is connected to gas, it’s easy to add on additional appliances and amenities Versatility

Easy Maintenance Natural gas equipment generally means less repairs over the years



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