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today’s job market. But what does it mean for your home life? There is a fear that the workspace and private life are no longer separated in a virtual work environment. But this fear is unfounded. Your home life does not have to dras - tically change because you “bring work home.” The tools you need to be successful in a remote work environment are most likely already present in your home. At BeMo, we have been practicing the art of creating a productive and healthy virtual work environment since 2013 – long before the pandemic. Whether it’s the position of a content writer, a sales specialist, or a digital marketing specialist, we al - ways ask people for 3 very commonplace items: a working computer, a microphone, and a mic. There are very few po - sitions in most companies, including ours that would require more specialized equipment. But if we do, we gladly lend our team members the tools that help them do their job. The truth is, it’s becoming more difficult for companies to justify the return to office – if work gets done virtually, what’s the point of keeping people locked up in an office?” Yevgeniya Kramchenkova | BeMo Academic Consulting How can I balance work-life integration while delivering high-quality virtual assistant services from home? “Tips for Balancing Work & Life While Providing VA Ser - vices: • Get Clear Expectations from each client you’re working with. • Set time blocks in your calendar to work on each client. • Have a running To Do list & Goals list for each client. • Set up a productive work environment — separate room, multiple screens, quiet, comfortable. • When working on projects, log out of Slack, unused browsers, social media, etc. • Ask for feedback from clients so you can continually im - prove. “ Connor Gillivan | Outsource School What skills and qualifications should I focus on devel - oping to excel in virtual jobs? “To excel in virtual jobs, or any role for that matter, we need to hold ourselves to the highest standards of self- discipline continuously. While this term has many facets to working remotely, I’ve seen three sub-traits of self-dis - cipline that consistently emerge and separate the Remark - able from the ordinary that everyone can do. 1. Focus. While we can all get distracted by the day-to- day minutia, the ability to stay focused on the big picture and goals of the organization you are working with is

huge.By properly prioritizing tasks based on the ultimate goal, you raise your worth in the eyes of those that employ you. 2. Showing Up. Whether that is defined by showing up for virtual meetings or delivering on what you promised, make sure you are on time and deliver in full. 3. Character. Don’t just attend meetings and complete projects as asked, but go above and beyond by offering clear and concise feedback. Great character includes not only the action of asking tough questions but the courage to make concise suggestions so your organization can achieve even greater results. Don’t be afraid to speak up respectfully to your peers. Remember, your friends tell you want you want to hear. Your REAL friends tell you what you need to hear. By employing these three free and simple sub-sects of self-discipline, professional success is inevitable.” David Pasqualone |





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