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Spotlight on Business: Tell us a little about yourself and your ties to Nova Scotia. LOVIET: I was born and raised in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, after graduating from high school, I moved to Halifax, and I studied re - cording and music arts at Nova Scotia Community College while getting immersed in the city’s music scene. My partner, and drum - mer, and I still spend a lot of time in Nova Scotia over the winter months, the two of us have been kind of working at this forever. We’re both from Shelburne, so I love going back to visit as often as I can as it’s still one of my favorite places to be. Spotlight on Business: What do you like to do in your spare time when you are not writing music or behind the mic, if you have any? LOVIET: It’s definitely hard not to be working on music or music-re - lated things around the clock as an independent artist but I love to create things. If not music, then the videos or graphics that go along with it or printing my own merch. I’ve recently begun designing a mini brand of clothing under Loviet that I’m also really passionate about. But for real downtime, you can probably find me lounging around, drinking a few beers, or maybe at the beach - sometimes doing both, especially in Nova Scotia. Spotlight on Business: Who inspired you to go into the music in - dustry and when did your passion for music begin? When did you discover that you might want to make a career out of music? LOVIET: When I was young my mom was a singer in a band, so I would see her performing growing up. There were always musical instruments and musicians around the house. I was really lucky in that way because it was kind of always right in front of me. I never got to meet my grandfather, but he played the fiddle and even did performances with Hank Snow. So, music has always been around me and a part of my DNA. It was very apparent to me, from the first time that I heard my mom sing and started listening to music, that I was going to pursue a career in music.

in the spotlight LOVIET Nova Scotia-born, Toronto- based Alternative Indie Rock Powerhouse Artist! by Lee Ann Atwater

W e had the opportunity to sit down with Shelburne, NS’s very own Natalie Lynn, whom most of you may know as the frontwoman and powerhouse of alternative indie rock band, LOVIET (pronounce like low-vee-it) to chat about her personal and artistic journey from a local south shore artist to taking the main stage at some of the biggest venues in music, like the Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago as she establishes herself as one of Canada’s brightest up-and-coming Canadian artists to watch the world stage in the music industry.

“There were always musical instruments and musicians around the house. I was really lucky in that way because it was kind of always right in front of me.”

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