Spotlight_Vol 23_Issue_3

Photo Credit - Addison Seal

I think it still all comes back to knowing yourself and trusting your own gut and instincts. I’m still learning how to do this, but it feels better now than it has before. It’s really hard to say no thank you when help is being offered or you’re in a vulnerable space as a new artist, but sometimes it’s better to let your process be your own and the music will speak for itself. Stay true to yourself as a person and as an artist, and despite it being a tough business, feelings are signals and they tell you what you need to know. It’s okay to be sensitive about your work. Spotlight on Business: As a music artist, do you prefer performing live or recording? Why? LOVIET: I think I’m a live artist first and that my strengths are definitely in my live show. When performing, it’s your stage and you get to make it whatever you want, while recording has always felt to me like I’m kind of walking onto somebody else’s stage. I’m learning to understand more of how to own both stages, be it producing my own music or finding like-minded collaborators and producers,

“My dream duets would be either Lana Del Rey, Courtney Love, or Sheryl Crow. I feel like all three of these women are the most iconic artists as well as performers, producers, and songwriters, all very different in their own ways from one another, but have all influenced me greatly.”

but I really want to find that connection with both. There is something so intimate about being anywhere in the world with your headphones on, listening to your favorite songs, so recorded music means a lot to me. Nothing’s been more challenging for me coming up than when people say things like, “The live show is way better than the record” or that they prefer one over the other. I’m really happy that my recent releases are bridging more of that gap, and kind of live and breathe in the same worlds now! It sometimes feels like a different version of myself gets recorded than the one on stage, but I think those





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