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coaches, teachers, and many others. They helped shape my appreciation and commitment to philanthro - py, regardless of how big or small. Over the years, I have had the privilege to give back to my community in various ways. This includes univer - sity bursaries, sponsorship of individuals and teams, school musicals, senior’s groups, medical research, local charities, specific people in need, and the list of opportunities goes on. In recent years, our philosophy has evolved as we have evaluated how we approach community support and wanted to focus our efforts more. This means we are involved and attentive to the select organization we select to support year-over- year. This has truly changed the impact of our contri - bution! With this level of focus, we have developed a greater sense of community and built stronger rela - tionships. This allows our business to become more than just a source of money, but a valuable partner to the organization. We are proud to see the effects of our presence and commitment help them become better connected, expand their impact, and prosper. I would like to discuss one challenge faced by most business owners. In some cases, those seeking fund - ing solicit financial support from a business and sug - gest it is simply a ‘write-off’. This phrase saddens me as it is suggesting that their support is no big deal, and the donation comes at zero cost to the small, lo - cal business. Honestly, this could not be further from the truth and this assumption comes from a place of ignorance and is offensive. When businesses choose to give generously, they give money they have earned and the only thing i they get in return is not having to pay the corporate income tax on the donation. The money is still removed from the business and there is no ‘refund’ from the government. Whether you are approaching a business or speaking to an owner who supports social causes, it is important to remember not to diminish their generosity by saying such foolish things. For anyone who has read this article, I hope it provides a little inspiration to be generous and give back to your community as a business or an individual. mpact of our contribution. With this level of focus, we have de - veloped a greater sense of community





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