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Heritage Quay Bed & Breakfast WHERE EXPERIENCE & HISTORY MEET by Gabrielle Gamblin

Barry Driedger worked in the hospitality industry and has owned many of his own businesses. He focused on inventory management and had 300 franchises world - wide. After 25 years and countless business trips, he sold his business in 2011. Driedger said his wife, Pri - ty Driedger, ran a successful housekeeping business. When this serial entrepreneurial couple decided to re - tire together, they spent a couple of years travelling the world. Driedger reflects on their adventures by saying, “Skydiving, snorkelling, climbing, you name it, we’ve done it.” The couple was expecting to move to Wasa - ga Beach, Ontario and enjoy retirement. But like most serial entrepreneurs, they wanted to keep busy, so the couple started a little side hustle by delivering Amazon packages. This side hustle didn’t stay small for long and turned into yet another successful business. “We start - ed off with delivering about fifty packages a day and it continued to grow. We ended up being the largest independent distributor in our area” Driedger said. “We were working seven days a week, fifteen hours a day, managing staff and doing all the things we thought we had given up years ago,” Driedger explained that the couple decided to make a dramatic lifestyle change. They wanted to be busy but to a lesser extent. While searching for somewhere to move and settle down, Driedger explained that being on the water was at the top of his wish list. “If I’m not looking at the water, I’m on the water” he said. With a small cruiser docked at the Pictou Harbour Marina and a beautiful historic house with a waterfront view, Driedger is very happy to have moved to Pictou, Nova Scotia. “We wanted to be on a coastline” he said. They sold the house in Wasaga Beach and chose to relocate to Nova Scotia for a quiet - er lifestyle. Amid looking at waterfront homes, Driedger

arry and Prity Driedger have led extraordinary lives together. From travelling all over the world to multiple business ventures together and on their own, the Driedgers have done it all, and then some. While looking for a quiet place to settle down and finally retire, the entrepreneurial pair couldn’t resist the opportunity to start a new business right in their own house with the Heritage Quay Bed & Breakfast. Combining their strengths and business backgrounds, Barry and Prity are able to provide exceptional service and memo- rable experiences to all those who join them in the seaside town of Pictou, Nova Scotia. With room to grow, the Driedgers are only moving forward in their journey to bring an elevated culinary and stay experience to Pictou County and those looking to visit the area. B

“I think we’re the perfect operators for a bed and breakfast.”





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