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We continue our journey to explore South Nova Scotia and all that it offers starting with Peggy’s Cove, while still in the Halifax Regional Municipality it is still the first part of our South Shore adventure. With a population of approximately 40 permanent residents, the small fishing village of Peggy’s Cove is located on the Eastern Shore of St. Margaret’s Bay in Halifax Regional Municipality. Peggy’s Cove welcomes nearly 700,000 visitors in a typical year, and it is arguably one of the most photographed sites in Canada. Dating back to 1811, the original six families who started the village depended on fishing for their livelihoods. Today, even with the tourism industry taking over economic importance, fishing traditions are still alive and well at Peggy’s Cove. Many of the inhabitants continue to fish for lobster, keeping the fishing industry active in the village. The regional municipality and the

provincial government have strict land-use regulations for Peggy’s Cove, with most property development being prohibited. The tight restrictions allow the village to maintain its undeveloped appearance and unique character. Peggy’s Cove captures the essence of life in Atlantic Canada. The star attraction at Peggy’s Cove is a 100-year-old lighthouse that is perched on a mound of granite rocks. Built in 1915, the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse (also known as the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse) is an iconic Nova Sco - tian image. While visiting the lighthouse, tourists are strongly recommended to remain on the dry white rocks. The wet rocks are dark in colour from the waves crashing onto them and they can be very dangerous even on calm sunny days. A common phrase at Peggy’s Cove is “Please stay off the black rocks” as the waves are un - predictable. The safest way to enjoy the beautiful site is by keeping a distance from the ocean. If seeing Peggy’s Cove from the dry rocks doesn’t appeal to you, then enjoy it by sea on a boat tour. Enjoy an adventure on the ocean with a knowledgeable crew, these boat tours go rain or shine and offer a unique way to experience Peggy’s Cove. Full boat tours are offered from June-August with partial tours running in September.

SOUTHERN NOVA SCOTIA MAKING ADVENTURE A SHORE THING! by Gabrielle Gamblin So, whether you seek solitude or adventure the South Shore can satisfy whatever you crave. It can be luxurious oceanside accom- modations or back-country camping; lobster freshly plucked from the sea or spirits aged aboard a tall ship to strolling the many sandy beaches to hiking the forest trails, or maybe all the above during your visit. N ova Scotia’s South Shore offers new discovery and adventure around every turn of its rugged Atlantic shoreline as natural wonders and attractions are tucked away on side roads or in scenic coves and harbours, just waiting for you to find and explore.

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Unlike how far you travelled to see Peggy’s Cove, you won’t have to travel far for food. Just a few steps away looking right out at the Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, is the Sou’Wester Gift & Restaurant Company Ltd. Which is open all year round and has been owned by the same family since its establishment in 1967. The 180-seat restaurant is sure to accommo date your whole family. Serving a variety of traditional Maritime and seafood dishes, there’s something for everyone at The Sou’Wester. After your meal, enjoy shopping at its two-level gift shop to find a perfect souvenir to take back home with you. On your way to or from Peggy’s Point Light house, we recommend stopping at the Swissair 111 Memorial. A short eight kilometres southwe- st of Peggy’s Cove is the crash site of Swissair

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Flight 111. On September 2nd, 1998, Swissair 111 was scheduled to leave from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, United States and land at Cointrin Airport in Geneva, Switzerland. While flying over Canada, the plane had a fire in the cockpit that resulted in the crash into St. Margaret’s Bay, Nova Scotia. The crash trag -





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