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Lunenburg is a port town located on the South Shore of Nova Scotia. It is a National Historic Site of Canada and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town of Lunenburg is known for its beautiful historic architecture, including the Lunenburg Academy and St. John’s Anglican Church. Lunenburg is home to the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, which showcases the region’s maritime history. Lunenburg is a popular tourist destination largely due to the retainment of its original appearance of the 1800s. UNESCO has claimed Old Town Lunenburg to be the best surviving example of a colonized British settlement. Set up in the town are historical markers for tourists to learn more about Lunenburg’s long history. While walk - ing the town is a great way to experience the sites, we recommend tourists enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride throughout Old Town Lunenburg. The narrated tour is a great way to see the historic sites while relaxing in the carriage.

After your horse-drawn carriage tour, you will certainly want to head down to the bustling waterfront. If you’re planning a trip in August, the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival will surely lift your spirits. The four-day festival is the longest running music festival in Nova Scotia and one of the oldest in Canada. The festival is a perfect chance for you to experience East Coast culture and explore nearby shops and restaurants between performances. The Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival is a family-friendly event and has indoor and outdoor venues. Also located on the Lunenburg waterfront is the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic plus there are also tours for the public to sail in the Bluenose 2. The Bluenose 2 is a replica vessel of the famous Bluenose. The Bluenose was a racing schooner that showcased Nova Scotia’s shipbuilding heritage around the world. She was built in Lunenburg in

1921. The Bluenose internationally represented not only Nova Scotia, but Canada. Since 1937, the Bluenose has been on the Canadian dime, and she is featured on Nova Scotia’s license plates. In 1946, the vessel reportedly





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