Everyday Brochure 2022_international

g i f t w r a p / t i s s u e p a p e r


GW207 Floral

GW208 Fun Balloons

GW202 Seed Heads

GW218 Birthday Owls

Tissue Paper

TS01 Scarlet

TS02 Citrus Green

TS03 Bright Turquoise

TS04 Cobalt Blue Tissue

TS05 Pale Pink Tissue

GW214 Flower Doodles

GW105 Presents

GW170 Dots

TS06 Lavender Tissue

TS07 Cerise Tissue

TS08 Lilac Tissue TS09 Gold Stars on White

TS11 Metallic Gold

TS12 Metallic Silver

(5 sheets)

GW197 Blue Stars

GW212 Happy Happy Happy

GW198 Multicoloured Stars

All sheets have a cutting guide on the back - another cause for celebration! See our range of 17 rollwrap colours on the next page. 500 x 700 mm


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