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AUG. 2018

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Same Great Care, Great New Decor

When I arrived at Eagle Dental Care, I had a mental checklist of things I wanted to accomplish. Chief among themwas getting to know our wonderful patients and staff. A little further down on the list, you’d find tasks like getting us some high-tech equipment like our new cone-beamCT scanner for imaging. Near the end of that list, but still an important part of it, was sprucing up our decor in the office and putting a personal stamp on the look and feel of the place. I knew that project would come later on, but I’m excited to announce that we’re currently in the process of a makeover. Now, we’re lucky in that we are not doing any demolition or wall building. The structure of the office will remain the same but will undergo a spruce-up from top to bottom. To ensure that we don’t have to close the office or have patient care suffer during the redesign, we’ve opted to tackle the project in steps. Thus far, we’ve done a complete paint job and are nowworking on the floors.

There’s no way I could’ve spearheaded this project on my own, as having an eye for decor isn’t one of my natural talents. We worked with an interior designer to help generate ideas that were both practical and attractive. I’m very glad we did, as she’s brought a ton of great options to the table. I also owe a big thank-you to Julie, our office manager, for taking a lot of initiative on this project. Without her help, I’m sure the results wouldn’t have been as awesome as they’re shaping up to be. Throughout the process, our goal has been to create an environment that’s reflective of our values as a practice. We hope to create a welcoming, comfortable environment that offers the latest and greatest in dental services and equipment. I might be biased, but I’d say we are well on the way to achieving our goal. I’m very glad we waited a while to get the ball rolling on the project. It feels like perfect timing. I’m very grateful to our patients for being understanding throughout the makeover. Thankfully, we haven’t had to turn our office into a construction site, but I’m still humbled to see how accommodating our patients have been. If you haven’t stopped in this summer, I urge you to come in, if only to check out our new digs. We may have missed the window for our new office design to be considered spring cleaning, so let’s call it a summer spruce-up. Come check it out and let us knowwhat you think.

Once those are done, we’ll be receiving a shipment of some new furniture for our dental rooms and reception area. One thing I’ve learned during this process is that dental chairs take a long time to ship — sadly, using Amazon Prime two-day shipping isn’t an option. It kind of works out, though, because we won’t have to move a new chair in before the floors are done. In addition to these big alterations, we’ll also be getting some new, quieter dental equipment.

–Dr. Chris Thomason


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