Data Privacy & Security Service Digital Digest Winter 2016

Data Privacy & Security Service

Issue 7


In this issue of the DPSS Digital Digest, you will find many resources and information about protecting student data. As the use of data in education continues to proliferate, the protection of student data becomes even more important. Student data is used in a variety of ways from SMS to LMS to State Reporting. In all of these scenarios it is crucial that users ensure that stu- dent data is secure. Protecting student data is not as simple as making sure that your firewall is up-to-date. In this issue you will see several instances where student data was compromised due to breaches outside of the district’s control. It is im- portant that all users that have access to student data are aware of the ramifications of data breaches and best practices to protect student data.

In This Issue

Education Week Spotlight on Student Data Privacy

Page 1:

In 2016, Education Week published a collection of articles entitled Spotlight on Stu- dent Data Privacy , which includes articles that highlight the importance and value of protecting student data and the ramifications of not properly protecting student data. On page 13, the article Making the Right Commitment to Student-Data Priv a- cy, highlights the reasons why all district stakeholders need to commit to protecting student data privacy and understand the importance of protecting it. “School ad- ministrators must understand that student-data privacy is not just a concern for IT administrators, but also for the executive leadership, who must take responsibility to drive the change needed throughout their organizations.” This not only requires education of all staff members, but in many districts requires a cultural shift. The Spotlight on Student Data Privacy highlights ways that districts can encourage this culture shift and provides helpful information districts can share with their stake- holders. tion, the Association of School Business Officials International (ASBO), and ASCD. The TLE Seal Program indicates that school systems have demonstrated adherence to a set of pub- licly available standards focused on the protection of student data privacy. The program requires schools to implement student data privacy protections that meet a set of high standards around five core practice areas: Leadership, Business, Data Security, Professional Development and Classroom. Within each core area are a number of specific practices that schools must have implemented in order to be eligible for the Seal. Use the following link to view the TLE Seal Application for a detailed description of the TLE Seal Prac- tices and supporting documents required to demonstrate evidence of each. Even if you are not applying for the Seal, the application is worth reviewing to evaluate how your district measures up. The application period for the second cohort will be open through February 15, 2017. Visit the Trusted Learning Environment web site for additional details. Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program The Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program is an initiative of CoSN (the Consortium for School Networking), in association with AASA, the School Superintendents Associa-

 Education Week Spotlight on Stu- dent Data Privacy  Trusted Learning Environment (TLE) Seal Program Page 2:  Forum Guide to Education Data Privacy  4 Companies Agree to Stop Tracking

Children Online After Settlement with New York Attorney General

Page 3:

 Comptroller’s Corner  PTAC Releases Guidance Video Con- cerning Use of Email and Student Privacy  Student Privacy Pledge  Recent FCC Ruling Page 4:

 Yahoo Email Breach  Recent Data Breaches Page 5:

 October 21, 2016 DDOS Attack Page 6:  DDoS Attack

Questions to think about:

Where is your district data?

Check out this infographic for more information about the TLE program.

Who is responsible for data in your district? Do those responsible for data know what to do and what not to do?

Contact for more information.

Worth a visit: In addition to TLE specific information, the TLE Resources page features links to a variety of useful web sites related to Student Data Privacy.


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