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June 2020

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Lessons From My Father Get to Work Early and Do a Good Job for People

When I was growing up, I saw my dad get up at 5 a.m. every morning and head to his job as a contractor, where he worked all day in the sun, heat, and whatever else the elements threw at him. My dad can outwork any person I know. Even now in his 70s, he won’t retire. He likes to keep busy, and mostly, he likes to do good work for his clients. As a kid, I didn’t realize everything my dad did for our family. It wasn’t until years later, when I got into the workforce myself, that I understood how hard he worked and how his example and the way he raised me has influenced the way I approach work. He taught me to get to work early, do good work for people, and get the job done. Rather than just telling me to have a good work ethic, my dad showed me. He led by example. He got up early every morning and worked hard for his clients and family. He didn’t preach about work ethic, though. If he ever caught me slacking around the house not doing what I was supposed to, he nudged me to get to work. He’s never been one to slack off, and he made sure his kids didn’t, either. Since becoming a dad, I have a better understanding of what motivated my dad to get up early and put in long days for all those years. When you have kids, what you do isn’t for you anymore; it’s for them. They’re the reason I run this firm, and they’re the reason I get up early and work hard for our clients.

terms of how it’s going to help your kids grow up to be strong, confident adults. You want to give them opportunities you never had and make sure they have the tools and knowledge to succeed in life. One silver lining of being home a lot more over the last couple months has been spending more time with Jude and Luke. We’ve been playing basketball every evening after I’m done with work, and it’s been fun to have this time with them. Jen and I (mostly Jen) sit beside them as they do their schoolwork. It’s been pretty cool to watch them learn and take in the world around them. My dad always told me, “I want to give you the life I never had.” I want to do the same for Jude and Luke. Without the lessons my dad taught me, especially the value of a good work ethic, I would not be the person I am. I want to share the same lessons with my kids to help them the way my dad has helped me.

Becoming a parent is a total game-changer. Suddenly, you look at the world in a much more careful way. You think about everything you do in


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