Supporting Your Curriculum - 2023/24 SI offer.

FEBRUARY 23RD 2024 | 2.00-4.00PM IN-PERSON BOOKING LINK: TINYURL.COM/MK9BXSW3 Textiles. JUNE 26TH 2024 | 2.00-4.00PM ONLINE Monitoring and control. BOOKING LINK: TINYURL.COM/3EJM3H9C

SUBJECT PEER REVIEWS - £75 PER TRAINING EVENT This is a coaching model to support schools in a self-led system of continuing school improvement. The BEP Peer Review Programme enables schools to build strong, supportive, and mutually beneficial relationships that deliver sustainable self-improvement. BEP Peer Review helps schools rigorously challenge each other and identify priority areas for development. It supports schools in celebrating strengths and learning from one another within a culture of collective accountability. The process is cyclical and aims to build a culture where self-evaluation, peer review and ongoing school-to-school support become embedded in the practice of Birmingham schools as part of their continual school improvement. Empowering school leaders and staff will inevitably result in empowering our city’s children to achieve their very best. Delivered by Emma Tyler, the 1-day face-to-face training involves schools being grouped into clusters of 3. Where possible a Consortium Partner will help facilitate three reviews at each school throughout the year. BEP Primary Essential or Premier Members*are entitled to 3 free subject Peer Reviews. Additional Peer Review training and support can be purchased at £75.

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